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Tony Blair

So this week the esteemed Prime Minister of Britain pops into our little land to say a polite hello and thank us for our help in the war.

No not the recent and ongoing wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the Second World War - cheers mate it was nothing we sighed...

It turns out this is only the third time ever a British Prime Minister has ever bothered to grace our shores, not bad I guess for a former colony and we shouldn't complain… for that would be impolite.

Yet, it seems every time an Australian opens a suitcase a official delegation from Britain is there to officiate the event yet here we just get the occasional royal visit, usually coinciding with some rugby game.

I'm not a republican - that is I don't and haven't supported the notion of New Zealand severing the last formal ties with our 'motherland' to become a republic, for I like the historical and sentimental attachment to our former masters.

I like the quaintness of being part of something that no longer e…

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Hidden Cameras - Golden Streams (Rough Trade) 2003
Beta Band - It's Not Beautiful (EMI) 1999
Moby - Go (instinct) 1991
BT - Moment Of Truth (Carl Craig remix) (Deep Dish) 1993
Alexandra Robotnik - Problemes D'amour (Sire) 1983
Forgemasters - Track With no Name (Warp) 1989
Human League - Sound Of The Crowd (Virgin) 2002
Soultrust - I Think I Love You (Soultrust) 2006
Black Science Orchestra - Philadelphia #2 (Afro Art) 2000
Inland Knights - Got To Live (Drop Music) 2000
Snoop & JT - Signs (Fingers Acid Dub) (shhhhhh) 2005
Style Of Eye - Go Get Gone (No Assembly Firm rmx) (Doubledown) 2006
Greenskeepers - Man In The House (DJ Fluid rmx) (GK Music) 2005
R Brown - Not Like We Used 2 re-Jack (Guess Who?) 2006
Ion - Everything Changes (Aroma) 2005
The Sexicanz vs Megadank 4200 - Futuristic Funk (Deep Funk) 2006
Tony Senghore - To get Laid (Electrix Soul) 2006
Eclat & Prudo - Free Land (Mood Music) 2006

Best Taken with small children and dirty nappies

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

HDU - Lull (Flying Nun) 1998
Beta Band - Inner Meet Me (Regal) 1998
SJD - From A to B or not to be (Greg Churchill remix) (Round Trips Mars) 2005
Casaria Evora - Angola (C2 Remix) (Lucsafrica) 2003
Darryl Mcintosh - Somebody Offers (DM) 2006
Muskat Nus - Misteek Drive (Dirty Dancing) 2006
Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On (Superchumbo rmx) (Codeblue) 2001
Funky Lowlives - Time Travellor Man (Freeform Five rmx) (Outer) 2006
DJ Mes - Lie Detector Blues (Del Costa & Pedro Goya rmx) (Aromare) 2006
Soultrust - Free (Darryl Mcintosh rmx) (DM) 2006
Fries & Bridges vs Rice & Beans - Street Fame (Minority Music) 2005
Tony Senghore - To Get Laid (Electrix Soul) 2006
S X'Press - Theme From (Carl Craig rmx) (Rhythm King) 1996
Teifschwarz - On Up (Classic) 2001
Eclat & Prudo - Free land (Moodmusic) 2006
Paul Woolford - Phuck Dat (short version) (Hipster) 2004
Suicide - Cheree (Demon) 1986
Snapper - Buddy (Flying Nun) 1992

Best Taken with a cow and a spoon

dance, dance, disco


Thank You for the Music...

The following is lifted wholesale from a woman blogger who lives in Baghdad.

Her's is a enlightening and sobering insight into one persons life in this beseiged city.

This particular post really got to me, for obvious reasons

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thank You for the Music...

When I first heard about the abduction of Christian Science Monitor journalist Jill Carroll a week ago, I remember feeling regret. It was the same heavy feeling I get every time I hear of another journalist killed or abducted. The same heavy feeling that settles upon most Iraqis, I imagine, when they hear of acquaintances suffering under the current situation.

