Friday, September 16, 2005

One More Sleep

Been a busy week, awaiting the election, watching news, ignoring opinion polls, trying to forget about older gents testicles and watching the final countdown to polling day

There really are better things to be doing, perhaps I shall take up knitting or pottery or finish off that tin foil hat... in the meantime I shall await election day with my easy voter card thing clutched in my sweaty palm

Now the real dilemma is am I sad enough to watch the damn thing on Saturday night, TVNZ are promising real flash graphics..... I bet TV3 will have some too, why I should get excited about this I really don't know.... they could provide intelligent commentary but I guess a computer generated bit of 'wow' is more important for the sports fans. I will no doubt do the wise thing and hide in the bottom of a bottle, fags in hand.

Saddest part of the election today - TV1's election "songs" ohhh please stop now!

End of day - the government wins and thats a scary thought

happy voting

On other matters I came across this little piece of dialogue on my internet forum travels about the UK petrol shortage of the other day, made me laugh

people are monkeys

5pm... no queues

6pm... news of queues

7pm... queues... people filling their cars up

8-10pm... some petrol running out because of dickheads queing and filling their cars up.....

tv news showing queues

11pm... big queues at petrol stations

11.30pm... call from flatmate: "shall we fill the car up with petrol" (bear in mind we have NEVER filled the car up with petrol"

"no, why?"

"because there are big queues at all the petrol stations"

12pm... scooted past tescos in maida vale (no queue 5pm... massive queue at midnight) just as a tv cameraman is getting out of a van to video the queues.

some wag replied with

I got in there early in the day, fought my way to the front & pumped up my bmx tyres, in case tonights tv news reports an air blockade..

I dunno, but it made me laugh

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