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I'm not a touchy feely kinda guy but

someone out there may just need this....

Hope today is better bud!

Oh dear

How long before Winston Peters our foreign minister doesn't blame the media for everything that comes out of his mouth?

How long is a piece of string you ask.....

More developments in keyboard land


Playing Records

Records I played at Supper Club on Friday Night:

Tica - Rock The Cashbah (Smith & Mighty Steppers mix) (Nuphonic) 2001
Dub Syndicate - The Show Is Coming... (On U Sound) 1990
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Reggae Fi Peach (Island) 1980
Sly Dunbar - Sesame Street (Virgin) 1979
Dub Syndicate - Hawai (On U Sound) 1989
Audi Active - Free the Marijuana (On U Sound) 1994
Dub Syndicate - Stoned Immaculate (On U Sound) 1991
African Head Charge - Heading To Glory (On U Sound) 1993
Gary Clail & The On U Sound System - Two Thieves & A Lair (On U Sound) 1989
Singers & Players - Holy Scripture (On U Sound) 1988
Dub Syndicate - North Of The River Thames (On U Sound) 1984
- excert, The Sunworshippers Speak taken from Resurrection: The Amplified Bible Of Heavenly Grooves (Second Coming) 2001
Adrian Sherwood - Zero Zero One (Green Tea) 2001
Dub Syndicate - Jungle (Jungle Mix) (On U Sound) 1996
Omni Trio - London Step (Moving Shadow) 1994

Was good fun, nice to play records I don't listen to much these days…

Beat Boutique

EDIT: Update, gig postponed til later in year

It would be...

6-7 Jason George
7-8 Bob Daktari
8-9 Dj Monkey
9-10 Chris V

Things that go bump in the night

So we had two earthquakes in Auckland last night.

The first I hardly felt and then the second gave the house a good old shake.

Its been a long long time since I last experienced a earthquake - Auckland very rarely has them, when I lived in the Bay Of Plenty they were not uncommon.

I can't believe my old fashioned reaction.... I searched for news on TV..... yeah as if they would interupt some shite program....

An hour later I finally though, doh.. online, yep plenty there.

I feel silly, why oh why would I rely on antiquated media.

Don't do as I do, do as I say

As the Bible tells us:

"He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes" (Proverbs 13:24)

"Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell." (Proverbs 23:13-14)

Anti-smacking bill set to move forward
NZPA Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Legislation that would restrict parents' right to smack their children looks set to pass its second reading.

Green MP Sue Bradford's amended bill, which is expected to come up for debate tomorrow night, would remove parents' rights to hit their children for "correction".

Parents would only be allowed to use "reasonable force" to prevent harm to a child, deal with offensive behaviour, or stop a child harming others.

Prime Minister Helen Clark today voiced her support for the bill, which was amended by a select committee, especially in light of a recent Unicef report showi…

Why, why, why, why

Why do Auckland ratepayers have to come up with the 150 million shortfall for the rugby world cup?

Why are no countries standing up and telling the US to back off their potential attack on Iran?

Why do people give greenpeace money?

Why are there more questions than answers?

One of them days

It was one of them days, nothing quite seemed to go right yet nothng really went wrong.

You know, you get that feeling that all is not right yet can't for the life of you pin down what it is that is getting on your nerves.

Maybe it was just a Monday.

In Words even the President might understand

Hon. Ron Paul Of Texas
Before the U.S. House of Representatives 02/06/07

It’s a bad idea.
There’s no need for it.
There’s great danger in doing it.
America is against it, and Congress should be.
The United Nations is against it.
The Russians, the Chinese, the Indians, and the Pakistanis are against it.
The whole world is against it.
Our allies are against it.
Our enemies are against it.
The Arabs are against it.
The Europeans are against it.
The Muslims are against it.
We don’t need to do this.
The threat is overblown.
The plan is an hysterical reaction to a problem that does not yet exist.
Hysteria is never a good basis for foreign policy.
Don’t we ever learn?
Have we already forgotten Iraq?
The plan defies common sense.
If it’s carried out, the Middle East, and possibly the world, will explode.
Oil will soar to over $100 a barrel, and gasoline will be over $5 a gallon.
Despite what some think, it won’t serve the interests of Israel.
Besides-- it’s illegal.
It’s unconstitutional.
And you have no moral authori…


