Monday, January 30, 2006

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Neon Heights - Thats Entertainment (Crazy Penis rmx) (Shiva) 2004
Faze Action - Plans & Designs (Nuphonic) 1997
Mateo & Matos - The Real Thing (KOT Underground Mix) (Glasgow Underground) 1999
Daddys Favourite - I Feel Good Things For You (Kevin Yost rmx) (Go Beat) 1998
Truant - Song For The City (Reset Dub) (Paper) 2001
Black Science Orchestra - Untitled (Afro Art) ?
Pepe Braddock - Life (Atavisme) 2000
Beanfield - Beans (C's Movement #1, Carl Craig rmx) (Compost) 2004
Move D - Anne Will (Liebe Detail) 2005
Omar S - Miss You (Fxhe) 2003
Bent - Stay The Same (Ashley Beedle Trickbag Dub) (Sport) 2003
Ernest Saint Laurent - Clumsy lobster (Harvey's Quiet Strom Mix) (Bugged Out) 2001
David Duriez - Stay Serious (2020 Vision) 2001
Bryan Jones - jackmaster Jazz Jockey (Black Cherry) 2005
New Order - Your Silent Face (Factory) 1983

Best taken with holiday angst and day off merriment

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Listening, listing, is this thing on?

Why is it all the best 'best of' music lists one comes across in the press are usually bollocks, self congratulatory smug baseless attempts at hipdom at the cost of someone elses craft and talent.

Then there's those that leave you feeling inspired and humble, when 'uber geeks' put the passion and personal into the list where the artists therein and the results of their craft are the stars and the only reflection one can gain from these lists is, damn I missed out on some cool shit and with a huge cheers for sharing to the compiler.

Reading a couple today make me want to have that major lotto win (well everyday I have this dream, shame I never buy tickets) and devote my last days on earth to simply consuming that music which I stumble upon and find, I thought of going soulseek (I also sometimes think of downloading this soulseek thing but have yet to bother, I just don't think its me) on both but from my perspective it just ain't the same as the hunt, coming upon that which you so rightly want in your own collection - not cause it'll impress the ladies or sad geeky music dweebs one hangs with but because musically it and you deserve each other or not as the listening experience will dictate.

A good list is like a shopping list to cater for certain elements of ones tastes and the only way to reward oneself in my world is hopefully the proper slab of wax, or at worst the track on a compilation - also on wax. CD compilations are fine, but ultimately they just don't give back what a piece of vinyl can and does, sometimes them scratchs and resulting cracks and pops are a story in themselves.

So for them seeking a musical feast tuck into these pups, the first from the Opinionated Diner put me onto the second and a new site that I shall be visiting often, its rare one sees a website that has The Pygmies of the Ituri Forest record on display - a record that has many a fond memory for me and one I wish I owned, for amusement sake as much as anything.

One day I shall compile a list, a proper list not just a playlist, it won't be serious nor influential as in subject matter, I doubt thats really my thing, a Bob's Fave Novelty Records one, well thats more my cup of tea.

Sometimes people ask me what I mean by a novelty record, well here's an example of the sort of thing that makes me laugh (and cry) and something I shall purchase for sure if it ever graces a NZ store. Its just so wrong its funny

Remember life is too short for boring music

Friday, January 27, 2006

deja vu

In March 2006, Iran is slated to open the long awaited Iranian Oil Bourse (oil exchange program). Currently the petrodollar is dominated by US currency, but Iran and other OPEC countries want that to end. When the bourse opens, Iran will be trading on a euro-oil-trading system, the first step toward an alternative petrodollar. That could be bad news for the US. "In economic terms, this represents [a great threat] because it will allow anyone willing either to buy or to sell oil for Euro to transact on the exchange, thus circumventing the U.S. dollar altogether," writes Krassimir Petrov, an economics professor at the American University in Bulgaria in a January edition of the Energy Bulletin.

"Europeans will not have to buy and hold dollars in order to secure their payment for oil, but would instead pay with their own currencies. The adoption of the euro for oil transactions will provide the European currency with a reserve status that will benefit the European at the expense of the Americans ... The Chinese and the Japanese will be especially eager to adopt the new exchange, because it will allow them to drastically lower their enormous dollar reserves and diversify with Euros, thus protecting themselves against the depreciation of the dollar."

