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a night featuring:

-Bob Daktari spinning anti-folk records backwards to get messages from the other side while playing his geetar and showing off his vocal skills

-Websta and his wrestling moves vs DiscoNinja's stabby toy throwing mayhem

-Bn1 hanging from the roof hook by his genitals, and not screaming in pain.

-Lelo performing an extended 20 minute DJ set (ie: putting on a cd then getting horribly drunk)

Date: September 12th, 8pm start
Location: Orchid
Street: Ponsonby Road

Rockets, guile and the lessons of history: the Taleban besiege Kabul

By Jeremy Page in Kabul

23/08/08 "The Times" -- - The lorry drivers who bring the Pepsi and petrol for Nato troops in Kabul have their own way of calculating the Taleban's progress towards the Afghan capital: they simply count the lorries destroyed on the main roads.

By that measure, and many others, this looks increasingly like a city under siege as the Taleban start to disrupt supply routes, mimicking tactics used against the British in 1841 and the Soviets two decades ago.

Abdul Hamid, 35, was ferrying Nato supplies from the Pakistani border last month when Taleban fighters appeared on the rocks above and aimed their rocket-launchers at him, 40miles (65km) east of Kabul. “They just missed me but hit the two trucks behind,” he said. “This road used to be safe, but in the last month they've been attacking more and more.”

The road from Kabul to Kandahar is even more treacherous, according to other drivers. “If the Afghan Army isn't there, a fly cannot pass,” said…

Men with small dicks

I grewupexpecting nuclear war to be the means of my departure from this life and with the end of the coldwar I watched a generation emerge who hadn't grown up under the threat of the bomb - a generation that is so much more positive than mine for that and many other factors that came from our changing world.

It is bloody depressing seeing the world head back to the old hatred and fear of day gone by.

As a person without faith I figured humanity would evolve past our selfish instinct to kill, maim and subjugate others... and perhaps we still will - if climate change, resource war and the ever growing desire from some quarters to resume a war with no end.

Everyday I am bombarded with emails informing me of how I can enhance my manhood - perhaps our world leaders could take the advice from these emails and not inflict their small mindedness and manliness on us all...

Nuclear Chicken in Poland - Putin Can't Afford to Back Down
By Mike Whitney

"Don’t blame the mirror if your face is…

Georgia was tricked, but by Russia or US?

By Ian Bell

23/08/08 "Sunday Herald" -- LET'S RUN through this again. Vladimir Putin is not a nice man. The KGB, with whom the young Vlad earned his reputation as a people person, was not Russia's answer to the Rotary Club. As a direct consequence, Russian traditions of democracy remain wafer thin, a cracked veneer that fails utterly to conceal thuggery, rigged votes, oligarchic mafias, corruption, and the corpses of journalists. Are we clear?

Russia's current identity is composed, meanwhile, of a volatile mixture of intense nationalism and paranoia. Its rulers, whatever their labels, take it as read that their country exists under permanent threat of encirclement by its enemies. Now, here's the tricky part: there is nothing currently to suggest that they are mistaken. Intense nationalists of a different stripe, feed the paranoia of the intense nationalists in Moscow.

This is not, of course, the story we have been hearing. When the United States − having shredd…

No Badgers but still way cool - the olympics we didn't seeon freeview

New images reveal, for the first time, that man's most trusted ally, the guinea pig, holds a yearly competition. The Guinea Pig Games (GPG) pits two teams of athletic Cavia porcellus against each other to win gold, silver, and bronze medals

The Guinea Pig Games

I don't want to play

This is the 85th most read blog from NZ according to this

I dunno what to make of that or the postbooze feeling in my stomach this morning

New Villalobos mix on the pod to get me to work

outlook sunny

Who started Cold War II?

By Patrick J. Buchanan


The American people should be eternally grateful to Old Europe for having spiked the Bush-McCain plan to bring Georgia into NATO.

Had Georgia been in NATO when Mikheil Saakashvili invaded South Ossetia, we would be eyeball to eyeball with Russia, facing war in the Caucasus, where Moscow's superiority is as great as U.S. superiority in the Caribbean during the Cuban missile crisis.

If the Russia-Georgia war proves nothing else, it is the insanity of giving erratic hotheads in volatile nations the power to drag the United States into war.

From Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, U.S. presidents have sought to avoid shooting wars with Russia, even when the Bear was at its most beastly.

Truman refused to use force to break Stalin's Berlin blockade. Ike refused to intervene when the Butcher of Budapest drowned the Hungarian Revolution in blood. LBJ sat impotent as Leonid Brezhnev's tanks crushed the Prague Spring. Jim…

A 10" 78... the world we live in

Kitty Daisy & Lewis are no ordinary band. The three siblings -- now aged 15,18 and 17 - first came together onstage at a country and rockabilly jam in a North London pub. Over five years later the 50s music, fashion and technology obsessed family have built a massive word of mouth audience through a stream of rapturously received gigs and festival appearances and are ready to release their first long player on Rob da Bank's Sunday Best label on 28th July 2008.

