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The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Factory) 1986
Devo - Here To Go (Go mix version) (Warners) 1986
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm rmx) (GK Music) 2005
Anne Will - Move D (Libe Detail) 2005
Bear Who - Funky City (Crump Daddy Club) (Dust Traxx) 2005
Trade Marq - Broken Wagon (Banaza) 2005
DJ Freestyle & Joe Silva - Slide (Trumpet mix) (Guest House) 2005
The Fall - And Therein (Phonogram) 1990
Stacy Kidd - Rock N Roll (Afterschool) 2004
Josh One - Afterhours (Myutopia) 2005
Chris Grant - The Jimmy Jam (Sound Republic rmx) (jackin Tracks) 2005
Bloom - Jackin The Funkstalk (Dot Bleep) 2005
Swiss Tony - Shabooya (White) 2005
Wah Syndicate - Now That We've Found Love (Lil MArk rmx) (Nepenta) 2005
Sweet Clones - Vinces Big Con (No Assembly Firm rmx) (Robsoul) 2005
Ion - Everything (Aroma) 2005
DJ Hell - Copa (Abe Duque rmx) (Disko B) 1999

Best taken with oranges and lemons

Dogs Rule - End of!

Ok we've had this discussion before... and here we go again..

First up here's a picture to make you go Aaaaaahhhhh....

A Dog kissing a Dolphin!!

Now you wouldn't get a shitty little cat doing that, now would ya?

Note: A Different Dog & A Different Dolphin

Do you see any cats in these photo's? - NO!

Why? - I hear you ask....

Cause a cat would be too busy begging food off some old lady down the road, going through rubbish bins or sleeping!

Even the dog handler on the boat Celebrates the moment by lightin' up a Fat One!

You don't ever see a cat handler doing that, do you?

A cat handler would be too busy, giving the cat 'shotguns' & watching it get high!!!

Are there even cat handlers?

Anyways, we've had this discussion before, & "Everybody on the Internet" agreed that cats were shit!

Sorry if you weren't at the meeting, but maybe you should get up abit earlier in the morning....

Dogs - 2
Cats - 0

End of discussion

Now we is one

Well it was October 25th 2004 that the first post is dated on this blog so

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me

In actual fact its only been a bit over a month

Still party hats on and fairy bread all round I say

toot toot

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4
Labour Day

Mr Hermano - Jugando Con Fuego (Disorient) 2001
Block 16 - Sweet Bassoon (Nuphonic) 2001
Blaze - Lovelee Dae (Beloved Vocal Mix) (CLassic) 1997
Fat Freddys Drop - A Hope (MKL vs Soy Soy rmx) (Kartel) 2004
Presence - Future Love (Love from San Francisco rmx) (Pagan) 1999
Josh One - After Hours (Wally Callerio rmx0 (Myutopia Recordings) 2005
Wah Syndicate - Now That We've Found Love (Lil mark rmx) (Nepenta) 2005
Liebe Detail - Move D (Word & Sound) 2005
Mayaku - Music matters (Tom Bone) 2005
DJ Freestyle - Girlz & Boyz (Good Family) 2005
DJ Total M - Don't Cha (Mammas Home Cookin) 2005
Bloom - Slip Slip (Dot Bleep) 2005
Ion - Everything (Aroma) 2005
Ric Nasty - Gotta Have It (Peaches) 2005
Del Costa & Pedo Goya - Metropolis (MFF) 2005

Best taken after eight hours hard labour with a cup of tea at smokeo

Fashion Rules

So I played records at fashion week, every males dream perhaps....

