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The current state of our elections


With love from me to you

In the eighties I used to do a radio show on a student station… the guy who did the show after me hosted the country music show, he was in my eyes old… and played all his music from cassettes.

Thus I mocked him....

I remember one day he told me that when I to got old I’d be listening to country music to, oh how I laughed.

Well two decades later here I am old… and listening to country music

With this in mind I present to you the first instalment of the:

Anti Folk Discombobulation

Jeffrey Lewis & Diane Cluck – the River
Matt Singer - VHS
Jeffrey Lewis - You Don't Have To Be A Scientist To Do Experiments On Your Own Heart
The Sewing Circle - Sewer Gators NYC
Brooke Pridemore - Snakes on My Brain
Eric Wolfson - Sleeping Is A Sucker's Game
Adam Green – Salty Candy
Jeffrey Lewis & Kimya Dawson – Klutter
Frank Hoier - I Can't Love You Anymore
Paleface - I Don't Think I Like You (As Much As I Used To)
Creaky Boards - I'm So Serious (This Time)
Jeffrey Lewis & Diane Cluck – Trav…

I know I'm not alone...

Image being excited about the new batman movie.... opens today here and I'm off to see it at the IMAX theatre

whoop whoop

Sad asses unite


The Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything


A Trip to Canberra with Alan Bollard

Oh dear David Haywood makes me laugh, I am a total fanboy :)

Taken from Southery on Public Address a daily stop off of mine. Reprinted like all articles posted here cause I know bugger all people follow links.

A Trip to Canberra with Alan Bollard
Jul 10, 2008 18:12

So anyway, me and Bollard are flying to Canberra for the International Monetary Policy Conference. We're sitting in business class -- which, in my opinion, is basically like being in heaven -- and we're getting well-and-truly plastered.

We start feeling a bit musical somewhere above the Tasman Sea, and when the pilot announces that we're about to land in Canberra, Bollard launches into a tune of his own composition entitled: 'Still Time for Another Vodka.'

I'm providing musical accompaniment by dinging the call-button beside my seat; but when the stewardess finally arrives, she gives us a filthy look, and goes: "I think you two have had enough to drink."

Of course, this totally gets on Bollard'…

Bambi You're Next

The Bush administration has announced it is taking Nelson Mandela off its terrorist list.

Who is next?

The late Mother Theresa?

Princess Di?

Why Cheney Won't Take Down Iran

Reality Bites BackWhy the U.S. Won't Attack Iran
By Tom Engelhardt

It's been on the minds of antiwar activists and war critics since 2003. And little wonder. If you don't remember the pre-invasion of Iraq neocon quip, "Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran..." -- then take notice. Even before American troops entered Iraq, knocking off Iran was already "Regime Change: The Sequel." It was always on the Bush agenda and, for a faction of the administration led by Vice President Cheney, it evidently still is.

Add to that a series of provocative statements by President Bush, the Vice President, and other top U.S. officials and former officials. Take Cheney's daughter Elizabeth, who recently sent this verbal message to the Iranians: "[D]espite what you may be hearing from Congress, despite what you may be hearing from others in the administration who might be saying force isn't on the table... we're serious." Asked …

From the Ninja


It's the Oil, stupid!

By Noam Chomsky

08/07/08 "Khaleej Times" --- - The deal just taking shape between Iraq's Oil Ministry and four Western oil companies raises critical questions about the nature of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq — questions that should certainly be addressed by presidential candidates and seriously discussed in the United States, and of course in occupied Iraq, where it appears that the population has little if any role in determining the future of their country.

Negotiations are under way for Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP — the original partners decades ago in the Iraq Petroleum Company, now joined by Chevron and other smaller oil companies — to renew the oil concession they lost to nationalisation during the years when the oil producers took over their own resources. The no-bid contracts, apparently written by the oil corporations with the help of U.S. officials, prevailed over offers from more than 40 other companies, including companies in China, India and Rus…


Climate Chaos Is Inevitable. We Can Only Avert Oblivion

By Mark Lynas The Guardian

24/06/08 Sometimes we need to think the unthinkable, particularly when dealing with a problem as dangerous as climate change - there is no room for dogma when considering the future habitability of our planet. It was in this spirit that I and a panel of other specialists in climate, economics and policy-making met under the aegis of the Stockholm Network thinktank to map out future scenarios for how international policy might evolve - and what the eventual impact might be on the earth's climate. We came up with three alternative visions of the future, and asked experts at the Met Office Hadley Centre to run them through its climate models to give each a projected temperature rise. The results were both surprising, and profoundly disturbing.

We gave each scenario a name. The most pessimistic was labelled "agree and ignore" - a world where governments meet to make commitments on climate change, but then backtrack or fail to comply with them. Sound …