Get an education, or you'll end up in Iraq

I don't have much respect for politicans and if John Kerry deserves any he lost me last Presidential elections... for what is it about the so called opposition party in the US, the supposed more liberal face of US politics that doesn't get the fact that Bush has served them up so much material to oppose that they should be in the White House right now....

But alas the Democrats are no different from the Republicans, the are quite happy to continue the folly that is Iraq and the various other disasters this current regime has unleashed on the world.

I can only shake my head with his current retractions to his original statement this week - get a backbone you muppet...

It is the poor, the uneducated and those who are trying via the military to better themselves and the opportuinites that their lives have served them who are dying in Iraq, not the rich, not the children of the power elites.... Kerry's comments were not disrespectful to those good American kids dying for their countries misguided and criminal conduct.

After a bit of trawling via google, it seems Kerry has a history of retraction of comments and restating what he meant.... I say again get a backbone you dolt and them like you.

The US and as a consequence the world need some strong opposition to Bush et al - give your electorate real choice, real commentary and real opinions, it might garnish you votes, it may allow some differing opinons in a position to do more than simply lament the downfall of what was once a great nation - or at least seemed to be.

One of the greatest things a person can have is choice, the option to make their own minds up, to vote for those that best represent their views and opinions, the option to have career paths and educational opportuities.

We humans are not one dimensional beings, we need options... we deserve options. We need choice, surely this is one of the foundation stones of democracy?

On a completely different note, another music distributor has gone bust in the world, Intergroove in the UK, a company I dealt with for years in a previous life of mine.

The constantly changing face of the business side of the music industry carries with it many many casualties, as this digital world the and changing patterns of how people both listen to and purchase music and other media continues evolve.

I know better than most what this means for a industry I cherish and for those caught up in the aftermath. My best thoughts and wishes go out to all of them at Intergroove now facing a uncertain future and the many labels, artists, retailers and music fans whose lives this will impact on.

To end on a positive music note, the Henrik Schwarz DJ Kicks is simply awesome!

A album that arrives as it seems the sun has too and one I can see myself enjoying many times over a morning coffee or evening tipple.

Let's just pause for one second; now, think about all that music that has so enriched your life down the years. All of it, without fault, and regardless of any strict genre definitions, is soul music. If it flicks a switch deep inside you, speaks to you, comforts you and makes you feel good about yourself, then that, my friend, is soul music. German DJ and producer Henrik Schwarz understands this musical truth more than most.

A long-time aficionado of those musical forms that are commonly rooted in some appreciation of this sonic legacy - funk, house, disco, jazz, techno, and yes, the dictionary definition of soul (James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Motown etc, etc) - his adventures into hi-fi are testament to such a fact. And nowhere is this more readily apparent than on Schwarz's latest venture: a much-deserved foray into that Holy Grail of DJ mix albums, !K7's acclaimed DJ Kicks series

Across 23 tracks, Schwarz enthusiastically takes us on a musical journey that without wanting to get too chin-strokery about it, manages to entertain, enthral and educate all at once. And that he achieves this without losing sight of the style and sophistication that are the hallmarks of his unique DJ sets and his much praised productions and remixes is only added grist to his musical mill. Schwarz's background is jazz: free-flowing, improvisational and inspirational jazz, the likes of which set the pre-rock'n'roll years alight. And it's this mindset that initially informs his well-chosen mix.

Rather than go for the latest bunch of tunes that are burning a hole on dancefloors across the globe, Henrik has paid homage to the music that he has loved down the years.
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Righto - choose a happy day and Kerry get a grip!

leave my head alone brain, get me through the night