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The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Sigur Ros - Sqlplus (EMI) 2005
Joanna Newsom - This Side OF The Blue (Drag City) 2004
Catpower - Cross Bone Style (Matador) 1998
Lambchop - Up With People (Merge) 2000
Stereolab - Lo Boob Oscillator (Flying Nn) 1995
Smog - Cold Blooded Old Times (Drag City) 1999
Jonathan Richmond & The Modern Lovers - Dodge Vege O Matic (Castle Music) 1999
Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice On You (Sounds Familyre) 2004
Yo La Tengo - Little Eyes (Matador) 2003
Cornelius - Point (Matador) 2002
Azure Ray - The Drinks We Drank Last Night (Saddle Creek) 2003
The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone (Big Store) 2002
King Biscuit Time - I Walk The Earth (Regal) 2000
3D's - Strange News From The Angels (Flying Nun) 1996
Abel Tasmans - Snow White Chook (Flying Nun) 1987
Belle & Sebastian - Judy Is A Dick Slap (Jeepster) 2000
The Chills - The Great Escape (Flying Nun) 1986
The Hidden Cameras - Music Is My Boyfriend (Ouside Music) 2004
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - (CYHSY) 2005
Tall Dwarf…

losing shit

So after about a year of casually looking I finally stumble upon my Lambchop "Nixon" album.

Tucking away for a special night, after a long day I sit meself down, whiskey and fags to delve back into this wonderful album.. and wot do you know, the fucking CD isn't in the case.

I hate CDs

Them cartoons

It really is fascinating the debate/range of opinions these cartoons have lead to, these differences in opinion are perhaps the most interesting part of the whole sorry affair. Way more than the cartoons themselves, thats for sure.

For we choose to take sides and debate out position on them, from our unique cultural and ethnical corners, yet here there is also a valubale opportunity to see things through someone elses eyes, not always comfortable but enlightening to varying degrees none the less.

The more we can understand others the more these catch words like mulitcuturalism can actually take substance and form, and from there we can learn not only to live together but to benefit as individuals and societies in the differences of our brothers and sisters of every colour, culture and faith.

I've read thousands of words on the topic and expect to read many thousands more. I really can't get enough of it to be honest for the more views I read the more I realise I have so much to l…

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Millie - My Boy Lollipop (Island) 1964
Joe Gibbs - Chapter Three (Joe Gibbs) 1978
Prince Buster - Al Capone (Melodisc Music/Island) 1965
Lloyd Parks - Mafia (Pressure Sounds) 1999
Folkes Brothers - Oh Carolina (Melodisc/Greensleeves) 1960
Little Roy - Tribal Warfare (Pressure Sounds) 2000
KC White - No No No (Trojan) 1983
U Roy - True True (Nuphonic) 2001
Desmond Dekker - Israelites (Blue Mountian/Island) 1968
Jackie Matoo - Disco Jack (Pressure Sounds) 1997
King Tubby - Bag A Wire (Select Cuts)
Rhythm & Sound /Cornel Campbell - King In My Empire (Burial Mix) 2001
The Light Of Sabra - Lambs Bread Collie (Honest Jons)
Fat Freddies Drop - Ernie (Live) (best Seven) 2003
African Headcharge - Heading To Glory (on U Sound) 1993
Dub Syndicate - No Alternative (Bit To Fight) (On U) 1988
Nick Holder - Moments In Dub (NRK) 2000
Ballistic Brothers - Prophecy Revival (Afro Art) 2000
Adrian Sherwood - Zero Zero One (Greensleeves) 2001
Rockers Hi Fi meet Ella Fitzgerald - Su…

No one is safe


Define me, come on its just words

"I have been writing about terror for 25 years, ever since the Reagan administration declared its War on Terror. I’ve been using definitions that seem to be doubly appropriate: first, they make sense; and second, they are the official definitions of those waging the war. To take one of these official definitions, terrorism is “the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature...through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear,” typically targeting civilians. The British government’s definition is about the same: “Terrorism is the use, or threat, of action which is violent, damaging or disrupting, and is intended to influence the government or intimidate the public and is for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, or ideological cause.” These definitions seem fairly clear and close to ordinary usage. There also seems to be general agreement that they are appropriate when discussing the terrorism…

Curling is weird

Breakfast TV news is on hold currently, instead its winter olympics action. I should be bitter not being a sports fan, yet for some lovely reason the last two mornings I've been given Curling on da box.

What a truely strange sport/game.

I think I love it, not for the competitive parts, more the sweeping.

