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The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Mr Hermano - Hynottista (Ambient Dub) (Disorient) 2002
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Where The Wild Roses Grow (Mute) 1996
X-Press 2 - Lazy ( (White)
Cookie Monster & The Girls - C Is For Cookie (Roy Thode's Special Disco mix) (Ninja Tune) 2003
Grace Jones - Nipple To The Bottle (Island) 1982
Young MC - Know How (Delicious Vinyl) 1988
Lenny Fontana pres Black Sun - Spread Love (Classic Vocal mix) (Estereo) 1999
Stacy Kidd - Lake Street (Byron Ford Solo mix) (Music 101) 2002
Herbert - Got To Be Movin' (Classic) 1996
Iz & Diz - Mouth (Brad Peeps For Friends remix) (Classic) 2002
Greenskeepers - Mesopotamian (Lance De Sardi's Deep Bleep Dub) (Classic) 2003
Freaks - This Ain't House (Wash house) 2005
Aaron Roberts - On A Rant (Grab) 2005
Bernard Badie - Now (Cajaul) 2005
Trademarq - Broken Wagon (Bananza) 2005
Bloom - Jackin The Funkstalk (Dotbloom) 2005
Moodymann - Don't You Want My Love (longversion) (Peacefrog)

Best taken with birthday …

Should I Stay Or Should I go

Over the weekend anti war rallies were held in Washington DC, London and other mainly US major centres amidst renewed calls from the US Public for the US Administration to withdraw their forces from Iraq.

I’m not sure how one should feel about the anti war movement in the US. I’m all for an end to war an all that stuff and for that I give them my full support.

Yet there’s something that doesn’t quite wash, and no I am not referring to any hippy element that may have been present. It’s more the naïve notion that war can simply be banned or stopped through some sort of collective action. Noble sentiment I admit but it’s a completely impractical notion and doesn’t offer any real alternative to the current US Administrations policy for Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations currently under US scrutiny and/or support. Or I might add any other power that exerts their influence over others, for whatever reason.

One can’t simply say things aren’t going to plan in Iraq either, for alas I fear that t…

High above on a plateau of mud we danced

Most sober people won’t have had the pleasure of ever having wrestled naked on a plateau of mud I imagine. I wish I could say the same, yet I have on occasion had one two many, drinks that is. Thus wrestling on a plateau comes naturally. Consider it part of a mans right of passage into the world. If I ever complete my man training I will inform you all. Until then I still am a learner drinker and long may that stand, or not as the case maybe and my mud wrestling days are behind me, I think.

Mud wrestling has never been a past-time to which I could consider myself drawn, or even remotely interested in, yet somehow via my good friend Alan, we’ll call him Alan – for that is his name, the concept of doing battle on plateau’s of mud was mooted. We were of course sober at the time and discussing the relative merits of the free jazz movement over that of the Balearic beat, one night years back after a long day at the coalface.

Having never spent time in a smokey jazz den, nor had time on the B…

Sleepless Nights, Early Morning Traffic

I would hazard a guess at the fact I suffer sometimes from insomnia. It’s a relatively recent part of my live, slowly invading my sleepy time over the past four or five years. Initially it was stress related I imagine, as I sometimes stress about stuff, sometimes I have reason to. Who doesn't?

If I was younger trying to make my mark on the world I’d wear that fact like a badge of pride, for it occurs to me that many an aspiring young, (usually) professional, feels that stress is an important indicator of their place in the world. I won’t complain about that, as the more the merrier my doctor says. Or would if I went to doctors - which I try very hard not to do. Sure if my arm was about to fall off they’d be high on my priority list but for some strange and fabulous reason I am relatively healthy and thus haven’t seen the need for at least ten years. Long may that personal record remain intact.