I may update this post at some point with some comments on what I saw, for now here's the records I played

Mr Hermano - Jugando Con Fuego (Disorient)
Block 16 - Sweet Bassoon (nuphonic)
Onionz - Afro Funk (Obsessive)
Kaori - Good life (Disorient)
Addvibe - Deep 83
Roy Davis jnr -Michael (Love From San Francisco mix) (Nuphonic)
House Of 909 - Beautiful Day (Cevin Fisher rmx) (Pagan)
Soane & Reset - Herringbone (Paper)
Presence - Future Love (Love from San Francisco rmx) (Pagan)
Weekend Players - Into The Sun (Tiefschwarz rmx0 (Multiply)
Gemini - We Are The Future (Classic)
Iz & Diz - Mouth (Pepe raddock rmx) (Classic)
Roy Davis jnr - About Love (Isolee rmx) (Classic)
Mateo & Matos - Feel the Groove (Foreplay)
Mojo Project - In My Life (John Arnold rmx) (Love Monk)
Greenskeepers - On The Line (GK Music)
James Kurd - Hey baby (Stripped Down mx) (Igloo)

I could really do with a sausage now

So about a month after we went to the polls a government is formed, yippee, we all cry. Or do we? Is this the sort of government one would want for New Zealand? It’s a historic moment for our Nation; we have our first Labour lead Government that has retained power for three terms - maybe for now that should read won three elections in a row. Lets hope this is becomes a positive entry into our history books.

I know personally I’m not overly surprised by the make up of what is now our new Govt, a tad disappointed but not surprised. My primary source of disappointment is the way our Labour lead government has succumbed to the power brokers, NZ First and United Future – the parties who basically would support anyone as long as it gave them more power than they warrant. I guess this is one of the positives presented in a negative fashion (for me) of our MMP system. Great that the minority parties have a say in the running of our country but how much of a say should they have?

I am a little d…

Third World Debt - Bob & Bono wot you reckon?

The proliferation of finance companies offering to help those up to their eyeballs in debt seems to one of the biggest growth industries in our debt laden world. Good business for those with few ethics and morals and a healthy desire for huge profits.

Every night in prime time slots in TVland (i.e. the expensive time to advertise) we are offered the services of countless companies offering to help ease the hassle of paying off multiple debts.

This got me thinking, why don't the third world nations (and others too) consolidate all of their debts into one affordable monthly payment???

Surely if my research, (watching these ads), is correct this is the way to solve all financial problems. So why not do it for those that need support the most?

I wonder what Paul Wolfowitz would make of this. Sure he'd be a supporter.

I also await Bob and Bono's response to idea with baited breath. I wonder if they even bother to read my blog?

Speaking of whom, how cool was the Noble Peace Prize goi…

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4

Coldcut - Timber (Ninja Tune) 1998
Roy Davis Jnr - Michael (Love From San Francisco mix) (Nuphonic) 1999
Addvibe - Deep 83 (Discfunction) 2000
House Of 909 - Beautiful Day (Cevin Fisher rmx) (Pagan) 1998
Mateo & Matos - Feel The Groove (Foreplay) 2001
Weekend Players - Into the Sun (Tiefschwarz Club Vocal mix) (Multiply) 2001
Home & Garden - Find Your Love (Clockwork Reshuffle) (Icon)
Beats Pacific - Blacklands (Drop Music) 2001
DHJ Project - Your Spirit (TAK rmx) (DiY Discs) 2001
Ion - Everything (Aroma) 2005
Chris Grant - The Jimmy Jam (Sound Repupblic rmx) (Jackin Tracks) 2005
Piccolo Marco - Who's pimpom Who? (Peaches) 2005
Lee Mortimer - Flexy Beast (Lil Mark rmx) (Greenhouse) 2005
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm rmx) (GK Music) 2005
Del Costa & Pedro Goya - Metropolis (No Ears rmx) (MFF) 2005
Benny Hill - Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West) (Continuum Records) 1993
Soane - Runaway (in music) 2004

Best taken with fake tans an…

Mans Best Friend

Dogs are known as "Man's Best Friend"

Do you know how long and hard they had to work to earn that title?

