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And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - The Pogues, Stiff Records, 1985

When I was a young man I carried my pack
And I lived the free life of a rover
From the Murrays green basin to the dusty outback
I waltzed my Matilda all over
Then in nineteen fifteen my country said Son
It's time to stop rambling 'cause there's work to be done
So they gave me a tin hat and they gave me a gun
And they sent me away to the war
And the band played Waltzing Matilda
As we sailed away from the quay
And amidst all the tears and the shouts and the cheers
We sailed off to Gallipoli

How well I remember that terrible day
How the blood stained the sand and the water
And how in that hell that they called Suvla Bay
We were butchered like lambs at the slaughter
Johnny Turk he was ready, he primed himself well
He chased us with bullets, he rained us with shells
And in five minutes flat he'd blown us all to hell
Nearly blew us right back to Australia
But the band played Waltzing Matilda
As we stopped…

ANZAC Day 2006

On 25 April 1915, eight months into the First World War, Allied soldiers landed on the shores of the Gallipoli peninsula. This was Turkish territory that formed part of Germany's ally, the Ottoman Empire. The troops were there as part of a plan to open the Dardanelles Strait to the Allied fleets, allowing them to threaten the Ottoman capital Constantinople (now Istanbul) and, it was hoped, force a Turkish surrender. The Allied forces encountered unexpectedly strong resistance from the Turks, and both sides suffered enormous loss of life.

The forces from New Zealand and Australia, fighting as part of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), played an important part in the Gallipoli campaign. At its beginning, people at home greeted with excitement the news that our soldiers were at last fully engaged in the war. New Zealand soldiers distinguished themselves with their courage and skill, establishing an enduring bond with the Australians they fought alongside.

The Gallipoli …

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

The Pogues - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Stiff) 1985
The Soft Pink Truth - Satie (Herbert's Walk Free rmx) (Soundslike) 2003
Recloose - Landed (Peacefrog) 2005
Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Who Is He To You? (DT's NYDC mx) (WEA) 1996
Subway Baby - Gotta Stop (Q Records) 2001
Green Velvet - Answering Machine (X-Press 2 Direct line mx) (F-111) 2000
The Hustle Brothers - Jacks Groove (Not On Label) 2002
Soul Patrol - Love Variations pt. 1 (Charlie Dark Reconstruction) (Infracom) 2001
Blaze - Lovelee Day (Doc's Wax mix) (Classic) 2002
Summer Transport - Sol parade (Sense Music) 2000
Aaron Carl - Down (Metroplex) 1998
Vencenzo - The Way Of Thinking (Dessous Music) 2001
Black Rascals - Blaze Theme (Sumo Records) 1993
Justin Harris - Hangerang (Lil Mark Remix) (Paranoid Music) 2006
Mr Negative - Star Spangled Banner (Themfreaksaresonegativespeakeasy Freaks rmx) (Crack & Speed) 2003
DJ Tye & Bobby Bounce - Atomic Rmx (Mamas Home Cookin) 2006


The Long & The Short Of It Easter edition

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Neon Heights - Listen To The Music (Crazy Penis rmx) (Shiva) 2003
Stacy Kidd - Bryant Street (instrumental mx) (Music 101) 2002
Eddie Amador - House Music (Yoshitoshi) 1997
Barrio Brothers - Hold onto My Love (Warehouse mix) (Shaboom) 2001
Eddie Amador - Holy Spirit (Watkins mx) (Shaboom) 2000
Gene Farris - Come On Home (Soma) 2000
Slam - Lifetimes (Soma) 2001
Silicone Soul - Chic-o-laa (Soma) 2000
Chris Issac - Wicked Game (Farina rmx) (Wicked) 2003
Iz & Diz - Mouth (Pepe Braddock rmx) (Classic) 2002
Roy Davis Jnr - About Love (Jon Marsh rmx) (CLassic) 2003
R Brown - Not Like I Used 2 Re-jack (Guess Who) 2006
Justin harris- Hangerang (lil Mark rmx) (Paranoid Music) 2006
DJ linus - Who Stole The Soul (Org weed mix) (Brique Rouge) 2002
Brett Johnson - Better Living Through Chemistry (Magnetic) 2005
Mirwais - Miss You (Thin White Duke rmx) (Echo) 2003
Diz -hen the MArtians Come (Greenskeepers Music) 2000
Soul Patrol - Love Variations pt. 1 (Charlie Dark Reconst…

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Simon Beesting - Merckx Station (SB) 2006
Scoper & Bubba - I'm Satisifed (Wax power Dub) (Classic) 2002
Derrick L Carter - Squaredancing in a Roundhouse (remake) (Classic) 2003
Justin Harris - Hangerang (Paranoid music) 2006
DJ Tye & Bobby Bounce - Aromic rmx (Mammas Home Cookin') 2006
Banana kru - I Live In Camberwell (Atlantic Jaxx) 2000
White Collar Criminals - Wanting You (Johnny Fiasco rmx) (jackin Tracks) 2006
Romanthony - Floorpiece (Glasgow Underground) 2002
Stylus Trouble - Sputnik One (Junior) 2001
UBU - Pixels (Shaboom) 2000
Moodymann - The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Peacefrog) 2000
Moodymann - LiveinLA 1998 (Peacefrog) 2003
East Village Loft Society - I wanna Sing... Sunshine (Black Sunshine Rec) 1994
Octave One - Blackwater (Full Strings mx) (430 West) 2001
DJ Tye & Bobby Bounce - Fix You (Mammas Home Cookin) 2006
Eclat & Prudo - Free Land (Freestyle man rmx) (Mood Music) 2006

Best Taken with shaky hands and knobbly knees

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Simon Beesting - Merckx Station (SB) 2006
Butthole Surfers - Creep In The Cellar (Touch & Go) 1986
Tortoise - It's All Around You (Thrill Jockey) 2004
HDU - Lull, Dark Restart (DSoundproof rmx) (Flying Nun) 1998
Beta Band - Gone (EMI) 2001
Neon Heights - Are We Through (Larry heard rmx) (Glasgow Underground) 2001
Mojo Project - It's My Life (John Arnold rmx) (lovemonk) 2004
Blair - Life (Derrick Carter rmx) (White) 2004
Moodymann - Tribute (Peacefrog) 2000
Darryl Mcintosh - Somebody Offers (DM) 2006
Simon Beesting - Are You Ready For This (SB) 2006
Tiefschwarz - Mars (Classic) 2003
Arthur Russell - Wild Combination (Nuphonic) 2001
Lidell Townsend & MTF - Get With you (Morales rmx) (Polygram) 1992
Rob Mello - Critical (Classic) 2005
Paul Woolford - Phuck Dat (Jackford Files) 2005
No Assembly Firm - Planetary Invasion (Robsoul) 2005
DJ Sneak - Inside (Winks acid rmx) (Magnetic) 2005
King Kapisi - Screams From The Old Plantation (FMR) 2000
Sisters Unde…