Now insomnia isn’t all bad. In fact if its not stress induced and one has the temperament …

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

? - New National Anthem (Tsnumai Benefit) 2005
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Let The BEat Hit Em (The Brand New pumped up C+C Vocal Club Mix) (Sony) 1991
Nuyorican Soul Feat Jocelyn Brown - It's Alright, I Feel It (MAW Alternative mix) (Mercury) 1996
Black Science Orchestra feat Jenny Devivo - Keep On Keeping On (Problem Kids Problematic version) (Afro Art) 1999
Sound Patrol Orchestra - Tripping Among The Stars (Derrick Carters Still Trippin' rmx) (Organico) 1993
The Beatmasters feat Bettie Boo - Hey DJ I can't Dance To That Music You're Playing (Rhythm King) 1989
Blaze - How Deep is Your Love (Timmy Regisford Shelter rmx) (Shelter) 2002
Tony Touch feat Total - I Wonder Why? He's The GReatest Dj (MAW vocal mix) (Tommy Boy) 2000
Golden Boy With Miss Kitten - Rippin Kitten (freaksfasterpussycatvocal) (Illustrious Records) 2002
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm rmx) (Greenskeepers Music) 2005
DJ Freestyle + John Glover - Looking For Te…

Where's my bloody sausage?

Election day 2005, feeling a little shady due to excess last night at the Social Club. Which I must say was jolly good fun. Good people, good tunes and a few drinks, nice.

The perfect start to my day to make a difference - crikey you wouldn't wanna be feeling too chipper prior to casting your vote now would you. This is after all very serious stuff.

Best state of mind is to be slightly grumpy (ready for queues), tired (yawning in line is a good look), shabby (yes these are the clothes I slept in), hungry (I thought vodka the night before constituted a healthy food regime), smelly (yeah so I smoke, tax me), excited (well why not), appear slightly confused by walking randomly into things (mental note to self, must clean specs), determined (having done my research and polled myself on many occasions I know whom I want to vote for) and most importantly have a few gold coins on hand for the sausage sizzle that one expects to find outside the polling booth that’s core task is raising mon…

it's a Social Club!

Well, if you're reading this it must mean you're up for a good old fashioned House party... or someone who knows you is and would love your company on the dance floor. It's been a while since Luvdup and SoulTrust put on a party but we reckoned it was time to dust off the dancing shoes.

Friday, 16 September at Plume Bar (Galatos Basement) will be a rare chance to get down with a delightful crowd of people who will smile, chat, laugh and boogie 'til their feet hurt. Meet your friends, meet our friends, meet their friends…it's a Social Club!

The fun starts at 10.00pm and the lights come up at 6.00am. Providing the sounds will be:

dbmc (Darryl Mead and Mark Harrison B2B) Visit their site its well good
Websta (Luvdup Resident)
Lelo (Tabac Resident and Auckland winner/national finalist for Heineken Thirst)

Four fine DJs and they are all very talented producers to boot!

$10 tickets will be available on the door.

As Dylan Thomas wrote:
"Do not go gentle into that good night, …

One More Sleep

Been a busy week, awaiting the election, watching news, ignoring opinion polls, trying to forget about older gents testicles and watching the final countdown to polling day

There really are better things to be doing, perhaps I shall take up knitting or pottery or finish off that tin foil hat... in the meantime I shall await election day with my easy voter card thing clutched in my sweaty palm

Now the real dilemma is am I sad enough to watch the damn thing on Saturday night, TVNZ are promising real flash graphics..... I bet TV3 will have some too, why I should get excited about this I really don't know.... they could provide intelligent commentary but I guess a computer generated bit of 'wow' is more important for the sports fans. I will no doubt do the wise thing and hide in the bottom of a bottle, fags in hand.

Saddest part of the election today - TV1's election "songs" ohhh please stop now!

End of day - the government wins and thats a scary thought

happy voting


The Long and the Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

0898 Dave - Kill Phil Collins (re:pap)
Lelo - Clever (Soultrust) 2005
Kelvin K - Simple Message (Guest House) 2005
Derrick L Carter - Do You Believe (Classic) 2000
Headless Chickens - M illion Dollar Dream (Flying Nun) 1991
Soane - All I Need (Dicky Does Dallas Electric dub) (CDR) 2004
Phully - Feed It (Lovefunk) 2005
Magik Johnson - Feel The Groove (NRK) 2005
Cuffy & Leon D - Your Love (Reliable) 2004
Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (NuYorican Soul rmx) (PLS) 2000
Erot - Song For Annie (Disfunction)
Annie - I Will Get On (Loaded) 2002
T-Coy - Carino (Deconstruction) 1987
Snoop & JT - Signs (shhhhhh) 2005
Bloom - Slip Slip (dotbleep) 2005
Swiss Tony - Shabooya (Tony Senghore rmx) (White) 2005
DBMC - Sweetness (Souttrust Re-edit) (Soultrust) 2005

Best taken with sausages and a brown ale

September 11, 2005...

