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The stuff you do when awake in the wee hours

This morning I was looking for identikit software.

I'm not sure why, I started out looking for a particular type of legal letter (for no real reason, but the obvious, I can) and ended up wanting to draw a picture of myself with a moustache.

I came across just the product, but unfortunately there was no demo for me to play with.

It must be top notch stuff though, well judging by this one client testimonial:

“The Identi-Kit program... did a great job because when we caught the guy, it looked just like him.” Deputy Chief in Florida

No shit sherlock

Is it here yet... is it here yet... is it here yet...

Bob's christmas present to himself, due for release on the 6th of December.
And what pray tell is this colourful box.... does it contain tampons?Nope, not for personal hygiene its the Flying Nun Records box set a box of CDs jam packed with long out-of-print rarities hand-picked by Roger Shepherd featuring over 80 songs on 4CDs, extensive liner notes and all the stuff one would want or expect from a box set.Well almost, a decent box set would of course be vinyl not CD, but we can't have everything now can we.I think there's two songs I don't have already on wax or CD, but thats not why I am getting the set, nope, tis the silly collector nerd child in me that so needs this. The cynical adult bob thinks the whole affair a bit over the top - celebrating 25 years of a label is a good thing, celebrating a label now owned by Warners (one oft he big four music companies of this planet) is not something I can get excited about. Tis more like a wake.As a young adult, cough cough…

Eden Park

Well after some weeks of discussion, some sad arsed behaviour from our councillers, mayor and national politicans its good to see then come full circle back to the original stadium choice for the rugby world cup.

Now the various parties are either celebrating or in classic kiwi fashion blaming the nay sayers for their small mindedness.

Being one who thought the water front stadium was a stupid idea I take offence at being called a nay sayer or it being inferred that my attitude was negative and reactionary.

Its wrong to suggest that our kiwi 'can do' attitude is more a 'can't do' one today.

It was a stupid idea and whilst perhaps a huge outpouring of positivity might have been the ideal reaction, perhaps if the idea wasn't so ill informed and badly prepared more people might have embraced such huge public expenditure on something we may need.

If the Government, councils, rugby union, eden park trust, fletcher construction and all concerned parties had actually shown…

"A week went by... I couldn't stop it"

The greatest comedy show ever?


Eating Media Lunch

Awesome show, watched it on a quiet Friday night in.

Even if it borrows very heavily from a bunch of English shows.

I didn't need the Freedom Flat bit - come on Wallace move on man....

In an age where communications and so much information is available to critics, I am still amazed no one has made the very obvious connections.

Still saying that its one of the few NZ produced shows that is actually funny.

Its a constant source of amazement to me why we are not overtly funny when it comes to our media productions.

As a culture we have a cracking sense of humour, why can't we translate that onto film? Or am I being overly optimistic when I think we have a sense of humour?

I dunno....

Be a man!


Civil War

Could Lebanon the democracy the US praised so much and then completely abandoned whist Israel bombed fit or 34 days earlier this year be heading towards a civil war?

It seems so, and as the US makes overtures towards Syria and Iran to try and extricate themselves from the Iraq fiasco one can't help but think Lebanon will be left to their own devices, which doesn't look good, considering the tensions in that country right now.

Will the UN troops be of any use/help to the impeding chaos that may soon erupt? One thinks not.

And what of Israel, as they continue their policy that will one day be described as genocide (should be now) towards the Palestinians, when will the West start to report with honesty on the policies of Israel and her Allies and the over whelming force they employ against the Palistianians.

One can't help but think that there must be some similarities between the gaza strip and the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw during the second world war - have the Jews learnt anyth…

So much on my mind

I've started and deleted about five different entries for today...

The possible impeding economic collapse of the USClimate ChangeLebanon (and the Middle East in general)NZMIC WOF SeminarsA cool Bob The Builder Scooter one can buy from Hamleys (the coolest toy store I have ever been in)... and yet I can't finish nor decide on any of them for todays post.
This week seems to be dragging on and I'm not getting all I want nor need to done. I think I'm coming down with a cold - coughing, achy back... yep its not loooking good.

