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Iraq at the Gates of Hell

A few more victories like this one and the world will be an unimaginable place.

Iraq at the Gates of Hell
George Bush's Iraq in 21 Questions
By Tom Engelhardt

"Recently, in one of many speeches melding his Global War on Terror and his war in Iraq, George W. Bush said, "Victory in Iraq will be difficult and it will require more sacrifice. The fighting there can be as fierce as it was at Omaha Beach or Guadalcanal. And victory is as important as it was in those earlier battles. Victory in Iraq will result in a democracy that is a friend of America and an ally in the war on terror. Victory in Iraq will be a crushing defeat for our enemies, who have staked so much on the battle there. Victory in Iraq will honor the sacrifice of the brave Americans who have given their lives. And victory in Iraq would be a powerful triumph in the ideological struggle of the 21st century."

Over three years after the 2003 invasion, it's not unreasonable to speak of George Bush's Iraq. T…

More wiki fun or is that the sadness of Bob...

For someone who is fundamentally opposed to war in its many guises and forms I am also obsessed with war. Perhaps its the little boy in me, oh bugger it, of course it is, he controls pretty much all that I do so who am I to try and explain anything I am into or do without him taking the credit.

Anyway, before he tears me away from this, as he wants a beer and a walk... Last night I was reading about the battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad on wikipedia, clicking links, looking at photos and most interesting from a geeks perspective I spent a lot of time reading the discussion sections on some pages, where contributors to wikipedia discuss their editing changes and debate certain points - fascinating, to put it mildly, almost as much as the pages themselves.

For them that dig wiki, I suggest when trawling around the site reading pages that interest you, check the discussions, they can be an insight into the topic themselves, as well as a great spotlight on how different people from differ…

brrrrrrrrrrr snip

Crikey I'm a busy chappie right now.

Been a big fan of Coldcuts for it seems like forever, got their first album way back when I still brought cassettes, damn I wish I'd got me vinyl habit back then...

good times

Naive.... we're not all brain dead George

"President Bush on Tuesday said it is naive and a mistake to think that the war with Iraq has worsened terrorism, as a key portion of a national intelligence assessment by his own administration suggests."San Francisco Chronicle
Jeeze, just how stupid does this mans puppet masters think the average American (and the rest of us) is? Reality TV may not be making us cleverer but even the brain dead can see that the threat of terrorism has grown considerably since Septmeber 11, thanks to the actions of his regime.... ... hell its the basis of just about every public speech Bush has given since 9/11.The world is not a safer place Mr Bush, you have done your best to ensure this isn't the case and you and your cronies have done a sterling job.I think Chavez has it right

The Big Question

Nikolai was aboard the alien ship. He felt uncomfortable in his heavy brocaded ambassador's coat. He adjusted the heavy sunglasses over his plastic eyes. 'Weappreciate your visit to our Kluster,' he told the reptilian ensign. 'It's a very great honour.'
The investor ensign lifted the multicoloured frill behind his massive head. 'We are prepared to do business,' he said.
'I'm interested in alien philosophies,' Nikolai said. 'The answers of other species to the great questions of existence.'
'But there is only one central question,' the alien said. 'We have pursued the answer from star to star. We were hoping you would help us answer it.'
Nikolai was cautious. 'What is the question?'
' "What is it you have that we want?" '

Extract from Bruce Sterling's Cyrstal Express, a collection of his short stories.

Mark Farina - Sessions (Ministry of Sound)

leave my head alone brain, get me through the night

It’s timely that Mark Farina’s - Sessions arrives on my doorstep only a day after seeing him play at Finetuned's latest Beat Boutique party. Timely because I'm still glowing from a top night out, a night that reminded me of all the positive and wonderful aspects of being in a dark room at a time I'd rather be sleeping.

Beat Boutique like Mr Farina, reminds one of a time and spirit now sadly lacking (devoid?) in much/some of today’s club land, the vibe and sense of community one not just experienced but grew to associate and expect from a night out, as Finetuned's parties continue to remind us... fitting that Mark Farina has just played at such a party.

