Bob's acting debut

Woken at 3am by the telephone ringing, damn my ring tone - Gilligan’s Island for the curious... I think its funny but not at 3am.

It was my agent, I didn't even know I had one but then I guess we all do. I must admit I'm no actor but when fame and fortune calls who am I to say no.

Bummer its for a show I don't even like much, purile humour is all fine and good but I always saw myself as a tad more serious actor type than a mere extra wearing a silly hat. Not that the hat in question was silly, more I look silly in hats.

I had a huge argument with the stylist - wot no shorts... farkers.... didn’t really like the T Shirt much either - still better than a Che Guevara shirt I guess.

Not sure when my small but very important and serious role will air, if at all as I did make an arse of myself on set. I drunk all the beer and yelled at some stupid boy who ended up spontaneously combusting, the dick.

I thought that would have been cool if caught on camera, but alas the camera guy was shagging some extra in a campervan... bloody amateurs…. I tried to complain to my agent but they’ve stopped answering my calls…

I didn’t even get a line to say, shucks

anyway here's a shot of me on set

Wonder if I'll get paid?

I believe they are still looking for extras to pad out the episode, if you feel you're up for a bit of acting, go here for your costume.

I think this acting lark has a hold on me....

Anyone got Matt Groening's number?

Anyone know a decent agent?