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In the British Isles, it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only on leap years.

One used, slightly soiled male available to the right lady, apply within

That's You That Is


for my peeps


vote for bob

missing you


i had a dream

That the wealthy in New Zealand rose up and demanded the govt stopped pampering them and giving them the best tax regime in the entire world (FACT) and started to demand equality for those at the bottom of our society.

They've prospered beyond their wildest dreams in the past 15+ years and have finally said enough.... "we don't want to live in a country that treats its underclass with such contempt" was the rallying cry.

I awoke in a cold sweat and fired off an email to Fran Sullivan demanding she write a column chastising the rich for being xenophobic trators

We must protect the very rich individuals and corporate entities right to buy that which we can't afford ourselves... and if the rich won't spearhead that call themselves its up to their lapdogs

peace was restored

I may never sleep again


Today I'll be reading about the experiences and reality that so many have endured and continue to face in and around Christchurch due to today being the anniversary of last years big shake.

As ever it's going to be tough to hold back the tears as I confronted by life in my hometown.

I'm proud that my work has helped raise funds and support some whom are there but also acutely aware I want to do more, to somehow fix the unfixable. To mend the hearts and minds of those who have suffered so much.

Somedays I wish I had a Faith as I can see how those that do can lean upon that as a means to cope.

Peace, unity and strength to those who've shown countless times what it is to be human in a place and time of chaos.



Blown out my mobile data plan in two days

Retarded extra data fees here I come

Might have to revert to snail mail

Lol as if

Cutting back on whores and champagne more like

If only




Up at crack o dawn

Chat with drunks in inner city as I kill time

Breakfast with Ronald (yuck)

Fly home

Blob out listening to The Clean


Musical adventures

In Wellington today

Can't wait to hear some good tunes, drink too much and to howl at the moon


It's Friday, Friday

And not a moment to soon

What a week

wolf heads rule


my new homes theme song



So so so tired

But I has the coffee

And the coffee

And the coffee

And maybe one more

Not a bouncy boy today

Which is sad as its puddles on the street day

Maybe a coffee to takeaway on the way to school

*insert boggley eyes*

At heart I am a hopeless romantic and a sad bastard


In limbo

And it ain't too shabby



for some of us

moving house is very very stressful and an almost unsurmountable task

the allure of the cardboard fort is strong

perhaps if I called squatters rights and defended the place hard I won't have to move

on a serious note - looking for a decent afforadble rental in auckland currently - worst time ever



movie response


say kids

Samples used:

1. Vocal sample ("Say kids, what time is it?") and sounds
Dialogue by "Buffalo" Bob Smith from the Howdy Doody theme song

2. Horn samples
Music from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

3. Drum samples, raps and "party time" singing
Kurtis Blow - Party Time

4. Drum and horn samples
Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers - Bustin' Loose

5. Vocal sample ("Ah")
T La Rock - It's Yours

6. Clapping sample
Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin' (CORRECTION: THIS IS NOT A SAMPLE)

7. Guitar sample and vocal sample ("Huh")
Banberra - Shack Up

8. Scratching samples
Malcolm McLaren - World's Famous

9. Vocal sample ("Uh")
James Brown - Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud

10. Drum sample after Kurtis Blow rap
Hot, Cold Sweat - Meet Me at the Go-Go

11. Vocal sample ("Beat dis")
Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force - Looking for the Perfect Beat

12. Bongo sample
The Incredible Bongo Band - Apache




or woman


i like you a lot (for today)