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Why Socialism?

By Albert Einstein

This essay was originally published in the first issue of Monthly Review (May 1949).

Is it advisable for one who is not an expert on economic and social issues to express views on the subject of socialism? I believe for a number of reasons that it is.

Let us first consider the question from the point of view of scientific knowledge. It might appear that there are no essential methodological differences between astronomy and economics: scientists in both fields attempt to discover laws of general acceptability for a circumscribed group of phenomena in order to make the interconnection of these phenomena as clearly understandable as possible. But in reality such methodological differences do exist. The discovery of general laws in the field of economics is made difficult by the circumstance that observed economic phenomena are often affected by many factors which are very hard to evaluate separately. In addition, the experience which has accumulated since the beginning o…

The weekend starts here

Sitting by the fire watching Boston legal with me morning coffee. Ahhhh

Internet on



The romance of rail


Max Brooks

This past weekend at Comic-Con — the geek ground zero held every summer in San Diego — it was announced that Brad Pitt would star in the film version of World War Z, a book by author Max Brooks (son of director Mel) that takes the form of an oral history of a zombie war. Set to be directed by Marc Forster, who helmed the last James Bond film, World War Z is the pinnacle of Brooks' zombie-obsessed career, which began in 2003 with the publication of The Zombie Survival Guide. That book recently marked its one-millionth copy sold. Brooks recently spoke to TIME about all things flesh-eating.

How did this all get started?

It started with Y2K. It started at a time which most of my readers don't remember. Most of the 20-somethings, they can't conceive a time when oil was cheap, America was at peace and the biggest star in the country was Freddie Prinze Jr. I feel like we're in the 1930s trying to explain the 20s, saying, "Yeah, there was a time when liquor was banned and e…



water and dirt is


The words we sing are not the same each trip

and accommodations


the roads


how bad


no matter


that must be traveled




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Film festival frolics

worst movie ever?

maybe... possibly... probably



Keep it in the family


Pure Class

A meeting of the minds


Homer simpson

I Will Survive

"On a recent trip to Europe, a family of three generations (a Holocaust survivor, his daughter and his grandchildren) dance to Gloria Gaynor's pop song - 'I Will Survive' at concentration camps and memorials throughout Europe.

This dance is a tribute to the tenacity of the human spirit and a celebration of life. It is an affirmation that man can triumph over the darkest of circumstance and still strive to find beauty and peace. Similarly, each one of us has to face the adversary of our own lives and find the spirit 'to survive.'

In making this video, my intention was to present a fresh perspective to younger generations who have often become desensitized to the horrors of the Holocaust.

I hope 'Dancing Auschwitz' will allow historical memory to live on, so that the lessons of the past will be forever remembered.

Both my mother & father, as well as being my inspiration, have also been my support throughout this project. At times, when I have felt cha…

Adorable Pikachu

The high cost others pay for our addiction


Family Guy

Loituma - Ievan Polkka

Party Central

The worst thing about this entire clusterfuck..... I think the majoirty of New Zealander's knew it would turn into a disaster

for a nation of binge drinkers its embarrassing

you muppets that claim to lead... do it

just stunning

Deeds don't do footie

There is nothing wrong

With the youth of today.... so please NZ Govt (and NZ media hacks) let's not wage war on them

and those of us over the age of 20... show some respect for those younger than you - they aren't scary... much

Time for some... Housekeeping

He's fallen in the water

Nothing comes close to the comedy of The Goon Show, nothing... well nothing on this earth thats for sure

I can listen to the goons for days on end

I is perhaps a tad sad but I have not fallen in the water

I Like Rain... sometimes


I know it's raining....

Where you at? The world as it is


So looking forward to a goold old fashioned knees up

A good ol fashioned random night, with a variety of sounds from DJ's Dalai, Jason George, Kris B and special guest Heylady (J.E.F, Welly)!

Set times will be something like Dalai 8-10, Heylady 10-12, Jason and Kris B after 12 @ Red

How an Oil Company Helped Destroy Democracy in Iran

BP in the Gulf -- The Persian Gulf

By Stephen Kinzer

To frustrated Americans who have begun boycotting BP: Welcome to the club. It's great not to be the only member any more!

Does boycotting BP really make sense? Perhaps not. After all, many BP filling stations are actually owned by local people, not the corporation itself. Besides, when you're filling up at a Shell or ExxonMobil station, it's hard to feel much sense of moral triumph. Nonetheless, I reserve my right to drive by BP stations. I started doing it long before this year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

My decision not to give this company my business came after I learned about its role in another kind of “spill” entirely -- the destruction of Iran's democracy more than half a century ago.

The history of the company we now call BP has, over the last 100 years, traced the arc of transnational capitalism. Its roots lie in the early years of the twentieth century when a wealthy bon vivant named William Knox D&#…

Aldebaran Robotics Nao Robot Show

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