Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kerri Chandler is HOUSE

There are hundreds of songs I never finished or put out, So I wanted to share them with you. Every once in a while, your gonna see me post this stuff on the SP board. These are Raw Demo versions of songs you may or may not know. Then you can see where I took the real versions. There just up for the fun of it, and because I love the way you all are with me. Thank you for Being my family, and all the many wonderful years of supporting what I do.

Love, Respect, Peace and Admiration.

Here is a description for the songs they run kind of like this.

"Cant Let go" - was for Basement Red light number 2 - Gate-ah Never finished it.

"Even Though" Remixes - Just Never Came out.

"In search of mr Ford" - they Used the other mix on downtown 161

"My My lover inst" - I did dubs and stuff but this never came out on 12"

"Get out my life" - is My first Idea of "Rain" before I scraped it, Needless to say I had a bad break up, with my ex Girlfriend.

here's the link

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