Nudity Shall Soon Be A Real Option

Naked DSL should be available from September


Bout bloody time too

For those who have no idea what I am on about, Naked DSL is a broadband connection without the need for a fixed phone line - which equates to a automatic saving of almost $500 a year to those homes who don't need or want a fixed line phone but do want a broadband connection.

This is a great big step forward for internet users in NZ.

Shame it had to come from govt regulation and not from the service providers themselves - you know doing shit for their customers.

Oh the joys of a tiny market place.

Meanwhile in the real world I can't help but be a tiny bit skeptical over the latest bomb threat in the UK - why is it these things are uncovered at such politically expediant times... we have a new British PM who now conveniantly gets to remind his electorate of the War On Terror... we have a Aussie PM soon to face an election also getting a bomber found in his electorate - can't say I've heard much of the aboriginal stuff of late in the news... is that a huge sigh of relief over the ditch?

Naturally I am sure these planned bombings are/were real. Or am I?

Its hard to tell what is real anymore, to the point where one has to ask the question - have we lost our way to such a degree that we could even consider democratically elected govts in the west would fuck with us?

Isn't that gods job?

Or the terrorists?

Oh we lost the boat race too... nation about to go into mourning.



Potter said…
You Jaffas are so out of date. I've had broadband without a landline for 2 years now. The world does revolve without Telecom NZ. Should move to Napier. Check out Airnet, even have a flash satelite dish with it. I'll turn it into a bbq if I ever run out of power.