BZP to be Banned in NZ

As a strong supporter of all currently banned 'drugs' being legalised I am saddened by the decision to ban BZP based pills.

I don't believe there was any need for a ban and as history has shown, prohibition does not work.

Here was an opportunity for our govt to act in both a responsible manner that allowed those whom were of age to choose what they put into their bodies and thus how they lived their lives.

BZP is way safer than booze & fags.. yet the govt will not be banning these proven killers.

This is not a decision that democracy can be proud of.

Stop molly coddling us and let us live our lives.... as long as our actions don't endanger others and a substance has not been proven to directly limit ones physical safety and life why prohibit it?

Whilst I am no fan of these 'party pills' I have and would have continued to avail myself of them from time to time -I reckon I use them in very low doses about once every 10 months.

As a member of SAC the ramifications of this ban are going to be fascinating to watch, as one who is very fond of our dance scene I expect some major differences.... both good and bad.

Grumpy of the inner city.


Anonymous said…
It is good that BZP pills have been banned for in parties.There is need of more research on this BZP.My site sells BZP and TFMPP powders for research purpose.