Is it here yet... is it here yet... is it here yet...

Bob's christmas present to himself, due for release on the 6th of December.

And what pray tell is this colourful box.... does it contain tampons?

Nope, not for personal hygiene its the Flying Nun Records box set a box of CDs jam packed with long out-of-print rarities hand-picked by Roger Shepherd featuring over 80 songs on 4CDs, extensive liner notes and all the stuff one would want or expect from a box set.

Well almost, a decent box set would of course be vinyl not CD, but we can't have everything now can we.

I think there's two songs I don't have already on wax or CD, but thats not why I am getting the set, nope, tis the silly collector nerd child in me that so needs this.

The cynical adult bob thinks the whole affair a bit over the top - celebrating 25 years of a label is a good thing, celebrating a label now owned by Warners (one oft he big four music companies of this planet) is not something I can get excited about. Tis more like a wake.

As a young adult, cough cough, many a night was spent in dark rooms watching and enjoying many a Flying Nun band. Flying Nun was my motivation and gateway into the career path (or lack of) that I chose.

I spent a bunch of years working for Flying Nun, it was a great time on the whole.

We were a small team, a bunch of freaks who had a lot of fun, shared a lot of crazy times and music whilst we worked well hard for little of them tangible rewards that our society places such high regard on.

It was an experience and time that I wouldn't swap for anything.

is it here yet....

I can't wait


The Real RDU said…
Daktari your friend Hat's days are numbered.

We are reasonable people, but do not push us.
Bob Daktari said…
Somehow I doubt that 'real rdu', but I know little of the RDU situation and being as I don't live in Christchurch I don't really care, much

If the station continues to be a bastion of good music the behind the scenes stuff matters little to most

of course being reasonable doesn't go with a threat like 'don't push us'... I appreciate and applaud your passion though