What the.... clearing the mind

More NZ troops for Afganistan :(

Sure we have bugger all people on the ground but thats not the point

What good can come of our presence in that land - other than on the international front where we can be seen to be part of the team by our 'allies' and traditional trade partners

We're being wishy washy, just so we don't have trade doors slammed in our face I would wager

Understandable as that is, its still the wrong direction to be headed IMHO

I wish Helen Clark was not going to visit Bush, sure we need to engage with this nation but a meeting between leaders with a large list of things that can't be discussed is a waste of her time.. oh well at least Winston isn't doing the meet on our behalf.... sheesh he's a liability

I was planning to write about the sad and continuing demise of the NZ music industry (in the traditional sense) and music industry in general, I have a lot of thoughts on this, some reflect those of my peers around the globe and some don't

Its a subject I think a lot about and often makes me angry as I see people repeat the same mistakes over and over and those whom should be embracing a new era are simply desparate to have their tiny time in the sun under the current out of date system

Everyone keeps going on about empowerment and how the artist and their manager can create their own path - its true, its simple and its not happeneing because few have the balls to go it alone, unless they are already financially secure or so obscure they have no choice anyway

Meanwhile the major companies continue in their tailspin to doom

more redundancies here

Can't be long before the majors are a MD and a accounts dept - no doubt the ideal structure for the corporates... shame its 100% anti music and everything these huge companies should be about and maybe doing

Every week I look at the release sheets from the majors and wonder who the fuck is buying their 'product' and when will they release some music - they did once and surely they can again?

The indies are perhaps in a worse state, they can't weather any downtime financially, and theres too much downtime

Oh fuck, Lisa Gerrard is on breakfast TV this morning - this is simply wrong, awesome artist but never going to be a big seller.... far too beautiful and esoteric for the masses

Needs more generic rock

I'm sick to death of cliched reagge acts but glad we haven't got a over abundance of 'electro' acts like our cousins across the ditch

I wish our promoters would stop bring these acts over to our clubs... we need more nurturing of our scene not quick easy and cheap nights of bland hits

Why is the music industry in such disarry when there seem to be simply more people seeking music out in every avenue bar the traditional... oh yeah, lead a creative industry by accounting and marketing departments and see where ya end up.... capitalism is not creative in a positive sense

I have a new Carl Craig remix, of Canadian act Junior Boys, its cool.... its an MP3, its not as cool as if it was on wax

We need a revolution

We might get it but its not the one I crave

I hate shaving

It poured down last night - it was cool, it doesn't really rain like buggery enough in Auckland, too many showers and drizzle

I was hoping for thunder and lightening as predicted but alas there was none

Happy Anniversary Nat and Wayde, hope ya had a awesome night

Why is it always lunchtime in Cambodia?

Well thats a little off my mind, best I get up and stumble through the day

Looks like its going to be lovely, might even be a shorts day

one can only hope