Getting up, its a morning thing

Everyday I wake up, promptly arise and make coffee, lgith a ciggie, get on the internet and check news sites, opinion sites and then music sites.

I turn the telly on and consume what current affairs is on offer - that can be anything from BBC News, to Maori news programmes to business to general morning telly that includes news.

I sometimes go to bed early (9-10pm) just so I can wake extra early, like today, up at 5am.

I'm a morning person - I don't know why but I love the morning. I feel at my best first thing (excluding days when alcohol's lingering after effects has its way on me), I'm my most productive and well I just like mornings.

In a former life I used to surf, I loved surfing even though I was at best pretty bloody crap at it. I loved getting up extra early and hitting the beach as the sun came up, sitting in the water out the back of the surf zone reflecting on life and just simply soaking in the quiet and beauty of such a perfect time of day. I sometimes think about getting back into surfing again, just for such a feeling. Some mornings theres a certain feel to the weather, a stillness a slight chill, no wind and I'm transported back to my days of beach life.

As summer slowly comes into play and the day lights up earlier I shall find time to read books, once news etc. is done. I'll sit outside on the deck, coffee and fags in hand and consume a chapter or two prior to starting my day proper.

Oh yeah I love the morning time... even when I am a being old mr grumpy pants, to quote my good friend Helen: