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How to prepare for a dj set

Listen to music there is no chance you'll play

Drink too much well in advance

Grab a bunch of records and hope they are suitable

Grab cans

Pit all in a bag

Do nails, brush hair, wax moustache


Oops remember pants

The hunt

Is on

Playing records tomorrow night

Mix match mash

Been too long as always. Hello dear friends

Looks like got ourselves a reader

Downloaded and now listening to shostakovich's 7th symphony whilst reading leningrad state of seige

iTunes you make a digital store drone jealous with your ease if buying

Shame it's such a pain to find stuff

Normal service disrupted

Computer is on an extended break so i will most likely not post much for the next couple of weeks.

As you were


Now I love summer but the humid don't agree with me

Tired and grumpy start to the day

Ready now

to do list for today


Wayde went fishing and all I got were some words of advice




Now I love summer but the humid don't agree with me

Tired and grumpy start to the day

Ready now

I love

The power of language

It blows me away

#New book night at el rancho daktari

I love

The power of language

It blows me away

#New book night at el rancho daktari

which means you get this spiffy slipcase

"SF is today gaining more and more respectability among serious readers and academic literary critics. Although there are a handful of stories from the pulp era of the twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties, there were few stories that would stand up to any kind of literary analysis and virtually no novels that would. The so-called Big Three of the forties and fifties - Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke - shock serious readers today coming to them for the first time. They were not only not good writers by mainstream criteria, they were actively bad writers. This is not to say that there weren't some good ideas here and there (Asimov's Foundation series or Clarke's CHILDHOOD'S END or Rama novels are often interesting), but that the prose is almost always atrocious, the characters stock and uninteresting, and the stories and novels completely lacking in literary excellence. This was intentional. Let me repeat that: the books and stories were inte…

The single most important thing you can do right now is

read this book:

An Oral History of the Zombie War

By Max Brooks

The end was near. Zombies were taking over. They were infiltrating ever corner the world. No neutral ground existed, no nation was secure, and we were in serious danger of becoming extinct - overrun by hordes of the living dead.

WORLD WAR Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (Crown Publishers, September 12, 2006), is a recounting of these apocalyptic and horrifying years that will make sure we never forget how close we came to total annihilation. Told from the perspective of numerous survivors from all over the world, from Denver to South Africa, Sydney to Yonkers, Malibu to India, WORLD WAR Z captures the sacrifices and, toward the end, the ingenuity of our race to defend and save our cities, towns, and villages from a plague that seemed virtually impossible to stop.
Brooks tells a moving story of courage and survival and gives us insight into the key military strategies that helped us take our world back. To th…

Comfortably numb

There's a song in that


Not here. Not today


Songs from days gone by



To the sound of Cicadas

Summer sounds

It's friday and I'm

In love?

I can't make up my mind

really i did



We bake...

The day today

Very tired


Stink day for it

Upside you can wear hats