Nun, nun, nun, nun

The local music magazine Real Groove's latest issue is entirely devoted to Flying Nun - pulling historic stories from itself and rival publication Rip It Up.

Not a shabby compliment to the Flying Nun Box set of which I have been harping on about.

It was straight to the pool room with both

Also for those who have been checking out Public Address's forums for the Flying Nun stories there are more stories on Public Address (links below) and resulting discussions:

John Campbell on the Flying Nun years

One for Wayne

I remember John Campbell coming into Flying Nun in the Queen Street days, he was like an excited school boy let loose in a lolly shop.... a sometimes typical fan response to the place. Theres nothing cooler than a geeky fan IMO. Hat trying to give him stuff, him trying to pay for it, a very endearing moment.

John Campbell embodies much of the warm fuzzies that labels like Flying Nun engender in oneself. He's a typical kiwi in so many ways.

Man, is it the New Year yet.... I think I've had enough of the 06... for one year.

rock on!