Forget bird flu, this ones already here

Support World AIDS Day

Some Numbers

• 40 million people living with HIV worldwide (2.2 m children)
• 1975 people living in New Zealand with HIV (inc AIDS)
• 5 million people newly infected with HIV in 2004
• 700,000 people currently receive anti-HIV drugs in developing countries
• 90% of people living with HIV are in developing countries
• HIV is increasing fastest in East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
• Only 12% of people needing anti-HIV drugs in developing countries receive them
• Anti-HIV drugs cost on average US$300 per person per year
• 3 million people died of AIDS in 2003
• Over 20 million total AIDS deaths to date

A few Links:

New Zealand AIDS Foundation

International AIDS Society

World AIDS Day

Wikipedia on AIDS


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And the US is still arguing patent protection.