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Things to do


Where's Captain Kirk?

Released December 1979

Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk? was named Single Of The Week by the Melody Maker.

Where's Captain Kirk? has been recorded by a number of other artists, most notably R.E.M. Though 'Kirk' just bubbled under the Top 40 at the time of its release, Rough Trade's distribution caught by surprise was unable to keep up with demand, however it remained at No.1 on the Independent chart for over two months in 1980 and remained in the top 50 for the entire year.

A new version of 'Kirk' released on the Hobo Railways label in 1987 and topped of the popular Viz Comic chart. In 1996 Cherry Red Records released a Spizz retrospective CD entitled Spizz Not Dead Shock!, later repackaged with bonus tracks as The Very Best of.. in 2002.

The influence of Spizzenergi is still being felt twenty-five years on. John Peel called 'Where's Captain Kirk?' the best Star Trek song ever in a BBC1 programme on the music of Star Trek. The new wave of 90s guit…

Surfing naked... at my age

Firewall - off
Anti virus software - off
Anti Spyware software - off
Pop up blocker - off

Surfing the internet naked

It's liberating

The Story of Stuff Chapter 6: Disposal

The internet.... serious business


The Empire will strike back

Slouching towards Petroeurostan
By Pepe Escobar

It was a discreet, almost hush hush affair, but after almost three years of stalling and endless delays, it finally happened. Now more than ever, it may also signal a true geoeconomic earthquake – way beyond a potentially shattering blow to US dollar hegemony.

This Sunday, the Iranian Oil Bourse – the first-ever oil, gas and petrochemical exchange in the Islamic Republic, and the first within OPEC – was launched by Iran’s Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari, flanked by Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs Davoud Danesh Ja’fari, the man who will head the bourse.

The bourse’s official name is Iranian International Petroleum Exchange (IIPE), widely known in Iran and the Persian Gulf as the Kish bourse. Kish island is a free zone (declared by the Shah) in an ideal laissez faire setting: lots of condos and duty-free malls, no Khomeini mega-portraits and hordes of young honeymooners shopping for made-in-Europe home appliances.

There was frantic…

Walk A Mile in My Shoes

A glorious remake of Joe Smith's 1970 song by Coldcut featuring the legendary voice of Robert Owens.... if that wasn't enough Henrik Schwarz weighs in with a remix that is amazing... long and simply glorious.

Coldcut: Discogs, Wiki

Henrik Schwarz: Discogs, Myspazz


Coldcut – Walk A Mile in My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz remix)

The Story of Stuff Chapter 5: Consumption

Oil Bourse frenzy

Iran established its first oil products bourse Sunday in a free trade zone on the Persian Gulf Island of Kish, the country's oil ministry said.

A statement posted on the ministry's Web site said 100 tons of polyethylene consignment was traded at the market's opening on the island, which houses the offices of about 100 Iranian and foreign oil companies.

Oil and petrochemical products will be traded in Iranian Rials, as well as all other hard currencies, the statement quoted Iranian Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari as saying. About 20 brokers are already active in the market, it said.

"The bourse provides an economic opportunity for Iranians, other countries and foreign customers," Nozari was quoted as saying.

Iran produces more than 20 million tons of petrochemical products per year.

Iran has already registered for another oil bourse, in which it has said it hopes to trade oil in Euros instead of dollars, to reduce any American influence over the Islamic Republic'…

Election Year

Polls... polls... polls
Only one poll counts and its months away

Fight like a butterfly, sting like a bee


Like A Child (Carl Craig remix)

Carl Craig may not have won a grammy for his remix of Junior Boys "Like A Child" and to some this seems wrong, considering the winner. But by god Carl is way better than the grammys.

This is one of the great records of the past year, hauntingly brilliant. It's long, seems to do bugger all and is simply the dogs bollocks!
Let's just reinforce what is musically obvious: C2 has spent the past 18 or so months killing young fashionistas and old heads in the name of capital-t Techno, flooding the market with a parade of straight-up classics (remixes of Delia & Gavin's "Relevee", Theo Parrish's "Falling Up", Rhythm & Sound's "Poor People Must Work") and bangers that speak to the newbies' tastes for indie-dance maximalism, while at the same time invoking the canon that Carl is such a firm part of.
His take on the Junior Boys' "Like a Child" is another in that line. Carl's aesthetic formula remains tried an…

Drought, hydro lakes, big loot and summer

So before Christmas when Australia was suffering severe water shortages, our media and no doubt many of us couldn't help but feel a tad smug about our water supplies.... now we face our own water shortages, as often happens at this time of year and it is hardly surprising considering the summer we're enjoying - best I've ever had in Auckland, thats for sure.

So currently its all crisi this and crisis that, a tiny power cut here in inner Auckland yesterday morning and possibly more to come - yep the lakes are low... we get it.

Every bloody year

Once again the same organisations and leaders are doing the same thing, similar talkng heads are on the telly talking....

Talk of bailing out the farmers

Talk of this and that

We're good at talking down here it seems

I can't help but wonder if the old inefficient govt organisations such as the Ministry Or Works aren't missed these days - huge employers and back then we had huge public works, we built dams, roads, bridges and a v…


Tagging is endemic in parts of our society, like much of the world. You'd think that after all these years of tagging the authorities and the various govt agencies commissioned to do something about tagging might come up with a better idea to combat the problem than; harsher sentences, education and increased money to local bodies for cleaning up and for sports (yeah taggers are so in need of organised sports in their lives)....

I'm no rocket scientist but if its not working now, why would a continuation the same tactic work in the future?

I'm not a fan of basic tagging, it is unattractive but it is not the end of the world and we must stop thinking of it as the boogyman that threatens the very fabric of our existence.

The Story of Stuff Chapter 4: Distribution

The weekend starts here

Things to do, or at least consider:
1. Bn1 at Supper tonight2. Summer Series on Sunday3. Eat, sleep, drink... read4. Spontanious combustion5. Hockey

We Don' Know How Lucky We Are

Fred Dagg is a fictional archetype satirist from New Zealand created and acted on stage, film and television by satirist John Clarke. Clarke graced New Zealand TV screens as Dagg during the mid to late 1970s, "taking the piss" out of the post-pioneering Kiwi bloke and ‘blokesses’. From Wiki

We Don't Know How Lucky We Are... we didn't then and we still don't.

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Waitangi Day

Photo from a bloody past

Got this photo from the paintball people yesterday... we played in Nov.

Angry things take time

In their world, music is generic

Warner Music, EMI, Vivendi Universal and Sony BMG, started targeting schools and students across America as a major element in their move to force ‘consumers’ to buy what they’re told to buy —- corporate ‘content,’ as the Big 4 call their formulaic outpourings.

“Contrary to conventional wisdom, the root problem is not the artists, the fans or even new Internet technology,” wrote The Eagles’ Don Henley in a Washington Post OpEd not last week, but four years ago this month. The problem, he said, is the music industry itself. “It’s systemic,” he stated, going on....

The RIAA School Report

The Story of Stuff Chapter 3: Production