I can't help but feel shame when i look at how my fellow country people are responding to our defeat at the hands of the French the other day.

I apprecaite many are feeling down and disappointed, but do we need to be so callious and angry about something that is nothing more than a game.

We really do need to seriously address our attitudes as a nation to such events, the hate and violence a simple game can engender in us is embarrassing and for a ntaion that is so smug about our lot in life we have I fear more to be ashamed of than proud of at times like this.

Reading some of the comments on the NZ Hearld site made me want to vomit. Reading the wikivandalism some bright spark has created only helps show our smallmindedness to the world. Are we so simple minded?

Thank christ for Public Address and the other sources I have found that show we're not all spoilt kids throwing our toys from the cot - some of us can take defeat with dignity and good humour.

Watched the news last night and all the NZ Rugby union guy could talk about was the financial implications... fucking knobhead! Nice to see them in charge really do care about their team and the game itself. Keep ya money grubbing moaning behind closed doors please.

I watched the game, my first for years and we didn't deserve to win, simple as that. Sure we played a well controlled game but one doesn't score off control alone, top marks to the french who defended so well and took their opportunities when they were presented.

Suckhole for the Ref, whom I though apart from a few rough calls did a decent job - he's human people, this is a game... sometimes calls go your way and sometimes not. The strength of a great team is they over come no matter what. Now we have yet another excuse for lossing when I believe the obvious reasons are more to do with attitude.

Well done the French, you won and showed us how one can be dignified in sucess - the same dignity you would have shown if the results had gone our way, we could learn something ehre but alas we won't. instead our grudge against your team shall only grow.

To the ex pats that pop by - I so wish I was with you, not here having to witness first hand another cringe worthy NZ moment.

Kia Kaha