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I was thinking I should put a end note on my Flying Nun box set saga, so instead of talking shite, here's the winning entry to Public Address's competition for said box set:
Favourite Flying Nun moment:

Sneaking a copy of The Skeptics 'AFFCO' music vid into a conference presentation organised and attended by meat industry bigwigs. A small revenge for making half my whanau redundant in 1986 at Whakatu, and the other half redundant in '94 at Tomoana. It was 1996, so I must've been about 15 I think.
The Skeptics are one of my all time favourite groups, strangely enough of all their songs A.F.F.C.O for which they are perhaps best known is the one I like least - or maybe not to sound anti the track, cause it is wicked good, its the least interesting thing they did.
Skeptics III, is my favourite rainy night drifting off to sleep album - on CD, flick past A.F.F.C.O set the volume of the stereo just a tiny bit quieter than the sound of the rain on the roof and let ya sleepy head do the rest.
My favourite person to discuss the Skeptics with - Alan he doesn't dig them at all.
Some links:
The winners announced at Public Address
The actual Public Address System Thread - awesome reading for them that dig this iconic little labels past!!!!

The story of the video for the song A.F.F.C.O by the Skeptics, contains the video.

Flying Nun's Skeptics page. Not much there, so save yourself the click and hum for 30 seconds instead. Just sing: June, June, June, June, June, June, June, July, August. (another Skeptics reference)
A sheep, from the video.


Anonymous said…
This a huge shot in the dark... for one, I'm replying to a posting you did 2+ years ago... and two, anonymously at that (registration is too much of a commitment)... BUT I'm a huge Skeptics fan in the U.S., their records are impossible to find here (I've been combing dusting bins marked 'S' for years). As well , he internet turns up next to nothing on the band (your page, as well as the AFFCO/Flying Nun write-ups)... which is a pity considering they were such a fantastic band.

Anyway, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to upload a copy of SKEPTICS III or literally any other record of theirs... possibly even a mix of songs that cover their entire career.

Normally, I wouldn't bother anyone... but really... daktari... you're my only hope.