Are you my friend?

You message someone, then a message goes to your email saying you have a message so you log in and check the message and then respond to it, in turn sending a message to that person's email to check their messages.

Doesn't that take the absolute simplicity of the concept of email, and make it only slightly less arduous than writing your message down on paper, walking to the post office for a 45c stamp and posting it?

Facebook and social networking summed up by Damien Christie

Facebook fever has arrived in New Zealand... I dunno but social networking sites seem the ideal domain of those with too much time on their hands - ideal for students (as most are designed for) and corporate office drones whom also have plenty of time to muck about during their daily grind.

Don't worry I have a page (?)/ presence on facebook.... for I have time to kill outside of work... sad old bastard I am.

Like the other social networking sites I only go there if
a) I am bordering on being terminally bored
b) I get an email telling me something or someone has communicated with my page/presence

I must admit to a short spell of addication to one of the many third party plugins for facebook - the music quiz... which I did real badly at, doesn't help that my internet connection at home is pooh, thus picking a band from a sample was often me hearing nothing and having a guess anyways... I also must admit know little about the differences between My Chemical Rommance, Fallout Boy and the other bands that are similar whom all sound almost exactly the same and other similar artists. Still I made it to Music Genuis with a sad 59% score - what pray tell does this say about the quiz? Them whom won't give it away as common sense and logic dictate get rewarded?

For all these sites redundancies and time wasting antics, one must admit to a fascination with them and those whom use them. Tis a amazing insight on human behaviour and reflection on our increasingly insulated way of life.... not too mention a means to kill time sometimes.