Tinky Wink Vodka and Big Fuck Off Clothes presents
The Third Annual Hobo Erotica Ball
a day/night for the sumptuous gothfolk

October 33rd 2005

"Hobo-Erotica a fascinating subculture of old-timers, young punks, stamp tramps and yuppie riders that populate the dark under belly of modern society. They have their own jargon. They have support networks They have hobo conventions. They even have hobo zines and the musical form, hobo erotica." Cemetry News 4/5/03


  • Doors open 10:00am at the Crypt entry by donation and the party starts as soon as the first cheap bottle of port is consumed
  • 11.00am - 9:00pm: Ambient sounds of the dead performed by Jim Morrison and Augustus Pablo
  • 9:00pm - 11:00pm: Gravedigger Gary will laydown on stage and gargle a bit
  • 11.00am - 12:00am: Join Decomposed Digby as he throws his own body parts at audience members, all whilst standing on a box
  • 12:00am - 4:00am: Old Married Men's Cemetary Lawnmower Bass Ensemble perform flight of the bumble bee
  • 4.00am - 6.00am: DJ Fisted with special guest appearance from MC Skele-Ton will drop some clangers
  • 6.00am - 8.00am: Be astounded by DJ Muncher as she spins around and around in cicles
  • 8.00am - 10:00am: Embalmer Ed and friends will shower the stage and generally look frightened
  • 10.00am - 12.00pm: Dance like a loon to Grave Digger Fred whose just itching a spot
  • 12.00pm til close: the hobo all stars karoke klub will perform the soup kitchen shuffle with turntable backing provided by Dan the Gravedigger Jones

Alongside the main performers there will also be meat raffles and a wet shoe contest

Onsite facilities include; Trestle tables laden with kegs of beer, a bouncy coffin and onsite colonic irrigation facilities by request

Directions: The mainstage is located behind the rusty holden thats parked beside the house truck selling crystals (mind the empty bottles), about 1 minutes walk from the Trestle Table

For all ticket and booking information please visit Hilda the Plamreader online for precise instructions and interesting observations

Press review of the last Hobo Erotica Ball:
"I knew it wouldn't be an ordinary gigbut I wasn't quite prepared for that I saw. The opening band's drummer was drawing on random peoples's legs with a magic marker. There was a guy staggerig around on stage dressed in this leather jacket and a jockstrap that said "Eat Me". He held a microphone in one hand and a jug of Jim Beam in the other. Everyone was hammered. When the beer ran out, people wrenched the jug from his arms to swig from it. Second act, Decomposed Digby looked like hell personified. There were gouges and scars everywhere and he was discolored, and frankly, starting to go bad after five days of preparation - according to his agent. He was leaking embalming fluid and it stunk as much as his 'act'. Next came the Old Married Men's Cemetary Lawnmower Bass Ensemble fronted by the ever aging old rocker Rod Stewart. One girl put her underwear on Rod's face. Other people were putting stickers on the walls, pushing pills and liquor into Rod's mouth, having their smiling pictures taken up by his arse. Taking his tongue out and playing with it.. the works. It was as though everyone ELSE was finally having THEIR way with the ensemble. Not long after I had to leave to attend another engagement. The stage director thought it was a scream, my departure - I was covered in shit. Most common phrase of the night had to be, "God woulda" wanted it this way."

Ladies please bring a breastplate, gentleman a shovel

In a deeply personal way, the night will touch on the freedom, hardships and surprisingly complex politics of contemporary living

hope to see you there