I've got nothing

Nothing to write

Nothing to say

Nothing to convey

Nothing to explain


On The Stereo

What Bob is listening to whilst in training for his debut boxing match


David Kilgour - The Far Now (Arch Hill) 2007

The Recloose Band - Backwards & Sideways (Fingertips) 2007

The Dead C - Vain, Erudite and Stupid (Ba Da Bing) 2006

Lisa Gerrard - Lisa Gerrard (4AD) 2007

Pig Out - Club Poems (Pinacolada) 2006


Matt Drake - Beat Street, 07

Carl Craig - Demon Days, Jan 07

Lil Mark - 2001 & 2004

Frankie Knuckles - WBMX Radio '87

DJ Rahaan - Disco Not Disco 06

rules of thumb

Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind, thirty-six sure-fire indicators that your empire is falling apart:

You know your empire’s crumbling when the folks who are gearing up their empire to replace yours start blowing up satellites in space. And then they don’t bother to return your phone calls when you ring up to ask why.

You know your empire’s crumbling when those same folks are cutting deals left, right and center across Asia, Latin America and Africa, while you, your lousy terms, and your arrogant attitude are no longer welcome.

You know your empire’s crumbling when you’re spending your grandchildren’s money like a drunken sailor, and letting your soon-to-be rivals finance your little splurge (i.e., letting them own your country).

You know your empire’s crumbling when it’s considered an achievement to pretend that you’ve halved the rate at which you’re adding to the massive mountain of debt you’ve already accumulated.

You know your empire’s crumbling when you weaken your currency…

Bob the Builder

Every year I go through periods where I play at being a urban planner, a city builder. (please excuse the shitty lack of paragraphs, blogger don't like me today)

I play out my fantasies via a computer game, Sim City, perhaps one of the all time great games and one of the few that doesn't rely on violence or other such attractions for its entertainment value. It must have been 1989 or 90 when I first came across this game, then it was very simplistic compared to todays version. Whilst the basic premise remains the same, the game has been developed and expanded over the years until its become pretty bloody flash. The current version (4) was released back in 2003, so in real terms its old as, yet it is not dated or redundant. For many reasons, one being the nature of the game play and its addictive nature - perhaps addictive isn't the right word. More the time required to build a city or region is such that one needs to invest many, many hours into ones city.
Now I'm quite …

How Not to Inflame Iraq

By Javad Zarif Iranian ambassador to the United Nations

02/08/07 "New York Times" -- - BEFORE the United States invaded Iraq on false pretexts nearly four years ago, the overwhelming view of analysts and diplomats was that war would plunge the region and the world into greater turmoil and instability. Echoing the views of my colleagues from the region and beyond, I told the Security Council on Feb. 18, 2003, that while the ramifications of the war could go beyond anyone’s calculations, “one outcome is almost certain: extremism stands to benefit enormously from an uncalculated adventure in Iraq.”

This assessment came not from any sympathy for the former Iraqi dictator or his regime. Certainly Iran — which had suffered the carnage of an eight-year war with Iraq in the 1980s, and on which Saddam Hussein unleashed chemical weapons — had no affinity for him. Rather, it was based on a sober recognition of the realities of the region and the inescapable dynamics of occupation.

Now th…

Fun in the sun

12.00 - 12.40, The Artisan Guns
1.00 - 1.35, Collapsing Cities
1.55 - 2.35, Farmer Pimp
2.55 - 3.35, Kolab
3.55 - 4.35, Motocade
4.55 - 5.40, dDub
6.00 - 7.00, SJD

Friday Frolics



There is a lot of speculation regarding a potential immanent attack on Iran by either the USA or Israel, possibly/probably both.

I can't help but read dozens of articles on topics such as this and whilst I don't discount the writings and authors I am reading and in many cases follow regularly anyway, I am unsure.

For this time last year almost the exact same articles were being written, differing scenarios with the same result, either a Israeli air attack on Iran's nuclear facilities or a 'baby' nuke attack by the US on the same facilities.

I watch the reports of the US moving another carrier group to the area and how they will be installing patriot missles in key Arab states in the Gulf.

I read about the build up and preparation in Bulgaria and Romania. The Israeli air force doing their practice runs for a potential mission and all the political and strategic reasons for such an attack.

Yet still I don't quite believe.

If there is no attack, then diplomacy still has…