More wiki fun or is that the sadness of Bob...

For someone who is fundamentally opposed to war in its many guises and forms I am also obsessed with war. Perhaps its the little boy in me, oh bugger it, of course it is, he controls pretty much all that I do so who am I to try and explain anything I am into or do without him taking the credit.

Anyway, before he tears me away from this, as he wants a beer and a walk... Last night I was reading about the battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad on wikipedia, clicking links, looking at photos and most interesting from a geeks perspective I spent a lot of time reading the discussion sections on some pages, where contributors to wikipedia discuss their editing changes and debate certain points - fascinating, to put it mildly, almost as much as the pages themselves.

For them that dig wiki, I suggest when trawling around the site reading pages that interest you, check the discussions, they can be an insight into the topic themselves, as well as a great spotlight on how different people from different parts of the world see and have learnt about some events/items.

From a sociological perspective and in the boys language, this shit is gold....

We really are a fascinating species.