Saturday is slow

I wnet to a friends bithday drinks last night - happy birthday Renee! - which was very pleasant, Wayne Anderson sung happy birthday to Ren and a bunch of us chatted and drank as ya do.

I bailed for a time to go and check out a band competition I was obligated to go to, which was horrific, worst beer ever and a very hot and muggy venue, a competition that was 'made' for TV and thus the event whilst I was there was stop/start as presenters got their lines right and the crowd was prompted to do that screaming thing ya see on the telly.

Now I don't get why people scream at these things or in general, I've been to hundreds if not thousands of gigs in my time and not once I am aware of there being screaming (well in that yoff TV kinda way). I mean I was at a band competition, why would people scream - except at perhaps them that aren't very good - bands that is.

Being on a VIP list and getting free booze all night was not an incentive to stay any longer than the one and a half beers I got down me - worst beer ever too, mash or mashed lager.... if ya see it just say NO, water is preferable.

With my cynical hat on I can't help but wonder what the fuck it was all about, it certainly wasn't the bands... the brand(s) involved more like. As I continue to gaze at a industry in a nose dive this certainly isn't going to do anything but hasten its demise.

In short - Renee's bithday drinks rocked and the band thing didn't.

To make things worse I feel slow and sluggish today, it might be due to the pints of Newcastle Brown at the thirsty dog... but I feel its them crappy mash beers.

JUST SAY NO to crap beer and anything that cheapens music.

Off to see cars tonight

whoop whoop