Saturday, December 09, 2006

I want, I want, I want.... yawn

My box set didn't arrive yesterday - not surprised but bored by the whole affair now, I had planned a slow day... and that day was designed around two things; the hangover (check), the box set (uncheck).


Still come Monday maybe I'll have it.

To compensate somewhat I've ordered me the Reduction Agents album, I hope I like it, I'm pretty sure I will. The track they are currently over playing on BFM (fucking sort ya shitty playlist out ya bastards.... YOU ARE NOT MOREFM, or dump ya innovator tag), is simply glorious, modern indie pop with a firm nod to the 60's. I expect this album Monday... so at worst I'll have something to devour Monday night.

I should also have got the Vorn album, perhaps my pick of albums from here this year, which I like a dumb thing am still debating buying. Doh!

So with my day not going to my weeks plans what to do.....

To important matters, Bob's been offered a gig.... a paying one at that - shock horror....

And now to decide what to do - go to the beach with good friends for New Year or DJ at a party here in Auckland - its almost a no brainer but I'd be playing after Paul Rutherford of Frankie Goes To Hollywood fame - the perversity of such a gig is almost too good to turn down.

I shall beach it however, for even though I already have half my set sorted in my head, its not my night, tis a time for those who've been there for me when needed and a better bunch one couldn't hope for.

So the day is unfolding, the sun is out and I shall break once again my book rule for the year - finish that which one has started before starting another....

Bob's hands find a new unopened book and plunges in, leaving Confessions Of A Crap Artist mocking me and my bad habit....

Did I mention the suns out.... the tree is getting better too.

my head hurts

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