The Bush boys don't want that to happen. Oil is likely not the only reasons why the US wants to destroy Tehran's military capabilities, but it does look like one of the big motivations. The United States wants the global oil trade, and in particular OPEC, to primarily benefit America as it has been.

What we are seeing may be a new form of economic globalization in the making -- one that involves the forced eradication and trading of natural resources.

You may want to think about that next time you start your engines

Joshua Frank

Strangely, among the thousands of media analysis, few, if any, have suggested that the Bush Administration might consider common sense and unconditionally seek a diplomatic solution to its problems with Iran. The Iranians have clearly stated their willingness to negotiate a way out of the crisis, while Russia is eager to mediate whatever outcome yielded by these diplomatic efforts. It’s time for the United States government to alter its ways in managing problems if it indeed wishes for the Iraq tragedy not to steep any further. It’s time to give peace and diplomacy a chance.

Ramzy Baroud

And I ran, I ran so far away.I just ran, I ran all night and day. I couldn't get away

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Get over it already

I got sent this picture via email today, normally after a giggle that would be it, but here I am watching the TV news and have just sat through a item on this story

Jeeze we're thousands of miles from the Thames, have our own whale stories yet this is our national news....

I just don't get it

now if it was a child attacked by a raging donkey....

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Ian Pooley - Stonyridge Terrace (Pooled) 2004
Jepthe Guillame - The Prayer (Accoustic Mix) (Spiritual Life)
Mateo & Matos - Sofrito (Chez) 2003
School - Ain't No Love (LArry heard Midnight mix) (Cylco) 2000
Omar S - Always There (FXHE) 2004
Kahil El Zabar - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Henrik Schwarz rmx) (Deeper Soul) 2005
Laurent Garnier - Barbiturk (C2 rmx) (F Comm) 2005
Beanfield - Tides (Beanfield chant mx) (Compost) 2004
Moodymann - Music People (Planet E) 1997
Funk Da Void - Barnabeats (Octave One rmx) (Soma) 2001
Gorillaz - Dare (DFA rmx) (Parlophone) 2005
Negitiveland - U2 (SST) 1991
Derrick Carter - Do You Believe (Classic) 2000
Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Justin Harris re-edit) (Shhhh) 2005
Saudacao Aos Orixas feat Vera Mara - Orixas (Ibadan) 1999

Best taken with slugs, snails and puppy-dogs' tails

Thought For The Day

At present, there is only one country in the Middle East with "secret" and ambiguous stockpiles of nuclear weapons

To our Western world leaders they aren't the bad guys

Sometimes I wish I to was brain dead and saw the world as simplistically as they

Friday, January 20, 2006

Out of gas or slap me quick

Anyone else having problems getting into gear for 2006?

I am, hence the sluggish blog action

Its that time of year when the sun shines and the brain seems to shut down, well it could be debated if mine was ever turned on, tuned out without a doubt.

I'm trying hard to ignore the rumblings of horror on the horizon for Iran and thus a large chunk of the world

I'm trying to ignore the Japanese whalers in our southern oceans

I'm trying hard not to read the prophet of doom that has proclaimed the end of our world by the end of the century (refer to 'Green guru says: We are past the point of no return.' Independent, January 16, 2006)

I'm trying to ignore the prospect of a Canadian invasion of our land (private joke)

I'm trying to write a post whilst watching a bloody gardening show on TV

I'm trying to finish Robert Fisk's "The Great War For Civilisation" (Which I highly recommend BTW) but it bums me out when trying to indulge in sun/book action and why would it not. There's not a page without death and horror it seems.

I can't wait to start John Irvings latest book, one of my fave authors

I'm still trying to sort out some of my CD collection, which really is a damn boring task and I keep getting side tracked by the dumbest CDs - and happily so.

I've been trying to do a nice laidback summery radio show and instead find myself elbow deep in angsty tunes and loving every second

So this is 2006 then, I feel its going to be a very eventful year, globally and in my personal space

Bring it on is the correct catch phrase to be inserted at this point, however I'm happy for a postponement for the next few weeks at least

no need to rush things now is there

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Opposition its not to be feared

Geov Parrish: Is George Bush in political trouble? And if so, why?