I need to focus

might go and admire that scooter some more

My forest is blighted

So all winter I waited for the tree outside to dress itself, a coat of green leaves. A bastion of nature and a source of privacy on the deck.Well bugger me if the damn thing hasn't got some sort of disease or something. One side of the tree's leaves have withered and look to be dead.I can only think that this may be due to some spraying (of what I have no idea) that might have been done whilst they have been building various motorway extensions and changes - I live near the motorway. Whatever the reason the tree isn't looking its normal healthy self, and that sucks. Not just because I've had to move my nude star jumping indoors, again, which is tramatic enough, but its simply sad. Poor tree :(I blame capitalism!

one word, two words, three words, four

"Accident" said a pretty anchorwoman on one of the TV news programs. "Tragedy", said her lovely colleague on another channel. A third one, no less attractive, wavered between "event", "mistake" and "incident".In One Word: MASSACRE!

David Frost Interviews Tony Blair

DF: "but so far it's been ... you know, pretty much of a disaster ..."

TB: "It has, but you see what I say to people is "why is it difficult in Iraq?" It's not difficult because of some accident in planning, it's difficult because there is a eliberate strategy, al-Qaeda with Sunni insurgents on the one hand, Iranian-backed elements with Shia militia on the other to create a situation in which the will of the majority of Iraqis, which is for peace, is displaced by the will of the minority for war."
A Downing Street spokesperson later said Blair's views had been misrepresented in the interview, and the UK leader had simply acknowledged…

Another day closer to Santa time


This bloody stadium

It doesn't seem right

A huge stadium, hundreds of millions of dollars we can't afford to waste on such a vanity project

all for one silly game

My friend the couch

Big night... good night

slow day... long day leave my head alone brain get me through the night

Happy Birthday Scott

and wot a special gig to celebrate at.

Really looking forward to five hours of mister Carter, whoop whoop!

How I can tell that summer is here

On my way home yesterday I had my first orange fruju for this summer. Some weeks earlier than I would usually expect too, I might add. Yep two nice days and I'm sold on this sun action. If I was a young girl my tongue would have looked something like this

Getting up, its a morning thing

Everyday I wake up, promptly arise and make coffee, lgith a ciggie, get on the internet and check news sites, opinion sites and then music sites.

I turn the telly on and consume what current affairs is on offer - that can be anything from BBC News, to Maori news programmes to business to general morning telly that includes news.

I sometimes go to bed early (9-10pm) just so I can wake extra early, like today, up at 5am.

I'm a morning person - I don't know why but I love the morning. I feel at my best first thing (excluding days when alcohol's lingering after effects has its way on me), I'm my most productive and well I just like mornings.

In a former life I used to surf, I loved surfing even though I was at best pretty bloody crap at it. I loved getting up extra early and hitting the beach as the sun came up, sitting in the water out the back of the surf zone reflecting on life and just simply soaking in the quiet and beauty of such a perfect time of day. I sometimes think …

John Cooper Clarke

Announced for the Big Day Out

that has gotta be the oddest choice ever? One for the oldies I guess....

I pulled out his album Snap Crackle & Bop the other night to celebrate, it hasn't aged well, lyrically it still rocks - not surprising as he is a poet, musically, well.... nah it sucks by todays standards.

To make this old fella happy, chuck David Eggleton on stage before him, somehwere out of the way - by that I mean quiet, close to a bar... and I'd be well happy with only seeing them.

However, there could be a massive upside to all this, other than Mr Clarke himself. One can only hope this means that band he tours with quite a lot is coming too

whispers.... the fall

oh deary me that would be cool

I've been listening to the Wonderful & Frightening World of the Fall of late, its fab.

