I'd never been to the Speedawy before. So it was quite an adventure to be heading out to Waikaraka Speedway with Nat & Wayde to watch cars go round and round.

I didn't really expect to enjoy the racing, as I am not a car guy nor do I enjoy racing, of any sort. I am up for trying different things and the thought of a bad hot dog, good company and some people watching was all to much to pass up.

Waikaraka Speedway was nothing flash, a simple and small (it seemed) course, a stand with a smallish crowd and the course flanked by grass, which is where we sat.

We arrived as a race was in progess and as we wandered around the track to find a spot to sit the cars were, um, roaring by. Loud and all very carish and then we got a dose of the track as they flew round the corner tossing mud everywhere. The mud explained why at one of the corners all the people sitting there had blankets and the like to cover themselves - I had originally thought it was for warmth, but no it was cause of the mud. I was also impressed by the aprents with little ones who had those ear protectors like construction workers use, to block out the noise - for it was quite loud, in a engines ain't quiet kinda way.

The races themselves were quick with bugger all mucking around between each one, so the action kept coming, which I appreciated as I my only fear for the evening was I'd get bored.

I had a twenty-seven and a half foot american hot dog for food and watched all the races quite happily, enjoying some of the cars more than others (don't ask me what sort, they came in small, medium and big....).

All in all it was a bloody good night out and one I'd happily repeat.