damn, missed it

So I get up early, nothing unusual there, and I'm watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, not cause I enjoy this sort of thing, but because I wanted to see Ritchie Hawtins piece:

"Canada’s Richie Hawtin creates music for the XXth Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies in Torino, Italy Olympic ceremony producers K2006 invited Richie Hawtin to collaborate with renowned Italian choreographer, Enzo Cosimi, on a key section of the XXth Olympics Winter Games Opening Ceremony taking place in Torino on February 10th.

The new composition titled 9:20 was written & produced by Hawtin and will accompany Cosimi’s provocative choreography featuring famous Italian dancer Robert Bolle along with dozens of other dancers, performers and acrobats.

Hawtin & Cosimi worked together in Hawtin’s Berlin studio to fully realize the drama and emotions of Cosimi's performers, building an evolving soundscape of sounds and effects to accompany the different movements of Cosimi’s piece.

Ceremony producers have assembled an energetic program planned for the Opening Ceremonies with a theme originating around the foundation elements of Rhythm, Passion and Speed.

Internationally renowned not only for his music and global DJ performances, but also for his interest in new creative technologies, Hawtin is in perfect harmony with both the concept and its global audience. “Enzo and I are very much interested in pushing boundaries, both as artists and for our audiences. Working together for the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Games delivers the creative endeavor to not only entertain a huge audience, but to also introduce them to sights and sounds that they may have never experienced before," says Hawtin from his studio in Berlin."

So after what seemed an enternity, I pop off for a quick shower and miss his part, damn it. Bloody typical. No doubt it was a bunch of minimal toss, but I'm still a tiny bit gutted.

Still I did watch the teams enter the stadium and I must admit to a bit of patriotic pride when New Zealand entered the stadium. I really am a sucker for such things.

I don't really enjoy the olympics, to put it mildly, too much running. The winter olypics I enjoy so much more, maybe because I spent a large chunk of my younger years skiiing, or perhaps Its just cause I really like snow.

Speaking of, watching the snowstorms hitting the US and Canada on telly really is a sight to behold for someone whose been complaining about the humidity we are currently enduring. Its hard to comprehend huge cities like New York covered in snow, having lived in London and seen what happens to snow after a few short minutes on the ground, I imgine New York will go from the lovely white covering I witnessed courtesty of my favourite comedy channel Fox News to a yucky grey/brown.

I once got sent home from my London job, for I turned up soaking wet from the waist down.... yep, I'd challenged some local school kids to a snow fight as I walked to work and well I was outnumbered... my boss thought I was mad, one for walking through the snow and two forhaving a snow fight in my suit. Me I got a day off and spent the rest of it after a change of clothes sipping on pints of guinness in me local.

On that rather frosty thought I am now about to get ready for a day at the Beach, for its a George beach party day and the day is shaping up to be a cracker, wine washed down by the tunes provided by a bunch of DJs - not a bad way to pass time, now is it.

Remember now - never let an opportunity to let the child in loose pass you by!