Something on my mind

I can't sleep, too many thoughts and feelings rushing round the ol noggin, so its internerding and pistachio's for the time being

So here I am catching up on some reading and trawling round my usual internet haunts, killing time and doing a rather bad job of it.

Been reading about the new Radiohead album and waiting to get up and go to the first Big Day Out lineup announcement.

Never been much of a Radiohead fan, nice enough songs and all that but simply not my cuppa. Hats off to em though cause they sure are forging into the future with how they are to release this new album (refer link above). Huge respect to em from this small chap downunder and must say I love the middle finger being pointed directly at the recording industry - always been a fan of those who can and do things their own way. We might just be seeing a glimpse into how things might be done by some in the future.

If I was a fan I reckon I'd be bordering on the setting "rabid fan" about now. For any income they might have sacrificed they have earnt themselves lifetime fans and in this fickle world of ours this is a rare thing. Respect.

At odds with this forward thinking prospect is the Big Day Out... I don't know how many times they've rolled out the same old marketing technique but I do know I've been bored with it for a very long time - enough alrady, name ya acts, stick the tickets on sale and get on with it would ya. I appreciate the free publicity angle, I get the building hype and all the other aspects but for gods sake, fuck all that and book some awesome acts.

Already I am preparing myself for the announcement of yet another old headline act to be heading the bill, some tired old 90's act that once was cutting edge and know is simply cutting bread.

Will it be the Smashing Pumpkins or Rage Against The Machine or or or... I dunno nor care... once the Big Day Out was a big deal. A day out seeing some of the best acts of the day, not yesterday. It seems to have become safe, alternative safe...

At a time when festivals are not in short supply here the BDO is one of them that simply has lost its spark - still a great day, a wonderful means to see a bunch of acts and all that but its simply not essential to attend.

I do hope they have a good smattering of the exciting new wave of local acts to give it some edge.

Saying that I should point out my highlight last year was John Cooper Clark, a old fart who performed a so so set of peoms to a bunch of old bastards like myself... I loved it! Yep I don't mind a bit of the old, I'd perhaps just like to be more excited by it all and a new way of selling the day mightat least add some spice that I feel has been lacking - cause I have little faith the Aussies whom control the festival will be giving us the best of whats currently on offer in the new and exciting stakes.

Maybe I'll be wrong - that would be a damn fine surprise... in about eight hours I'll know, or at least have a inkling.. until then I wonder just how I shall pass the time

Update 8:41 am: Arcade Fire & LCD Soundsystem... yep that will do me... no act announced that hadn't been rumoured and nothing to make one go "oh my god" but saying that for the first announcement I can safely say there's enough to jusitfy Bob getting in amongst the kids for a day...

AUCKLAND BDO 2008: Rage Against the Machine, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Shihad, LCD Sound System, Dizzee Rascal, Billy Bragg, The Clean, Katchafire, The Phoenix Foundation, SJD, Grinspoon, Cut Off Your Hands, Hilltop Hoods, Paul Kelly, Battles, Young Sid, Antagonist, Motocade, White Birds and Lemons

Oh and you Burmese could ya stop ya ruckus Bono can't sleep!

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