The single 'Going Up The Country' is a perfectly rounded summer holiday feel-good jam, full of harmonica solos, handclaps and lyrics about leaving the city smog for fairer country hills. Coming out on 7", authentic 78rpm 10", CD and download

National's Perfectly Affordable Tax Cut Spreadsheet

Oh dear


Cease Fire

From The Times
August 12, 2008

Another battle in the 1,000 year Russia-Georgia grudge match

Retaking Ossetia is just one part of Russia's campaign to reassert dominance over the Caucasus - and defy America

Simon Sebag Montefiore

The Russian tank columns rumbling into Georgia reveal the anger of a tiger finally swatting the mouse that has teased it for years. South Ossetia may seem as distant, trivial and complicated as the 19th-century Schleswig-Holstein question but Russia's fury is about much more than the Ossetians. The Caucasus matters greatly to the Russians for all sorts of reasons, none greater than the fact that it now also matters to us.

The troubles in Georgia are not the equivalent of an assassinated archduke in Sarajevo. But historians may well point to this little war, beside the spectacular Olympic launch of resurgent China, as the start of the twilight of America's sole world hegemony. If the new Great Game is for the oil of the Caucasus and Central Asia, the We…

Walk On By

RIP Isaac Hayes


Why the Drug War is a Crime against Humanity Explained

Why the Drug War is a Crime against Humanity Explained

By Carmen Yarrusso

09/08/08 "ICH" -- - Like the Iraq war and the “war on terror”, the so-called “drug war” is a government contrived “war” based on lies that generates massive profits for a few while causing massive suffering for many.

The drug war is futile by design (and thus never-ending) because it doesn’t “fight” drugs—quite the contrary—it strongly encourages production and distribution of prohibited drugs by guaranteeing extremely high profits.

But the most insidious and evil aspect of the drug war is it manufactures its own enemies by criminalizing the most basic of human rights—the right of sovereignty over your own body. The drug war could not exist without first inventing a bogus crime.

Our government wastes billions of tax dollars each year harassing and jailing millions of decent, productive Americans for a government-invented “crime”. The use of drugs (even dangerous drugs like alcohol and nicotine) simply doesn…

The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today

By John Pilger

06/08/08 "ICH" -- - On the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, John Pilger describes the 'progression of lies' from the dust of that detonated city, to the wars of today - and the threatened attack on Iran.

When I first went to Hiroshima in 1967, the shadow on the steps was still there. It was an almost perfect impression of a human being at ease: legs splayed, back bent, one hand by her side as she sat waiting for a bank to open. At a quarter past eight on the morning of August 6, 1945, she and her silhouette were burned into the granite. I stared at the shadow for an hour or more, then walked down to the river and met a man called Yukio, whose chest was still etched with the pattern of the shirt he was wearing when the atomic bomb was dropped.

He and his family still lived in a shack thrown up in the dust of an atomic desert. He described a huge flash over the city, "a bluish light, something like an elect…

Home Truths You'll Never Read in the Press

Who's Really Running Iraq?

04/08/08 "Counterpunch" --- American politicians and journalists have repeatedly made the same mistake in Iraq over the past five years. This is to assume that the US is far more in control of events in the country than has ever truly been the case. This was true after the fall of Saddam Hussein when President Bush and his viceroy in Baghdad Paul Bremer believed that what Iraqis thought and did could safely be ignored. Within months guerrilla war against American forces was raging across central Iraq.

The ability of America to make unilateral decisions in Iraq is diminishing by the month, but the White House was still horrified to hear the Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki appearing to endorse Barack Obama’s plan for the withdrawal of American combat troops over 16 months. This cut the ground from under the feet of John McCain who has repeatedly declared that ‘victory’ is at last within America’s grasp because of the grea…

Bono - retire from public life and we'll donate a ton of money to fight AIDS

The Objective: To get Bono to retire from public life (so he'll stop leading misguided counter-productive philanthropy efforts) ....and, simultaneously.... to make a huge donation to fight AIDS

The Pitch: Bono’s philanthropy efforts are self-righteous, ineffective, & counter-productive.
The RED campaign has managed to spend $40 million more on marketing that it has raised from RED product sales, while sending consumers a dangerous message. Read more

Many involved in the global fight against AIDS worry that RED will make it harder to raise funds, and that the oversimplified & disempowered image of Africa that Bono perpetuates. , as exemplified in these incredibly condescending lyrics from the Band Aid Xmas song Bono helped create, obscures and undermines the assets African nations must focus on to defeat AIDS and poverty.

The grassroots leaders of the global fight against AIDS didn’t ask for Bono to be their frontman. Its time for Bono to step down. We’ll all pledge donations t…

20 Album Covers Recreated in LEGO

Awesome - see them here

The Night Kitchen