This entire post is taken from Baghdad Burning a Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation. A different perspective on past events.

“R.- come in here! You have to see this!” It was September 11, 2001 and I was in the kitchen rinsing some dishes from lunch. I paused at the urgency in my brothers voice but continued rinsing, thinking there was some vaguely important news item on Iraq’s state controlled channel.

“I’m coming- a moment.” I called back. The phone began to ring and I stopped to answer it on my way out of the kitchen.

R: “Alloo?” I answered.
L: “Are you watching tv???” L., my best friend, cried out with no preliminaries.
R: “Uh… no- but…”

The line went dead and I put down the phone, my heart beating wildly. I made my way to the living room, curious and nervous, wondering what it could be. Had someone died? Were they going to bomb us again? That was always a possibility. It never surprised anyone when the US decided on an air strike. I wond…

Reasons to be happy

I am happy this morning because I went to bed really early so awoke to catch the sun rise and usher in my day
I am happy this morning because it’s going to be a lovely sunny day
I am happy this morning because I have the house to myself and lots of music I want to listen to
I am happy this morning because I think I’ve finally managed to unblock a drain a victory for impractical me
I am happy this morning because A track called Sweetness has a cracking remix from the Soultrust gang and it’s a damn fine thing
I am happy this morning because Of Tony Senghore’s “Shabooya” which so does it for me
I am happy this morning because I have little I have to do today
I am happy this morning because Bevan Keys is on the radio and he always makes me smile
I am happy this morning because I just found a website I’d been looking for
I am happy this morning because My sister Belinda sent me a parcel so I’d have some decent mail
I am happy this morning because I’m quite enjoying this Blog thing, weird as that may…

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like This Man

I’ve never thought much of Bob Geldof and his chum Bono, never liked their music, actually I’ll go as far as saying I loathe their music, mildly talented tossers is a polite way to put it.

Sure U2 were the soundtrack of my first encounters with both alcohol and the opposite sex, not by my choice I can say, well up for the booze and girl action but the soundtrack, christ it’s a wonder I ever got a snog, let alone anything else. My friends at the time all thought U2’s Boy was the bees’ knees, back then, and play it they did. I’m actually being a bit uncharitable here, cause them same friends introduced me to The Verlaines and The Clean and for that I am eternally grateful.

My later experiences a few years later were more traumatising. When I moved to Mt Maunganui and had to endure Talking Head’s Stop Making Sense at every bloody party I went to, usually three or four times a night, couple that pup with Midnight Oil and you may start to see why I can be so very angry.

Now it’d be a lucky pe…

Rules Are Made To be Broken

Many years ago I made a rule, one I stuck to for far too long.

Before I share that little titbit, first some background information is needed I feel. In 1985 I left home to attend University in Hamilton, an exciting time for anyone as I’m sure most who’ve had the pleasure and benefit will attest to.

Well like all good idiots I had seen many a bad teen flick and thus knew one was meant to join clubs, I so should not try and emulate American teen flicks! Well one day I came across a poster, seeking radio announcers for the Student Radio Station. That sounds like a bit of me I thought, so ripped the poster from the wall (I’ve still got it too, somewhere amongst my clutter) and went to find the station and apply for a role. After some weeks of hassling the station manager I was finally given a slot. I should point out at this point Student Radio in New Zealand was a pale shadow of what it has become. Well the station – Radio Contact 1440 1XC, was soon my primary musical outlet and radio hom…

I'm Angry - why?

