Kill 100 and then some

Skint records (home to fatboy slim for them that need a name to cling to) are holding a remix competition for X-Press 2's track Kill 100

Theres 100 remixes on this site, from some unknown and a few well known producers. The winner will be determined based on how many pre-orders are received by Saturday September 23. Its all a bit unclear how the comp works - stupid lack on information..

In the running for the competition prize is my friend Scott Lelo (Soultrust)

18. Lelo's Acid Bubble Mix (from the site link above)

If you're checking out the mixes make sure you check Scott's, as it would be well cool if he won or at least polled well.

Scott rocks, so does X-Press 2 so it all makes sense really, well to me at least.

For more check its in shitty flash so I can't copy and paste the info about the prize etc here... I hate flash based sites, I really do...

Good luck Scott