Whatever happens and whomever gets booked a fun day out loooms, so very far away.

Still it gives me something to type about, so thats all good, cause today I have little going on in the head d…


Is there anything worse than watching our public figures discuss the verious potential options for a stadium to be built in time for us hosting the rugby world cup?

I think not....

Why do we have to be so petty and mickey mouse about such things.... I guess it might be a reflection on them that serve in local government - the publically elected types, not the legions woh work in councils and for councils.

For someone who cares little for sport nor sees the need for yet another stadium its all a bit much.

I'm not against the notion of a stadium being built, I'd prefer it wasn't in the central city nor on our waterfront, for I don't see the need to clutter up an area that I believe should be opened up to public spaces and enhance the beauty of our harbour, not dominate part of it. Preferably with loads of trees, parkland and grass.

Of course its all going to be so rushed that I have little faith that anything magnificent will eventuate and we'll end up with a huge eyesore…

Sunday on the couch

Heaven, heaven I am telling ya

Snoozing, reading.... listening to whiteware do its chores...


Cripes.. wot a night

Well that certainly turned into a bit of a night.....

I enjoyed playing records badlyat Rudenot2.. you see dance kids rock is cool... well maybe. Thanks Angela & Jarrod, Phil & Renee, Scott, Wayde & Nat, Mark and the others who foolishly popped along for a beer.

Shouts outs to:

Grobbit and the gang at Foci for the boompty styles

Matt & Brooke at Coherent

Pip and the Chicago Disco crew, for the drinks and sounds at Ink

and finally Kerry and co at Underground

somehow I got home... and my head didn't thank me for my evening

now for a BBQ... oh dear

it would be

Friday Beats and Barby featuring

6-7 Bob Daktari
7-8 Bn1
8-9 A-Spark
9-10 Chef d Party

+ meat, mussels, salads, and the world famous moroccon steak

(Beresford Square)

Looking at the names on this lineup you'd think it was a rave or happy hardcore gig, but its not its civil gents playing civil music at a civil hour to drunken munters.

I'm playing soft rock....

Enough already

After my earlier rant I thought, stop ranting do something... so I did, I've emailed TV3 with my concerns.

To Whom It May ConcernAs a long time viewer of 3 News I must say - enough is enough.As your ratings have climbed the content presented as news has seemed to deteriate.Your inane marketing attempts to entice people to watch the news have left me cold. I do not appreciate nor need these silly and infuriating open ended questions to entice me into watching your bulletin. In fact they have got to the point where I can no longer stand to watch your news braodcast any longer.You have lost me 3 News,Yours a very disgruntled viewerBob (I actually used my real name.... Mr Daktari)PS trying to find a email address to send this to on your website, was almost more frustrating than I currently find your news... you are a media company...
Now like that Firefox dude I await their reply....

The Drinking Age and Bob's continuing frustration

Well I'm bloody glad to see the stupid notion of putting the drinking age back up to 20 didn't get passed by our parliament.

I do beleive the fear of the younger voters worked - well done the youngins and their lobbying, I say.

This doesn't side step the issue that our government, our health services and most importantly of all, ourselves have to face. We have a shocking attitude to booze.

It might change, given a lot of time, perhaps with a sustained and concerted effort in 25-40 years New Zealanders will not be the immature "get it down ya" drinkers we are currently.

I know this younger generation generally is better than mine, in regards to drinking. Especially in areas like drink driving. Not all of them of course but enough for a old lush like me to notice.

We have to empower the youth, give them the control that they both deserve and desire for their future and thus our countries.

Reactionary decision making by old farts in parilament will not a better country ma…

Spam and lifes little things

I'm having one of them weeks where I am beseiged by spam... compounded by changing my anti virus software which seems to have ahd the effect that the bulk is going to my in box not junk folder.

Its doing my head in.... the fuckers desguise the names and topics well enough that I have to check far too many to ensure I am not deleting proper emails.