With a history that spans over 15 years, Mark Farina by all rights should be past his use by date, for dance is a ever evolving medium, a music and style for now, one that is always looking forward to tomorrow. A musical and club environment that caters to youth far better…

Day Three in the Forest

Oh yeah...

Doing Stuff


A guy, a Guy Called

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

I love this record, I have the original 12', from back when I used to import records, not for a job but simply for me. Originally released in 1988, so I guess I got mine 89 sometime.

Its possibly one of my most played records, I've played it on so many different stereos, in a variety of scummy and not so scummy flats, in clubs, on the radio so many, many times and still each and every time I drag it out or the many remixes of it I've acquired over the years it still floors me.

Last night it was the François Kevorkian remix, alongside some old Marshall Jefferson tracks (different versions of Move Your Body), as I awaited the spunks (friends nicknames - I kid you not, Hi Phil & Ren) to come round...

Now I've never rated my ability to describe music I adore, I'm much better at saying what I dislike about something, so I'll paste what one chap has said about Voodoo Ray from the discogs link (above)

"This is probably the greatest…

Bob's lost control again... or will he?


Excuse the mindless posts

Its been a while since I showed the Blog much love, so am in a posting frenzy to get back into the swing of things....

One for today:

Bono is at a U2 concert in Glasgow when he asks the audience for some quiet.
Then in the silence, he starts to slowly clap his hands.
Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the microphone...
"Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies."
A voice from near the front pierces the silence...
"Well, F***ing stop it then!"

Five words that bug me


Cheers Alice

So I was dying my hair black yesterday, between sessions of cutting myself... um, no I wasn't, I was drinking beer and a friend pointed me towards the Urban Dictionary definition for Emo.

There are as of this moment 1,180 definitions for the term, bloody kids these days, I don't know.... however I quite like this one:

The most over-defined word on urban dictionary!

bob: omfg! have you seen how many definitions there are for emo on urban dictionary?
joe: no how many???
bob: like over 800!
joe: holy shit lets add another one just
for the heck of it!
bob: ok!!


*shakes head and wanders off mumbling*

Day Two in the forest

Well its been a week and there is some serious bud action going down, though its not apparent in the photo, cause I'm using my phone and its crap and I'm no Ansel Adams. I wouldn't be surprised if we have some leaf development by next weekend.... crikey!Yes my life really is this exciting and yes I don't know how I cope either... *shakes head and wanders off mumbling*

Wiki vandalism

Wiki vandalism is generally defined as editing a wiki in a way that is intentionally disruptive or destructive. There are four generally acknowledged types of vandalism: deletion of legitimate information, insertion of nonsense or irrelevant content, addition of unwanted commercial links (spam), and policy violations specific to that wiki.

I use Wikipedia a lot, its an amazing online resource and constant source of enlightenment and information. thus I am not a supporter nor subscriber to the concept of mucking with wiki pages for the sake of it - theres been some well documented infractions of the spirit of wikipedia by some notable types over the past few years - US politicians being one that springs to mind. This is inexcusable and could compromise this marvelous resource.

Then theres the simply stupid and juvinaile antics that again I don't condone nor encourage but... one such entry that is now deleted, for obvious reasons, I came across on a UK Music Forum posted by the author…


The Crocodile Hunter was a tiny step up from the animal antics of the Jackass crew, so why are people worshipping this mans unfortunate but very predictable death?

I don't get it, but then that doesn't surprise me as I am so not the target market for Mr Irwins work - I prefer my animal viewing to have some merit, not just cheap thrills.

Now following the death of Mr Irwin, it seems there are some who have taken matters into their own hands, at least ten stingrays have been found dead and mutilated on the beaches of Queensland in the wake of Irwin's death, prompting some speculation that the killings were done as revenge by fans of Irwin.

Two stingrays were found near Brisbane, while eight were found elsewhere. The tails of the stingrays had been cut off.

Wayne Sumpton of the state fisheries department said that fishermen who inadvertently capture stingrays sometimes cut off their tails to avoid being stung, but that the practice was "uncommon". Michael Hornby, the ex…

I don't understand, maybe that's the point

In a few years time New Zealand is due to host the Rugby World Cup and over the past week or so I've heard various figures used in conjunction with said cup that I just don't understand or more to the point believe.