Noam Chomsky: George Bush would be in severe political trouble if there were an opposition political party in the country. Just about every day, they're shooting themselves in the foot. The striking fact about contemporary American politics is that the Democrats are making almost no gain from this. The only gain that they're getting is that the Republicans are losing support. Now, again, an opposition party would be making hay, but the Democrats are so close in policy to the Republicans that they can't do anything about it. When they try to say something about Iraq, George Bush turns back to them, or Karl Rove turns back to them, and says, "How can you criticize it? You all voted for it." And, yeah, they're basically correct.

Geov Parrish: How could the Democrats distinguish themselves at this point, given that they've already played into that trap?

Noam Chomsky: Democrats read the polls way more than I do, their leadership. They know what public opinion is. They could take a stand that's supported by public opinion instead of opposed to it. Then they could become an opposition party, and a majority party. But then they're going to have to change their position on just about

taken from: Chomsky: 'There Is No War On Terror'

He's a clever bloke, this Chomsky chap

Why is it most people prefer to be sheep?


Monday, January 16, 2006

The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Coldcut - Timber (Ninja Tune) 1998
Eminem vs Survivor - Without Me (Rocky) (PopChop) 2004
Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance (Rough Trade) 1978
Devo - Freedom Of Choice (WEA) 1980
Archigram - Doggystyle (Crydamore) 2003
Andrea Dora - Bucci Bag (Playgroup rmx0 (Southern Fried) 2003
Transparent Sound - Fade To Grey (Electrix) 2003
Brett Johnson - Temptation & Lies (landshark rmx) (Icon) 2004
Depeche Mode - This Ain't No Disco (Mute)
Ladycop - To Be Real (FRRR) 1996
Mu - Paris Hilton (Output) 2004
Magik Johnson - Being Boiled (NRK) 2005
Audio Bullys - Turned Away (Tony Senghore rmx) (Source) 2003
Les Umins - Star De La Nuit (Icon) 2004
Freaks - Switching Channels (MFF) 2003
Mark Farina - Dream machine (DJ Fluid rmx) (Om) 2004
Cody Chesnutt - Serve This Royalty (Jockey Slut) 2003
Jahlicious _ Something (beatless rmx) (Sugarlicks) 2005
Willis - Paper & Stone (Brooks paper cuts rmx) (Jockey Slut) 2003
The Fall - And Therein (Sinister) 1990

Best taken with old mans beard and a slice of lime

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Long and the Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Metro Area - Muira (Environ) 2002
DJ Shadow - Six Days (Soulwax rmx) (Island) 2003
Le Hammond Inferno - Street Vibes (Bungalow) 2005

Killing Joke - Follow the Leader (EG Records) 1981
Freaks - Tweeker (Tweekers) 2005
Swiss Tony - Shabooya (white) 2005
Stylophonic - If Everybody Loved The World (Rob Mello no ears dub) (White) 2003
Wah Syndicate - Now That We've Found Love (Lil mark rmx) (Nepenta) 2005

Bernard Badie - Now (Cajual) 2005
Blaze - Lovelee Dae (Freaks rmx) (Classic) 1997
Brothers Johnson - Stop (Justin harris re-edit) (Shhhh!) 2005

Tracy Cooper - Cooking (GK Music) 2005
Ion - Everything (Aroma) 2005
Bear Who? - Funky City (Crump Daddy rmx) (Dust Traxx) 2005
Markus Nikolai - Bushes (Norman Cook Club rmx) (southern fried) 2001

Mateo & Matos - The Real Thing (Glasgow Underground) 1999

Best taken with baked beans and crunchy bars

Friday, January 06, 2006


One day we went for camp to Buntings. We arrived late morning on Tuesday the 3rd. It was a weird place but it was these other kids. They looked so scared at eleven o'clock it was dark.

We made a fire and we had a good time telling stories and doing dances. Then suddenly everyone went dead quiet, we heard someone coming towards us.. coming closer and... closer. It was only the store helper. He told us to go to bed because it was nearly twelve o'clock. So we all went to bed. We didn't end up getting asleep until much later. We all had nightmares.

The next day we had a discussion and we decided to go home. The ghost of Jim Bob Walton he got in the bus without us knowing about it. He came to Mount Maunganui with us. When we got back and started to unpack the bus, we saw the ghost lying on the bottom of the bus. The leader yelled "RUN!" We all went back to the hall and got the pictures of Jim Bob Walton. We put them outside the hall but it chased after us.

