Post Christmas Activities for the young and mentally infirm

  • James Joseph Brown, Jr. (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006), commonly referred to as "The Godfather of Soul", was an American entertainer recognized as one of the most influential figures in 20th-century popular music.

  • Word for the day: teh

  • Record For the Day: Pig Out - Club Poems, loving this album at the moment

  • Game of the day: Sim City 4, Rush Hour expansion, why it is always this time of year I reinstall this puppy I have no idea... maybe its the countless hours I like to invest in a railway network. I'd have given up on this game not long after its release if it weren't for the thousands of add ons. I love to build :)

  • Monarach of the day: The Queen. Our monarch represents all I don't. Yet I still dig the weirdness of it all.

  • Picture of the Day:

Of course if this is a bit too heady, switch on the box and watch some shite.... my pick of todays telly fair Gremlins 2 or Coro, ones good the other I can't imagine being anything but rubbish... I wonder which is which (perhaps thats the quiz of the day)

Counts on his hands the days to go before I hit Hahei for New Years... gets to twenty six and feels somehow Bob may not be very clever and also rather disfigured