I don't understand, maybe that's the point

In a few years time New Zealand is due to host the Rugby World Cup and over the past week or so I've heard various figures used in conjunction with said cup that I just don't understand or more to the point believe.

That the final will be watched by 3 billion people
That the Rugby World Cup is the third biggest sporting event in the world

I am not even close to what one would call a rugby supporter but hell even the most obsessive of them surely can't believe some of the crap our politicians and sporting heads are starting to spout.

Now we're being subjected to a discussion about the various merits of building a brand new stadium to house the final (we need a stadium that can seat 60,000) or revamping Eden Park - the current stadium/park used for such games.

The cost is of course a major hurdle and issue concerning both options and the ever present problem of who will pay - private enterprise, Auckland rate payers, NZ tax payers or most likely a combination of all three.

I care a lot about how Auckland is developed, being a resident of the city an all that, as such I hope that a solution can be found that actually enhances Auckland, rather than my greatest fear that we waste a shitload of cash on something that will only be used and useful for this one event.

There are now stories concerning the prospect of a brand new stadium on our much under utilised waterfront, this has a lot of merit and if done in a well thought out manner Auckland could have not just the stadium but a wonderful parklike area on our waterfront, with all the transport facilities, businesses and most importantly from my perspective green spaces that a well thought out and planned development of this nature and size could embody. But and there is always a but, at what cost.

We already have a bunch of under utilised sports stadiums in the city, do we need another?

Would we be better off ignoring Eden Park and instead revamping or adding to the established North Shore stadium or Mt Smart one? I think so, as why potentially ruin our waterfront for a stadium - hell there's already one almost built there (woefully too small for much though).

I'd gladly say yep lets do the waterfront option if I had any faith in the council, govt and rugby administrators being able to agree and come up with one plan that they wouldn't botch horribly leaving the city with an eyesore, which is more likely the case, for we simply don't have the oodles of dollars available to ensure a good result.

As is often said down here, rugby was the winner on the day.... Wouldn't it be nice if for once Aucklanders (New Zealanders) were

For the life of me I have no idea why I made this post..... I think perhaps I have lost my mind