Third World Debt - Bob & Bono wot you reckon?

The proliferation of finance companies offering to help those up to their eyeballs in debt seems to one of the biggest growth industries in our debt laden world. Good business for those with few ethics and morals and a healthy desire for huge profits.

Every night in prime time slots in TVland (i.e. the expensive time to advertise) we are offered the services of countless companies offering to help ease the hassle of paying off multiple debts.

This got me thinking, why don't the third world nations (and others too) consolidate all of their debts into one affordable monthly payment???

Surely if my research, (watching these ads), is correct this is the way to solve all financial problems. So why not do it for those that need support the most?

I wonder what Paul Wolfowitz would make of this. Sure he'd be a supporter.

I also await Bob and Bono's response to idea with baited breath. I wonder if they even bother to read my blog?

Speaking of whom, how cool was the Noble Peace Prize going to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N'.s nuclear watchdog, and its director-general Mohamed el Baradei? Bloody cool I reckon. Also a nice slap in the face to the Bush Administration, an Administration which seems hell bent on using Nukes at some time soon.

On the subject of weapons of mass destruction, I am ashamed to admit I’ve watched too much of the final throes of NZ Idol, in my defense I find it a nice substitute for self flagellation, less effort on my part needed for a similar result.

I don’t care who won or any of the finer points, though am enjoying at the moment how the local branch of Sony/BMG have all but said they are unhappy with the winner, may not support another Idol show and basically are in damage control before the poor girl even has a chance to show what she’s worth, sales wise. What a bunch of coks, surely they could have kept these sorts of rumours out of the public arena, at least until they have a proven failure on their hands. Supporting their artist all the way…. Nice one.

I’ve me fashion week gig tomorrow, watching some of the highlights thus far, it seems shorts have made a timely comeback, shame my arse and legs don’t look quite as nice as the lovely ladies used to model such innovative wear. Never fear I shall be kitted out in shorts anyway, old man arse an all. I can’t decide what to play, dumped the 100% kiwi action, cause I can’t be bothered digging all the records I may play out. Probably just take the easy option and grab a bunch of nice inoffensive summery tunes, stuff the music I am really only interested in vodka and eye candy. Well that’s not entirely true, some sandwiches and/or nibbles wouldn’t go amiss either. Maybe some pies too, for the ladies of course – they all look like they need a decent feed.

Labour weekend ahead, damn these public holidays, why do they almost always fall on a Monday? I shall be doing my radio show – which isn’t bad, just for some reason it seems wrong to be doing so when I should be in the bath celebrating the 40 hour working week in a manner befitting the day.

For the tree watchers, theres plenty of leaves out me window this morning. A few more days and I'll have forgotten what the bugger looked like nude.