I'm angry because I can't do anything practical to help those in New Orleans
I'm angry because I don't exercise enough
I'm angry because I can't waive a magic wand and sort out the problems in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, Haiti and well everywhere and anywhere
I'm angry because I haven't shaved for a week and I am going grey
I'm angry because I have been limping for almost two weeks due to a self inflicted injury (stubbed toes) which are taking for ever to get better and I feel pathetic because of this
I'm angry because I am so over the self centeredness of my fellow country folks and this bullshit election I am living through
I'm angry because My share portfolio is devoid of any actual shares
I'm angry because I'm listening to Murray Cammack on the radio play a bunch of funk and soul from New Orleans and I wish I had half the knowledge this man does
I'm angry because Its Tuesday and that’s as good a day as any to be angry

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Terre Thaemlitz - Down in The Park (Mille Plateaux) 1999
Arakatubu - Pele (Ballistic Brothers mix) (Disorient) 2002
River Ocean - Love n Happiness (Sao Benitez Sun Rise Mix) (Mr Bongo) 2001
Matabaruku - Dis Poem (Guidence) 1999
Recloose - Cardiology (Isolee mix) (Electric Chair) 2005
Snoop & JT - Signs (Fingers Acid Dub) (shhhhhhhh) 2005
Swiss Tony - Shabooya (Tony Senghore rmx) (White) 2005
Jamie Anderson - Back Then (Jesse Rose Jacked version) (Frontroom) 2005
Rob Mello - Critical (Purple Love Dub) (Classic) 2005
The Sound Republic - Fart Mouth Mikey (Guest House) 2005
Brett Johnson - One Man (Classic) 2005
Gemini - We Are The Future (Classic) 1999
Markus Enochson Feat Chris long - Crazy Pitch (Freaks redo) (Flygaric) 2005
Lil Mark - Do To me (Vox) (Doubledown) 2004
Half Man Half Biscuit - Fuckin Hell Its Fred Titmus (Probe Plus) 1985
No Assembly Firm - Rock The Discotech (Hudd Trax) 2005
Bernard Badie feat Dajae - Train (Cajual) 2005

Best Taken with a smal…

Election Propaganda part 1


Auckland - New Orleans - Baghdad

I have this bad habit that I'm currently trying to break - watching TV. I've spent too many hours this past winter in front of the idiot box. So much so that some mornings I find my brain cowering in a corner of the room begging for a new home..... perhaps someone would care to adopt said brain, I know after all ignorance is bliss...

Well this past week I decided it was time to break the routine or habit. First step was to push the red button on the remote - it wasn't easy, sweaty brow and the thought I might actually miss Paul Henry, reason enough to push the red button you may suggest. I'm doing quite well, or at least I was till a little lady called Katrina entered my life and that of many millions of peoples.

My view of Katrina is that of a privileged bystander, which suits me fine and I hope I never have to met her face to face. Well anyway, Katrina as you hopefully realise is the Hurricane that has devastated New Orleans and an area the size of New Zealand in the …

OK so I cheated

Welcome to my world.... as the refrain goes

I've been thinking about doing a blog for a while now and figure its not as cool as it was a few months back, so the time is right for me to jump in, so to speak

I've cheated a bit, to give the place a feel - posting some old radio playlists of mine so there's already a bunch of gibberish here, nice eh.

So back to the start, welcome to my world, a place for me to expound on many of my thoughts and opinions which should make for very dull reading

Over the next little while I'll add a bunch of links and all that stuff, for now its as ya see it.



Spring sprung

Bobs intended and currently playing playlist for this first day of Spring, my favourite season, thus preparation is essential

Terre Thaemlitz - Replicas Rubato (Mille Plateaux)

Piano renditions of Gary Numan tunes by a rather strange (to say the least) artist. Simply beautiful

Douglas Lilburn - Aotearoa (Kiwi Pacific)

Orchestra and string music by Douglas Lilburn as perfromed by the Ithaca College Festival Orchestra and NZSO. Simply magnificent

Able Tasmans - Store In A Cool Place (Flying Nun)

My all time fave Sunday hangover CD, but its not Sunday you say... well who cares I'm a bit delicate

Tangle Eye - Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed (Zoe Records)

Moby piss off, well I don't really mean that but it reads well.

Carl Craig - Designer Music V1 (Planet E)

Now try and dispute this review

This Is Strictly Rhythm Vol 2 (Strictly Rhythm)

Well you gotta have some house in ya day, I blame Asylum

Soulsonic Volume One (BBE)

Hopefully hits the stereo as the heat of the sun starts to make me…