For Sale: One Slightly Used Blouse

As if things weren't bad enough for the jilted Mother of the Nation, she returned from holiday this week to find staff in the TVNZ building wearing her clothes.

While Judy Bailey was overseas on leave, it seems TVNZ held an in-house auction of the news presenter's wardrobe. But some of the garments were Bailey's own clothes - and definitely not for sale.

TVNZ spokeswoman Avon Adams said it was a mistake.

"What they tend to do is auction off the old clothes ... The tragedy is unfortunately Judy Bailey had some of her own personal garments in with the TVNZ wardrobe and they were inadvertently sold as well.

"We are very, very sorry it's happened, but it was a mistake, a human error."

Bailey was reported to be "ropeable".

NZ Herald

Poor ol TVNZ, too much time in the news and not enough time spent bringing us news..... is roughly what Helen Clark said recently. Yep!

Poor Judy, I'd be ropeable too. Does this indicate a reduction in future status, maybe Judy scary old badly dressed auntie of the nation.

Anyone over TV3's blatant use of marketing tactics to entice us into watching the news? Or are you all still travelling home then?

I am, over it that is, not travelling - the loaded questions and the other silly and blatantly obvious ploys to draw us in. I bet its all them qualified media graduates bringing their knowledge to the fore, or maybe the results of some over priced seminar or even just the knowledge shared amongst a very large media corporation. Whatever it bugs the crap out of me.

Also is it me or has the cross promotional activites between the two TVNZ run stations are recent occurence? If so long overdue - why not push viewers between the two stations. I can't help thinking if this is indeed a new thing then its a result of plummeting news ratings, which given the current difference I have noticed between our state owned broadcaster and that of rival TV3 is One News is the better quality and budgeted, yet I still watch 3 by choice - either by habit or maybe because I feel the people at 3 are more like me... or some such silly justification. Stranger still is I do feel 3's news coverage has got worse and worse - I don't need endless reporters on location, when a simple bulletin will do.

I complain about the media all the time, please forgive me this habit. I have a very solid agenda, I want to be presented with only the best news. I want to be as informed on as many subjects as possible and I want to be served my news accurately with plenty of balance and opinion. That and I like to voice my opinion and media in so many contexts fascinate me.

I'm grumpy with the Herald, who have put all their opinion colums behind a subscriber (paid) wall on their website. A complete pain as I don't need nor want to buy a copy of the paper very often and certainly not soley for the columnists, but without them my daily visit to the site is dull. I miss checking out Sideways as it can be a giggle and I miss reading some columns.

Wandering around Public Address yesterday I read this about the columnists and pay to view online antics of the Hearald. Man the Hearld has done some dumb stuff over the past few years but this is just so insulting to all I reckon.

I spent a lot of time yesterday up to me armpits in the 3D's and The Clean which somehow lead me to early ninties techno and old industrial dance records. Today I'm being more disiplined and have The Clean (again), The Bats and Bailter Space lined up. Depending on how I go I've dragged all my Xpressway 7"s out for a dusting and listening. I really feel its time to break out some Peter Jefferies and Alister Galbraith on George, time for the Exploding Budgies "Sunflower" as well... aahhh.

Looks like a wicked of a day on the sun front ahoy, I think I'll wear my Judy Bailey original summer frock

toot toot


Anonymous said…
Answer to joke posted on blog "Old jokes that never fail to make me giggle" posted Tues 8 Nov.

Answer = "How's the farm"!!!!

What a CLASSIC!!!