A guy, a Guy Called

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

I love this record, I have the original 12', from back when I used to import records, not for a job but simply for me. Originally released in 1988, so I guess I got mine 89 sometime.

Its possibly one of my most played records, I've played it on so many different stereos, in a variety of scummy and not so scummy flats, in clubs, on the radio so many, many times and still each and every time I drag it out or the many remixes of it I've acquired over the years it still floors me.

Last night it was the François Kevorkian remix, alongside some old Marshall Jefferson tracks (different versions of Move Your Body), as I awaited the spunks (friends nicknames - I kid you not, Hi Phil & Ren) to come round...

Now I've never rated my ability to describe music I adore, I'm much better at saying what I dislike about something, so I'll paste what one chap has said about Voodoo Ray from the discogs link (above)

"This is probably the greatest British house record ever made and certainly one of the most startling original pieces of house music ever created. The paradise ballroom mix is infact one of Frankie Knuckle's remixes which does not get the status or playtime it deserves. Of course the original is superb and just sounds
like it was made from another planet"

Well anyways, stick Voodoo Ray on and I'm in Bob's musical hog heaven with a big grin on me silly mug.


Simon said…
Nice one, Bob...I agree with you, in any version VR still sounds like the biz...the simplicity of the original Rham version still has the edge for me (and there were some other tracks of worth on that EP too)...