I've been watching the coverage of the events unfolding in Fiji with a growing lack of understanding.

I realise there is a coup in progress - a rather amusing coup compared to the sort of thing we usually associate with such a political/military event.

Thankfully so, I'd rather people consider the whole affair a little 'mickey mouse' than be witnessing the carnage and casualties of a fullscale military clampdown with the shooting and lose of lives that is more the 'norm' with such things.

Its not quite the event we saw in Thailand earler this year, the Fijians are taking their time, even taking time out from the leadup to hold their annual Police vs Military Rugby match.

I do wish I'd more knowledge on the reasons for the coup - all we are getting is reportage of the actual events in the medai, no back story, no details on why the military are taking over and as such I'm a tad confused and cannot decide if in the longterm for the Fijians this is a good thing or terribly bad.

I must spend sometime huting the net for clues and information, for I won't be finding anything enlightening on the telly news or the herald it seems.... I had to laugh watching one TV3 news reporter interviewing another about events whilst standing on a Suva street last night - for fucks sake you muppets, interview someone, anyone but one of your own staffers....

This is the second times I've witnessed this sort of thing on our news in the past few weeks, the last was when Don Brash resigned, it looked comical then, in Fiji it seems to only justify what must be a rather pleasant assignment prior to Christmas, a holiday in Fiji and ensuing big booze up reporters enjoy when confronted by such a dangerious asignment.

One thing about Fiji, it seems we've now forgotten the unrest in Tonga, a country that so needs to bring about serious changes to become a democracy and the people there deserve as much.

Meanwhile Iraq slides further and further into disarry and I find myself thinking the worst I could ever have envisenged for this country is only being surpassed with each passing day and we've yet to see just how bad things could so easily and it seems are going to be there.

The middle east stands close to a large scale meltdown and confrontation of various factions and one can only point the finger of blame in one direction.... yes Mr Bush thats your cue.

After my weekends event s I think the best way to sort our differences out would be via paintball - lets stop the killing and get creative with paint.

I'm sure the Fijians would be up for it.

As we head towards Christmas and a time we associate with happiness, lets not forget that much of the world can only dream of what we take for granted.