There have literally been millions of species of animals, birds, insects, etc. yet dogs got the nod out of all of them for that title. That's right, while cats were peeing on people's rugs, scratching the furniture, and ignoring people when called, dogs were working overtime. They were fetching papers, acting happy to see their masters, and wagging their tails every time someone even LOOKED in their direction.

What about rewarding hard work?
What about rewarding effort?
Not picking dogs after all that work is just wrong! They've earned it!

So would you rather have a loyal, caring pet, an animal that has worked for more than 2 millenia to earn the title of man's best friend?

Or on the other hand would you rather have a breath stealing, ALMOST wild animal that would eat you alive if it could?

Disco derailed my train

My train went off the tracks yesterday, there I was my newly found Thomas The Tank Engine CD (its terrible for any parents thinking of purchasing) clutched in me sweaty hands and was all ready to have a play on the turntables then I hit that part of the day where mister “I can’t be arsed” flew in the window and thus all trains were delayed due to a body on the tracks at London Bridge – well not quite, though that is an excuse British Rail used every day for ten days on end for delays to the service I caught to work back when I lived in London, plonkers.

So no I didn’t make a mix CD yesterday, nor a cassette. I got side tracked and by the time I could have stepped up and laid down some phat beats I wasn’t in the mood. Instead I settled into my evening with a documentary, Maestro. Which is all about the early disco/house clubs of New York (mainly) centred around David Mancuso’sLoft parties and the Paradise Garage and Larry Levan.

Maestro, a feature documentary, tells the story of how a gr…

Why are computers so frustrating?

I like to think of myself as relatively technically competent person. Not an expert yet no newbie either. I have a couple of Microsoft Qualifications which must count for something, old as the hills by today’s standards, but got em I did.

I spend a lot of time with my computers, I've three in the house of varying ages, one I only ever turn on if I want to play a very old game or read emails I sent and received years ago, one that looks and plays terribly on my laptop, its that old. One PC I only use for work stuff and then there's my real workhorse, the trusty laptop, which gets a hell of a lot of use.

All of them have benefited from many hours of fine tuning and tweeking on my part, they run well and usually I have very few problems with them. As technology has advanced I find myself having to actually know less to be able to do more with my computers. Hell, take this blogging lark - simple as it is, the writing is harder than setting up the blog and doing anything else. Some e…

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

they don't get married

sorry kids

The Long and the Short Of It

Monday 2-4

Soul Ascendents - Tribute (Nuphonic) 1999
Soane - Tropical Snowstorm (Paper) 2001
Hugh Maskela - Don't Go lossing It baby (Zomba) 1984
Dubtribe Soundsystem - Equitorial (Imperial Dub) 2000
Faze Action - Kariba (Nuphonic) 1999
Gywn Jay Allen - I Luv You babe (Atlantic Jaxx)
African headcharge - Heading To Glory (On U Sound) 1993
Eva feat Suger B - Unite Tonight (Best Seven) 2004
Romanthony - Bring U Up (Glasgow Underground) 2000
Piccolo Marco - Who's pimpom Who? (Peaches) 2005
Gil Scott Heron - Whiteys On The Moon 1972
Freaks - Fly With me pt1 (MFF) 2001
Soultrust - Take My love Away (Soultrust) 2005
Sweet Clones - Vince's Big Con (DJ Sneak rmx) (Robsoul) 2005
Greenskeepers - On The Line (Mark Farina rmx) (GK Music) 2005
DJ Total M - Don't Cha (Mamas Home Cookin) 2005
Ion - Everything (Aroma) 2005
Benny Hill - Yakety Sax (intro) (Continuum Records) 1993

Best taken with communal wafers and watered down wine

Enough Already.... God are you listening?

Okay not God perhaps, as I don't have that belief/handicap.....

I am thinking this morning that perhaps the world has had more than its fair share of natural and people made disasters this year. The mind boggles at the number of people and other creatures that have lost thier lives due to these tragedies this year alone. Enough already!

Over 19,000 confirmed dead in Pakistan alone thus far with more predicted lost in the earthquake in and around Pakistan. My dear friend Cathy is somewhere around India, well out of harms way I hope.