I read the news as a subtitle on tv. We haven't had an internet connection for several days so I couldn't really read about the details. All I knew was that a journalist had been abducted and that her Iraqi interpreter had been killed. He was shot in cold blood in Al Adil district earlier this month, when they took Jill Carroll... Theysay he didn&…

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Jaymz Nylon Feat Mooney - I Know A Place (Shades Of Black rmx) (Out of the Loop) 2001
Neon Heights - Cannonball (Afro Art) 2001
Stacy Kidd feat Mike Dixon - Dreams (Huddtraxx) 2006
Ivan & Fiona - Dub Theory (Jah Love Records) 2006
DJ Mes - Lie Detector Blues (Del Costra & Pedro Goya rmx) (Aromani) 2006
R Brown - Not Like We USed 2 Be Re-Jack (Guess Who?) 2006
Eclat & Prudo - Free LAnd (Mood Music) 2006
Derrick Carter - Technology ?? (White) 2006
Tony Senghore - Signs Of Love (Electrix Soul) 2006
Funky Lowlives - Time Travellor Man (Freeform Five rmx) (Outer Rec) 2006
The Sexicanz vs megadank 2400 - Futuristic Funk (Deep Funk) 2006
Outthere Brothers - Whip That Pussy (Cajual) 1994
One Fingered Pocket feat Princess Superstar - On the Dancefloor (Ampibius) 2006
Tony Senghore - To Get Laid (Electrix Soul) 2006
Jully Black - Sweat Of Your Brow (Hodges rmx) (Aroma) 2006
Lil Mark - Isjazz redo (Greenhouse) 2006
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm rmx) (GK …

Where were you when the lights went out?

"Why? Why cannot we abide by the rules of war we rightly demand that others should obey? And why do we journalists - yet again, war after war - collude in this immorality by turning a ruthless and cruel and illegal act into a 'new twist' or into 'time-sensitive material'? Wars have a habit of turning normally sane people into cheerleaders, of transforming rational journalists into nasty little puffed up colonels. But surely we should all carry the Geneva Conventions into war with us, along with the history books. For the only people to benefit from our own war crimes will be the next generation of Saddam Husseins."

Robert Fisk days after the liberation/occupation of Baghdad

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Soul Ascendents - Secret Agent (Nuphonic) 1998
Tica - Rock The Casbah (Nuphonic) 2001
Gary Clail - Two Theives (on U Sound) 1989
Fun Boy three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Chysalis) 1982
Red Snapper - I Stole Your Car (Warp) 2000
Peter Chemis - Stiff Mix (Mango) 1987
Singers & Players - Holy Scripture (On U) 1988
Mark Rae - Lobster (Grand Central) 2002
Soane - The Tonic (in music) 2004
Lil Louis - Do You Luv Me (london) 1992
Soultrust vs Dwele - I Think I Love You (Lelos Summer mix) (Soultrust) 2006
Fingers Inc - Never No More Lonely (Trax) 1998
Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Justin Harris re-dub) (shhh) 2005
Freeform Five - Perspex Sex (Ewans hi nrg rmx) (Classic) 2002
The Sexicanz vs Megadank 2403 - Futuristic Funk (Deep Funk) 2006
The Sound Republic - When I Get Paid (wes! When I get Jazz rmx) (DAE) 2006
Style Of Eye - Go Get Gone (No Assembly Firm rmx) (Doubledown) 2006
Frankie Knuckles w Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride (Trax) 1987
The Clash …

Put on ya dancing shoes


The only weapon that can save the world is non-violence

So said Mohandas Gandhi.

Yet when it comes to all things nucelar and the nation he once lead, many seem to have ignored or forgotten the many words this great man said on the matter of nuclear weapons.

Enter George Bush and the proposed Nuclear dreams he holds for India and the US

"India is one of only four countries that have refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)—a treaty endorsed by 188 nations. Thumbing its nose at the world, India has conducted nuclear tests and has developed what experts believe to be 50 to 100 nuclear weapons. Under the terms of the NPT, the export of nuclear technology is banned to nations that don’t accept international inspections of their nuclear programs. In addition, U.S. law prohibits the transfer of nuclear technology to a country that rejects full international safeguards. U.S. law also bans such technology transfer to a non-NPT country that has conducted nuclear test explosions.

Thus, if the President were to give any weight to Ga…

Life is hard... yeah right

yep was a fun night :)