Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Undue influence

In 1976 No one died
In 1977 No One Died
In 1978 Someone died
In 1979 No one died
In 1980 No One Died
In 1981 We had that incident with the pigeon
In 1982 No One died
In 1983 No One Died
In 1984 No one died in 1985
I could go on you know....

These lines will make no sense to most, for those of you who have seen The Day Today the comedy show that was the cornerstone of so many brilliant UK comedies and comedians since its inception should, I hope, be laughing about now.

I first came across the show whilst living in London, I stumbled upon it one night after a very heavy drinking session and thought it was the real news... I got confused and didn't understand. My flatmates were rolling around the floor and I was scratching my head prior to passing out.

The next week I was well primed (yeah more beer) and became a devout fan, so much so that when I finally had to leave the UK to return home I was rushing around London frantically looking for the video's of the show which had just been released to buy and bring home with me. I doubt theres any of my close friends I haven't forced at some point to watch the shows with me, poor sods :) I still watch them from time to time and they never fail to have me in fits of laughter.

For a show that never screened here you'd be amazed at how much of a impact its had on our screens, well from certain quarters that is. Newsboy, Havoc and anything with a few key behind the scenes people has elements of this groundbreaking show liberally scattered throughout.

Me I'm a sucker for good comedy, of which there is so much yet still so little that truely stands the test of time and keeps funny bone rattling.

Now here's Alan with the sport...

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