Friday, May 18, 2007

Something in the air?

I've been rather lazy on the actual writing on this thing front of late.

Apologies for that, I've been seasonably tired and a little out of kilter with my world. Actually I take that apology back, I really don't care, so take that regular passers by!

To be honest I have been bored very very bored of late.

I'd say its the onset of winter but that simply hasn't taken hold yet, which is boring in itself - I can see the payoff being a late starting summer and that is rather depressing.

Actually I could perhaps say much of my lethargy of late is being under whelmed but over worked during NZ Music Month - a time I've never really enjoyed for the lip service paid to those whom make music in this land blah blah blah...

Local politics is doing my head in, the anti smacking thing was simply too much, I just don't understand why it was such a big deal to so many people. I can't understand the logic behind those who demand the right in law to smack their children - I do understand that parents smack and will do so for the time being at least. I'm way more interested in seeing this behaviour reduced to the point where few parents see the need for smacking, except in extreme instances. The last resort if you will, not the first port of call.

I'm tired of the violent culture of which I am a part, the constant revleations factual and alleged of our police force. The knee jerk over reactions of our media and public to such organisations as the gangs - a very real problem but one we never seek solutions for, so much easier to simply propose unworkable 'solutions'.

I'm bored with the politicing that we are subjected to day after day after day - I am sure this is only because most media now have political reporters - get rid of these people and let the politicans wallow in their silly games without the encouragement of the media - maybe they'd get more done or at least find more time for constructive debate on issues.

I'm over the sports fest that ahs been breaking into my morning news, stupid sailboat races that are as exciting as watching paint dry, the netball of this week (actually I don't mind netball, just don't want to watch it). My morning news routine has been watching a german language show on triangle - I don't speak German so I find it a little hard to follow.

I am not following events in the middle east and other global hotspots I usually follow very closely, its all too depressing of late - well it has been for decades but I'm lucky enough to be in a position to take timeout so am, to varying degrees.

I'm not excited by the various distractions that I normally use to fill in my evenings.

I'm bored.

Simply bored.

Does this make me a teenager? God I hope not.

Being Friday I think I'll get drunk tonight and howl at the moon.... maybe I'll play teeny tiny records (7" singles) whilst sipping on a cold ale

damn is it beer o'clock yet, my evening sounds like fun

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