1,400 people killed in a mudslide triggered by Hurricane Stan in Guatemala.

In Auckland we weathered some very harsh winds over the weekend, my window leaked and whilst no lives were lost I did have some books and CDs water damaged :(

It sure has been a rough year for many. I feel a little selfish sitting here wanting more leaves on the tree outside whilst so many others are fighting just to stay alive.

Spare a few minutes today to think of those not so well …

Survivor Toyland

Oh the joys of the interweb, stumbled upon this site this morning

Tired of the countless mindless survivor shows?
Sick of so called celebs being stuck on a desert island?
Ever wondered what to do with ya doll collection?

At last the answer to all those vital questions

Survivor Toyland

For those who may have thought fighting on a Plateau of Mud was odd check this

"Select a representative from each team," Max told them "Then fight!"Pizzazz from Ibsy Dibsy wasted no time in stripping off and lunging at Barbie from Kukapoo."Bottoms up Barbie!!!" Pizzazz shouted pile driving Barbie into the mud before gasping in disgust "Oh for crying out loud Barbie. With all the crap you brought onto the island you could have at least packed some underwear!"

Need a giggle Survivor Toyland is bound to put a smile on ya face

Dogs Rule!

I've always wanted a dog, a Saint Bernard to be precise - something about the whiskey barrel, the size and the hair... christ am I a closet metaller?

Well anyway, one day I want a dog, for many reasons, the best being that simply put, dogs rule!

You maybe of the opinion that, no cats rule - and your reasoning is no doubt stepped in some misguided notion that cats are cute.

Maybe like this one

I must admit to the wee thing having an inate charm, who wouldn't. However we all know wee cutie-pie would scratch ya eye out in a second, given half a chance it'd chew your face off without a seconds thought. Then probably cough up a fur ball on the carpet to round things off.

No I am sorry but a photogenic ball of fur doesn't disguise the fact that cats are lazy good for nothings that at best may deam your lap to be a good place to crash, but thats it.

Cats will never play catch or run around really excitedly just because you are there.

Lets look at some facts

Dogs come when you call t…

Looks like we got ourselves a reader

so im in fife alabama and im hungry so i go to the waffle house..

yeah i know i was hungry...

so anway im sittin in the waffle house readin a book and the waitress comes up to me 'hey' (smacks gum) whatcha readin for?

....hmmm what am i reading for...well...mabey, so i dont become a fucking waffle waitress ok... (mumbles) what am i reading for...

'well why would you read when you can just flip on the tube'...

what do you think im readin? heehaw the book??

...then this trucker from the booth next to me gets up and says 'well, looks like we got ourselves a reader'

what the fuck? did i just step into the twilight zone?

i feel like i just walked into a klan rally in a boy george outfit."
Bill Hicks, muchly missed

A couple of longish articles I've read and been thinking about the last couple of days.

The first is a transcript of a speech given by Al Gore about media.

I was especially taken by this line, especially after our recent election, where we had lots of politic…


Big ups to TV3 news for not mentioning Judy Bailey's rather dubious title of Mother of the Nation title. I liked the different takes by the two broadcasters - TVNZ "she's stepped down", TV3 "Judy Dumped". Gotta love the vested interests taking care of business.

A congratulations to Fat Freddy's Drop on their winning of four Tuis at the annual backslap that is the New Zealand Music Awards. Congratulations to all the others too, but Fat Freddy's deserve extra attention, cause they are so bloody good. I must admit I really hate music awards, for many reasons the primary one being that they rarely reward talent and innovation, more often than not its all about status quo and the more generic stylings of the artists found under the wings of the major labels. Not always however, for in Fat Freddy's we have a act who are fiercely independent and one who not only deserve the accolades they are getting globally but are getting them now not after the fact.…

She’s not the mother of my nation!