Christmas advertising has kicked in.... which only leads to me feeling very anti Christmas

Its raining

bah humbug

Land of the free

Why does the US need to lock so many people up?

Their prisons house more convicts than China and India combined.

American Prison Planet
The Bush Administration as Global Jailor
By Nick Turse

Today, the United States presides over a burgeoning empire -- not only the "empire of bases" first described by Chalmers Johnson, but a far-flung new network of maximum security penitentiaries, detention centers, jail cells, cages, and razor wire-topped pens. From supermax-type isolation prisons in 40 of the 50 states to shadowy ghost jails at remote sites across the globe, this new network of detention facilities is quite unlike the gulags, concentration-camps, or prison nations of the past.

Even with a couple million prisoners under its control, the U.S. prison network lacks the infrastructure or manpower of the Soviet gulag or the orderly planning of the Nazi concentration-camp system. However, where it bests both, and breaks new incarceration ground, is in its planet-ranging scope, with si…

Saddam Sentenced To Death

I can't help thinking, like a lot of others will be, that this sentence has more to do with the US Elections than seeking justice.

Its a given that Saddam is a horrific piece of work but the words kangaroo court spring to mind.

Justice has not been served.

Guy Fawkes

Tis today - make the most of it for I doubt we'll be able to buy fire works next year...

and don't forget to lock up ya pets

De ja vu

I remember the last US presidential elections....

The media was filled with iraq stories, the failures, depending on ya perspective, of the Bush administration, and here we are again... the media again is it seems Iraq and Afganistan mad.

Nothing new here for the alternative media, but its quite strange to see so many stories in the mainstream, especially those that aren't showing whatever latest lines Bush is spouting to yet another gathering of US servicepeople or their families or the multiple ex officials of various US administrations who turn up to give their two cents worth on what might be going on in various places and/or peoples minds.

To be honest all the attention gets me a tad worked up - I keep foolishly thinking maybe, just maybe someones going to do something constructive... and then reality and sense taps me on the should and smacks me in the face.

I'm ready for the senate elections to be over, so the mainstream media can go back to normal and all but pretend there…

Get an education, or you'll end up in Iraq

I don't have much respect for politicans and if John Kerry deserves any he lost me last Presidential elections... for what is it about the so called opposition party in the US, the supposed more liberal face of US politics that doesn't get the fact that Bush has served them up so much material to oppose that they should be in the White House right now....

But alas the Democrats are no different from the Republicans, the are quite happy to continue the folly that is Iraq and the various other disasters this current regime has unleashed on the world.

I can only shake my head with his current retractions to his original statement this week - get a backbone you muppet...

It is the poor, the uneducated and those who are trying via the military to better themselves and the opportuinites that their lives have served them who are dying in Iraq, not the rich, not the children of the power elites.... Kerry's comments were not disrespectful to those good American kids dying for their co…

Give Peas A Chance

Politics in America according to Bill Hicks:

the puppet on the left is more to my liking, no no the the puppet on the right represents my views better

hang on a sec, there is one guy holding up both of them

The joys of not really having a choice... Americans and (due to their power and influence) the world deserve more...

not enough sleep leads to rambling bob

So the Stern reports has had its day of media coverage and we're back worrying about obese kids and the more important thing in life.

The more I read about climate change and the focus on economic solutions the more I feel that one day there will be a planet called earth, totally devoid of life but with a very vibrant economy...

Maybe I missed something but surely the survival of our species is slightly more important than retaining a economic model that simply doesn't work?

I had one of them nights last, where one can't sleep, can't amuse oneself with diversions and thus paces the house...

It was Halloween here yesterday of course, not one trick or treater tried my place - the benefit of being an apartment dweller.

When last I lived in a house we'd be besieged by them, had a lot to do with the suburb and location I lived, being a affluent suburb parents would drive their kids into ponsonby on the premise that our treats would be better than somewhere else, well my plac…