Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gone but not forgotten

Today I say goodbye to my mother, I'm really really dreading today....

I get to say the eulogy... this is it, I wish I could do better:

Thanks to all our family & friends for being with us today to say goodbye to Mum.

It is hard for me to believe she’s gone, my mother, my supporter and most importantly my friend has left me physically.

I’d like to stand here today and entertain you all with a grand eulogy, filled with stories of her life, to share with you all my love and admiration for her. Please forgive me when I say I don’t feel I am capable right now of such a task.

Rather I’d like to save these for the times we share together over the coming years. Times when I feel better fit and suited to celebrate my mother than dwell on our loss.

Liz was first and foremost our mother, a job she took very seriously, we were always her primary concern and like most mothers she continued this right to the end.

In typical fashion she left quietly – she didn’t like people making a fuss about her, so she left quietly and with dignity, our mum right to the end.

She did leave us with some gifts; unwavering love, unwavering support and a keen sense of humour. As the days, weeks and years pass I know my gratitude for these gifts will only grow. If I could write an epitaph for our mother, it wouldn’t be a sad one, it would say that:

“Here lies Elizabeth Jane Kerr, born September, 27th 1942. Died 19th October,2007. A loyal partner and a loving mother. She lived her life with courage, love and laughter. She taught her us to see the clouds and the trees, to love life and to value family and friendship above all else”.

I have a couple of important thank you’s to extend; first to Amand,a Belinda and Ross – thank you for being there for Mum over the past few weeks, it hasn’t been easy for any of you and we all thank you.

A testament to Mum was the wide variety of age groups and people she had as friends. Many of whom are here today. So “thank you” to all of you here for being such wonderful friends, it was all of you that helped to keep her so vital and happy right to the end.

And now she’s gone and nothing will ever be the same again. I am so glad that she was my mother and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all I have learned from her.

Liz you will always be my loving mother, my dearest friend. This is only a goodbye to your elegant dignified, worldly body. Your gifts will continue to sustain me until we meet again. I love you mum. Thank you so much for being you.

Rock on Mum..

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