After Two Short Weeks

This normal one is a killer... two days to go and I am so over this week.

Tried making a mix CD last night... ended in a disaster, as per usual....

I am mister fingers and thumbs and can't decide on exactly what I want the thing to sound like

Have to try again tonight, for its for a friend who needs/wants it for a party - a 80's party.



Anonymous said…
ahh but your mixing (which of course you cannay do) is well appreciated, especially as a thumbless dude...must be tough being a southerner and all that
nice one bat man, I shall be the belle of the ball, the prince of darkness, the 80's queen! now where did I leave that stonewash miniskirt?
Anonymous said…
woops momentary beer madness

Bob Daktari said…
LOLZ come back soon