That the final will be watched by 3 billion people
That the Rugby World Cup is the third biggest sporting event in the world

I am not even close to what one would call a rugby supporter but hell even the most obsessive of them surely can't believe some of the crap our politicians and sporting heads are starting to spout.

Now we're being subjected to a discussion about the various merits of building a brand new stadium to house the final (we need a stadium that can seat 60,000) or revamping Eden Park - the current stadium/park used for such games.

The cost is of course a major hurdle and issue concerning both options and the ever present problem of who will pay - private enterprise, Auckland rate payers, NZ tax payers or most likely a combination of all three.

I c…

Banksy targets Disneyland

The figure appeared in Disneyland over the weekend

A life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee has been placed in Disneyland by guerrilla artist" Banksy. The hooded figure was placed inside the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at the California theme park last weekend.

It is understood to have remained in place for 90 minutes before the ride was closed down and the figure removed.

A spokeswoman for Banksy said the stunt was intended to highlight the plight of terror suspects at the controversial detention centre in Cuba.

Banksy is notorious for his secretive and subversive stunts - such as sneaking doctored versions of classic paintings into major art galleries.

full story

He has previously added Guantanamo inmates to paintings, such as the one below.

Its been a busy time for Banksy :)

Kill 100 and then some

Skint records (home to fatboy slim for them that need a name to cling to) are holding a remix competition for X-Press 2's track Kill 100

Theres 100 remixes on this site, from some unknown and a few well known producers. The winner will be determined based on how many pre-orders are received by Saturday September 23. Its all a bit unclear how the comp works - stupid lack on information..

In the running for the competition prize is my friend Scott Lelo (Soultrust)

18. Lelo's Acid Bubble Mix (from the site link above)

If you're checking out the mixes make sure you check Scott's, as it would be well cool if he won or at least polled well.

Scott rocks, so does X-Press 2 so it all makes sense really, well to me at least.

For more check its in shitty flash so I can't copy and paste the info about the prize etc here... I hate flash based sites, I really do...

Good luck Scott

Five Years On

within hours of the 9/11 attacks, many people were at work on the war of their dreams

the concepts of PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and RESPECT once again escaped them
and as a result us

Day One in the forest

Saturday afternoon, a rather grey rainy day here.... typical Auckland spring weather really.

This is the first in a series of pxts taken from my deck looking at the tree outside.

Its at this time of year I get slightly excited awaiting the tree to don its leaves, thus offering me a degree of privacy that allows oneself to indulge in nude sunbathing and/or star jumps.

Alright, the photo is a bit crap - like the phone that took it and the operator it must be said, basically what you are not seeing is all the buds just waiting to burst forth into lovely green leaves. I quite like trees.

I intead documenting the blooming of said tree this year... then well, I'll leave (excuse the pun) the rest to your imagination...

Oh shit I am old

Ok, so I've tried with all the shows that one should enjoy on the telly, you know them that are new, hip and cool; Lost, Prision Break, the one about the dude with multiple wives an all that malarky

and fuck me if Coro Street don't shit all over them all

I feel sad and lonely now

might be one of them evenings when Starship Troopers gets watched.....

More Paris - CD images


Banksy targets Paris Hilton

"'Guerrilla artist' replaces heiress's CDs in shops with doctored versions By Claire Truscott and Martin Hodgson
Published: 03 September 2006

He has smuggled fake artwork into Tate Britain, and sprayed a vision of paradise on the Palestinian side of Israel's "security wall".

Now, the "guerrilla graffiti" artist Banksy has taken aim at the cult of empty celebrity and its current poster child, Paris Hilton.

The secretive artist has smuggled 500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton's debut album into music stores throughout the UK, where they have sold without the shops' knowledge.

In place of Ms Hilton's bubble-gum pop songs, the CDs feature Banksy's own rudimentary compositions. On the cover of the doctored CD, Ms Hilton's dress has been digitally repositioned to reveal her bare breasts; on an inside photo, her head has been replaced with that of her dog.

On the back cover, the original song titles have been replaced with a list of ques…