Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some random stuff

- I couldn't help but wonder what was going through Tony Blair's head as he condemed Iran's capture of the British servicemen... I'm no body language expert nor proponent but didn't he look like he was lying or something? Something didn't seem right in my mid, and its not like Mr Blair isn't a very accomplished public speaker now is it.

Is this the spark that may inflame things to the point of a US attack on Iran?

The security council's sanctions on Iran - are we about to witness a similar sanctions regime akin to that which is responsible for at least 500,000 deaths in Iraq pre invasion?

and of course as per this time last year, will we actually see a attack on Iran - I hope not but the time is right now, for such a event...

Its disgusting the higher value we place on certain nationalities peoples lives

- the new allegations of sexual misadventures by the same people now serving time for rape

- can this can of worms get any worse for our Police force?

How many years will it take for us to learn to trust those whom should be above question?

- According to opinion polls 78% or there abouts oppose the 'anti smacking bill'.... I just don't get it.

Something stinks and its the media's representation of the bill and thus the publics view of it too.

I can't help but wonder if much of the opposition is due to it being Sue Bradford's bill

- Telecom sells the Yellow pages part of their business for 2.4 billion - wow!

Watch the money or a large chunk disappear offshore (to shareholders) and not into infrastructure that is woefully inadequate, criminally so - on the internet front

- South by Southwest, yawn....

- Miami Winter Music Conference, bigger yawn...

- David Hicks, where the fuck was Australia and Australians this whole time, he could have been released anytime if Howard's govt had demanded so...

Shame on you Australia he is one of your own

If he was a NZ'er I hope our govt would have the balls to do the right thing... I don't want to ever find out the answer to this... because it might not be that which I would want

- The Democrats in the US... showing their true colours... you were voted in because the US public is over Iraq.... remember?

A real opposition is a wonderful thing and politics is a shitty game

- carbon emissions, global warming and the like.... capitalism will not save the planet - the two are fundamentally oppossed

- sharing, is this a good thing?

- the weather has picked up some, which is bloody great, I wasn't keen on a early winter, not at all

- dear friends coming to stay... can't wait... come on down Miss Cambodia :)

- realisation that alcohol is not that big a part in my life anymore and as such I have reverted to a lightweight boozer status, oh the shame LOL

- ahh my spacing goes totally out of whack on this blogger thing every time i insert and then move an image - stupid!

Yep it must be tuesday, have a good one!

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