I can't help wondering if when retired Curlers become street cleaners

a sport and a career path

Sure maybe not the aspirations ones folks would desire for most, but hell who ever listens to their folks

Perhaps I should suggest taking the sport up to the really friendly guy who cleans the area around where I live

Speaking of streets, bastard council dug up the road in front all last night, now there's some noisy action to really enhance ya dreams... I'd have been up all night I reckon if not for the whiskey prior to sleepy bye bye lands I induged in

yay for whiskey and curling

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

King Loser - Morning Dew (Flying Nun) 1995
Flunk - Blue Monday (Beatservice) 2002
The Ukrainians - Nothing Compares To You (U got the uke mix) (Cooking Vinyl) 1998
Cassio - Baby Love (Black Science Orchestra Superman Lover Vocal) (Glasgow Underground) 1999
Soultrust - I Think I Love You (Soultrust) 2006
Bernard Badie - Train (Radio edit) (Cajual) 2005
LHK Productions - Original Funk (Glasgow Underground) 1999
K Rd Project - Troughman (Shaboom) 1999
Negativland/Chumbawamba - C is for Stupid (ABC remix) (Seeland) 1999
Swiss Tony - Shabooya (white) 2005
Muskat Love - Misteek Drive (Bobby Dee's truncated by hate version) (Dirty Dancing) 2006
Lil MNark - Say You'll (Freaks rmx) (Paranoid Music) 2005
One Fingered Pocket feat Princess Superstar - On The Dancefloor (Greenskeepers rmx) (Amfibius) 2006
Derrick L Carter - ? (White) 2006
Jully Black - Sweat Of Your Brow (Jason Hodges rmx) (Aroma) 2006
DJ Mes - Lie Detector Blues (Del Costa & Pedro Goya rmx) (Ar…

What to do... no moose in the freezer

As I type this my soon to be flatmate or roomie (for you weirdos up north) is flying down to New Zealand from Toronto, Canada

Now where can I buy moose in New Zealand? Or do they eat similar food to us?

Do I have to sew a flag on my backpack?

Do I have to buy a back pack?

I do fancy curling as a pursuit... single malts and sweeping ice - now thats a sport!

Kia ora Angela, welcome to my world

poor thing

damn, missed it

So I get up early, nothing unusual there, and I'm watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, not cause I enjoy this sort of thing, but because I wanted to see Ritchie Hawtins piece:

"Canada’s Richie Hawtin creates music for the XXth Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies in Torino, Italy Olympic ceremony producers K2006 invited Richie Hawtin to collaborate with renowned Italian choreographer, Enzo Cosimi, on a key section of the XXth Olympics Winter Games Opening Ceremony taking place in Torino on February 10th.

The new composition titled 9:20 was written & produced by Hawtin and will accompany Cosimi’s provocative choreography featuring famous Italian dancer Robert Bolle along with dozens of other dancers, performers and acrobats.

Hawtin & Cosimi worked together in Hawtin’s Berlin studio to fully realize the drama and emotions of Cosimi's performers, building an evolving soundscape of sounds and effects to accompany the different movements of Cosimi’s …

holocaust with an H

Over Christmas I read about the Armenian genocide during the First World War by the Turks.

Just another horrific crime against humanity that very rarely ever gets mentioned. One that unlike the Holocaust of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, one that never gets a capital H.

I have this propensity to read about the very things that sicken me to the core. I am fascinated by our inhumanity to one another. I really do need a proper hobby, perhaps I should take up some physical pursuit, maybe kayaking or something.

Anyways, as I travelled around the internetweb I stumbled on an article that was about Britain’s holocaust(s), which also mentions the Armenian case and has brought more human suffering from our past into my world.

“In his book Late Victorian Holocausts, published in 2001, Mike Davis tells the story of the famines which killed between 12 and 29 million Indians. These people were, he demonstrates, murdered by British state policy.

When an El Nino drought destituted the farmers of the…

Time Off for good behaviour

No radio show this week, instead as is now custom Waitangi day which happened this year to fall on a Monday, was a day for George FM to celebrate all things summer in Auckland with a big free party in a park.

With somewhere between 30 and 45,000 in attendance on what I'd wager has been the most summery day thus far this year it really was a big day of fun.

My personal highlight was Dick Johnson dropping Blue Monday by New Order, a song that anyone mildly familiar with modern music will be aware of.

In my personal world it was for far too many years the only song I could expect to hear at any given social function I attended as a youngster that I'd like. Hence whenever I hear it I am reminded of just how much better the youth of today have it, in musical stakes if nothing else.

I’m still getting to gripes with this 2006 thang….

I’m busy starting a bunch of new projects that are taking up much of my time and energy which will increasingly do so, thus my routines are out of synch and …