A cold yucky day in Aucklandtown, wind and rain batter my windows, the tree outside is still to sprout any decent leaves and oh how its been trying to for the past few weeks. It must be cold I'm wearing two pairs of shorts.
A dose of sunshine is sorely needed I think, and them leaves are vitally important for my Speedo wearing outside antics on the deck, due to the proximity of the road the tree is the general public’s only chance to be spared the sight of the late thirty something male’s nudist tendencies. I feel for them I really do, but when a mans gotta strut his stuff, well any form of modesty or simple good manners go out the window.
Stuck inside today, isn’t too bad I got stuff to do and the radio for company. This would be wonderful except for the hourly news bulletins that Judy Bailey is finally leaving her presenters roll at good ol TVNZ.I’m not a One News watcher generally as I prefer the news on TV3, no idea why I do, especially since Campbell went onto his woman’s magaz…

Bob & Bono update

OSLO (Reuters) - Rock stars Bob Geldof and Bono are among the bookmakers' tips to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, alongside more orthodox candidates like campaigners against nuclear arms or a peace broker for Indonesia.Experts are divided about whether the secretive five-member committee would dare to broaden the scope of the $1.3 million award in 2005 to honour Geldof or Bono, who have campaigned for years to ease hunger and poverty in Africa.Last year, the committee won both plaudits and brickbats for awarding the prize for the first time to an environmentalist, Kenya's Wangari Maathai, for leading a campaign to plant millions of trees across Africa.After that mixed reception, guardians of what many view as the world's highest accolade may be reluctant to be innovative a second time. A total of 199 candidates have been nominated for the 2005 award, which can be split up to three ways."If the prize branches out to virtually anything that is trendy, it stands to …

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

The Todd Terry project - Weekend (Warlock) 1988
Problem kids feat Denise Johnson - High hopes (Paperecordings) 1999
Mateo & Matos - Keep on Dancing (Glasgow Underground) 1997
Soul Ascendents - The String Thing (Nuphonic) 1999
Crazy Penis - A Little Something (Paperecordings) 1998
House Of 909 - The Children We Were (Pagan) 1998
Soane - Crazy Cousins (in music) 2004
Salt City Orchestra w Derrick Carter - Got Change For A Twenty (Paperecordings) 1998
Joe Malarkie - Rock The Remix (Peaches) 2005
DJ Total M - Don't Cha (Mamas Home Cookin) 2005
Ion - Everything (Aroma) 2005
Greenskeepers - On The Line (Mark Farina rmx) (GK Music) 2005
Chris Grant - The Jimmy Jam (Sound Republic Government McCheese rmx) (Jackin Tracks) 2005
Sweet Clones - Vince's Big Con (DJ Sneak rmx) (Robsoul) 2005
No Assembly Firm - Rock The Disko (Hudd Tracks) 2005
Swirl People - Play Along (Aroma) 2005
Herbert - See You On Monday (Phono) 1996

Best taken with lambsfry, turkey balls, swi…


Tinky Wink Vodka and Big Fuck Off Clothes presents
The Third Annual Hobo Erotica Ball
a day/night for the sumptuous gothfolk

October 33rd 2005

"Hobo-Erotica a fascinating subculture of old-timers, young punks, stamp tramps and yuppie riders that populate the dark under belly of modern society. They have their own jargon. They have support networks They have hobo conventions. They even have hobo zines and the musical form, hobo erotica." Cemetry News 4/5/03


Doors open 10:00am at the Crypt entry by donation and the party starts as soon as the first cheap bottle of port is consumed11.00am - 9:00pm: Ambient sounds of the dead performed by Jim Morrison and Augustus Pablo 9:00pm - 11:00pm: Gravedigger Gary will laydown on stage and gargle a bit11.00am - 12:00am: Join Decomposed Digby as he throws his own body parts at audience members, all whilst standing on a box12:00am - 4:00am: Old Married Men's Cemetary Lawnmower Bass Ensemble perform flight of the bumble bee 4.00am -…