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morning saved by awesome train noises... ta mick



I hope I'm together when I die

Don't Panic


Too clever for this old brain... yeah right


way to kill my buzz movie trailer guy


Nothing going on here

move along nothing to see

Can I get a discount?


Where next?


All the world is a stage


Zombie ants

The oldest evidence of a fungus that turns ants into zombies and makes them stagger to their death has been uncovered by scientists.

The gruesome hallmark of the fungus's handiwork was found on the leaves of plants that grew in Messel, near Darmstadt in Germany, 48m years ago.

The finding shows that parasitic fungi evolved the ability to control the creatures they infect in the distant past, even before the rise of the Himalayas.

The fungus, which is alive and well in forests today, latches on to carpenter ants as they cross the forest floor before returning to their nests high in the canopy.

The fungus grows inside the ants and releases chemicals that affect their behaviour. Some ants leave the colony and wander off to find fresh leaves on their own, while others fall from their tree-top havens on to leaves nearer the ground.

The final stage of the parasitic death sentence is the most macabre. In their last hours, infected ants move towards the underside of the leaf they are on and lo…

Get you boy


How good planning can make us slimmer, fitter, safer and less lonely

Turning Estates into Villages

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 9th August 2010

It took me a while to recognise what I was seeing. It was an ordinary campsite in Pembrokeshire: a square field with tents around the perimeter. But it had a curious effect on the children staying there. Young people who had seldom experienced daylight slowly emerged from their tents and were drawn towards the centre of the field. Bats and balls left on the grass mysteriously appeared in their hands. Children with no prior interest in sport started playing football, cricket and rounders. Little kids ran around with older ones. As children of all classes played together, their parents started talking to each other. It hit me with some force: we had reinvented the village green.

We are, to a surprising extent, what the built environment makes us. Academic papers show that many of the problems we blame on individual behaviour are caused in part by the places in which we live. People are more likely to…

Oh my

BMP vs Motat

we rode a tram, not unlike this one... but it was going, amazing scenes

we asked about a victory loan... but out boys in Afganistan aren't winning...

I tried to kidnap an old man for train building duties in the neighbours gargae loft... sure the girl who lives there wouldn't mind

MOTAT is free to aucklanders all of August... small children and old men are advised to go...

Please be warned, if you think its a day filled with hot dogs, candy canes and floss thats pink... think again... there be men with lathes and metal and small people who used to chase goats

it as an education

i be learning... abc... 123

a warped black friday

More frightening than a zombie


Whitey on the moon

Listen up


diga diga do

Our politicians owed our soldiers the promise their deaths were for a worthy cause

Our youth sent to die for politics, not freedom

By Matt McCarten 5:30 AM Sunday Aug 8, NZ Herald

The body of Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell arrived in New Zealand today. Photos / Getty Images, SuppliedIt was only a matter of time before a New Zealand soldier was killed in Afghanistan.

The family of Tim O'Donnell is devastated, of course, and the families of Matthew Ball and Allister Baker have the dubious consolation that at least their sons are only injured.

Predictably our politicians fell over themselves in Parliament to express their condolences to the soldiers' families and praised their bravery. Phil Goff echoed all the party leaders when he intoned that he wouldn't be invoking politics into the tragedy.

What bunk. It was politics that has sent hundreds of our youth to death's door. The killing this week was only a matter of when, not if.

After 9/11, our politicians (with the honourable exception of the Green Party) competed to fawn over that blockhead George W Bush.

We c…

if it ain't got that swing

It don't mean a thing

gotta have another

I watched earnest, heavily armed and armored boys try to win over white-bearded Afghans -- men of extraordinary dignity- who have seen all this before

New Zealand mourns the loss of one of our own in Afganistan... a man who did his job with pride and loyalty....

But what was it for?

Questions our govt and media refuse to answer in any meaningful manner

I say get our people out - let's be the natin we can and stop supporting this war of aggression on a nation whose people require our support to get up

Lets stop holding them down

Rest in peace Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell

I'd mrder that son of a gun in the first degree

An unscanned friend...a potential zombie.

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An unscanned friend...a potential zombie.

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I don't reckon they hinder your health

Everythings gotta stop

and and and and and and I come to the conclusion we're still playing

Rainy morning drives

Back to Auckland
Back to reality

Wish it was back to bed

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