Civil War

Could Lebanon the democracy the US praised so much and then completely abandoned whist Israel bombed fit or 34 days earlier this year be heading towards a civil war?

It seems so, and as the US makes overtures towards Syria and Iran to try and extricate themselves from the Iraq fiasco one can't help but think Lebanon will be left to their own devices, which doesn't look good, considering the tensions in that country right now.

Will the UN troops be of any use/help to the impeding chaos that may soon erupt? One thinks not.

And what of Israel, as they continue their policy that will one day be described as genocide (should be now) towards the Palestinians, when will the West start to report with honesty on the policies of Israel and her Allies and the over whelming force they employ against the Palistianians.

One can't help but think that there must be some similarities between the gaza strip and the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw during the second world war - have the Jews learnt anything from the days when they were the victims other than how to subjugate and slowly destroy a people?

Whilst we have our internal issues of leaders resigning and stadiums to be debated these things are not important and may not be deemed to be for a long time - for we are heading into the period where our news gets even more dumbed down so we don't get bummed out prior to santas big day.

So plaster on ya happy face and have a good weekend


Anonymous said…
The Israil children seem to be a result of having been bought up by parents that were so damaged. Spiritually.....don't poor children who become rich often go too far the other way and spoil their on children to horrible levels? I feel that unlike any other historical people the Jewish have failed to learn and to become better because of their very sad past. Creating a future/present that when their history is considered make it even more disgusting
Bob Daktari said…
vibI don't buy that, the Israeli Jews have no reason to emulate those they often hold up as a reason why we shouldn't critise them

I appreciate their plight, surrounded by nations whom wish they weren't there, I recognise that they have had to fight for what they have

I don't excuse their heavy handed and inhumane treatment of those they wish would just go away (be it peacefully or by other means)

If the Israeli's have constantly and consistantly ignored UN resolutions and every single attempt by all and sundry to find a means for peace in their and the Palestinians land

They are the weak link on the road to peace in the middle east, where they could be the leaders

The slaughter of Palestinians and the sporadic deaths of Israelis could and can be averted, one side seems not to do so but

have funa t the ball ;)
Anonymous said…
Hell Yeah!...we're on the same side, always nice to know....
I just went out into the sunshine and saw the entire world,everyrace and deligion, rich or poor, begger and worker it was beautiful, and so want to finish up with

....its a good day for the race

(how crazy is that)
Bob Daktari said…
every day is a good day for the race :)

nothing crazy about it

though some might say that people who say so are
Anonymous said…
hell yeah