It saw the pictures and he disappeared into thin air. We went outside and finished unpacking the bus. Our parents weren't expecting us to be home so we had to walk home with all our bags.

I’ve never been so terrified in my life

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January - the world is on hold

It’s a weird time of year in New Zealand in January, traditionally the country goes on holiday, once upon a time it seemed at least. These days however we've subscribed to the 24/7 culture that dictates stores are open, business's function and life in most corners of our little space down here goes on. Yet tradition seems to be maintained in some bastions of the workplace.

I personally am all for some traditions, the ones that celebrate our culture, our history and the positive aspects of ourselves are all good. Them that are just slack and stupid I'd like to see the back of. One of these is our media's way of only trying to serve up the bare bones of news around this period, I know in the rest of the world things are happening, life is indeed going on – how do I know this, I have the internet and it confirms as much.

In our newspapers, much space is currently devoted to the printing of large summer themed photos - kids in pools, beautiful sunsets, a child on a horse, some beach scenes and other life enhancing moments captured and displayed where sometimes there are stories, the written word and opinion pieces.

Our television news ain't much better, this week TV3 has been running a daily segment on Love In The 21st Century, last night it was some old hag going on about her two failed marriages and how she is looking for some new man, finishing with the revelation she's getting a facelift. For fucks sake, I thought I was in infomercial land and somewhere I knew there was real news being overlooked for this woman’s magazine posing as news bullshit. Didn’t help that the bulk of the rest of the stories were equally inane, all being dished up by the holiday presenters looking dead serious, come on people we’re not all lemmings awaiting the order to run and jump.

I will await February perhaps to learn of what is happening in the world – minus the disasters of that we’re getting all and sundry, I know about the Ice Skating Rink roof collapse in Germany, I know about the miners trapped somewhere in the USA and I know about a little boy who lost his pet cat in deepest Russia, what I want to know is this really the best our news services can do, in its national broadcast, especially considering how little time they have for actual news anyway, as half the show is sport, a quarter weather and another good chunk is them telling me what’s coming up or just been, so at a guess there’s what 6 minutes in the given hour for actual fresh content. Bitter me, hell yeah!

I’m also over reading newspaper columnists proclaiming that the Blog is history and only the domain of them that write the things, well thanks for your input, I now know no one reads these outpourings of mine and worse I now know its not cool for me to be doing this at all.

It may seem a bit self serving for me to suggest that I don’t want to read from these people. Why you wonder, is Bob a bit sensitive? Is he not using the luxury three ply bog rolls that are liberally littering TV advertising right now, has his exercise machine not given him the body he desires in less than three minutes a day, did the pills that he cheerfully brought of the charming person who emailed him not given him the penis of a elephant? Well actually they did and now I gotta get new pants.

In short am I taking my bitterness that Santa didn’t bring me a bike out on our newspaper columnists and news types who after all are only giving their opinion and reading from a teleprompter. Perhaps I am bitter – I didn’t get that bike.

No actually my frustration at these hacks, is they don’t like people like me, cause I offer opinion and manly advice for free. They do exactly the same (minus the manly bit) for a living, so whilst they proclaim my uncoolness and the death of the blog they do so with a very strong vested interest at heart – their livelihood. For after all who wants to read that column every one of them drops (at least once a year) about how hard it is to write a column, that inane gushing of words about how they have nothing to say that week, that waffling crapfest on how their pet has fleas or some shite or their blogs are dead article. Hell if someone wants to give me money to do the same, bring it on. I’m not proud. Columnists, your days are numbered unless you can outsmart and out write us bloggers you’re the ones who face redundancy. Worse for your sleeping patterns you have to be ahead of the pack, not dragging ya heels some kilometres behind….

And as a final word to you bastions of thoughts and taste, us bloggers know we ain’t cool – you think we’d be doing this if we could be wearing our designer shorts, snorting lines of coke off naked prostitutes backs whilst partying hard with them society types we would like to hang out with. Hell no - well maybe some of that don’t appeal to the lady bloggers… not everyone wears shorts.

Crikey, this is a grumpy pants start to the year, perhaps next post I shall discuss my tips on dating or reveal all about my self face lift experiment.

Maybe I’m in this mood cause my holidays are coming to a end and it’ll soon be time to head home and get really stuck into 2006

Perhaps like the news readers and compilers, the columnists and other types I have nothing really to say